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The Jewish history of persecution from slavery to the holocaust does not speak of righteouness of any kind.
"If there is a God, who has created heaven and earth, it will be unjust on His part if He deprived Millions of souls born before Moses of His Divine Knowledge." Prof. MaxMuller - Science and Religion.
My criticism will be nowhere close to the present opposing views displayed by the actions of these three faiths born of the God of Abraham. It will be only continuous repetition on my part to contradict Judaism separately, since they are the entire same source. However, the main argument among them, is really whose revelation should be viewed with authenticity?

It is not only depressing but totally unjust that "The Ten Commandments", a revelation to instill virtuous conduct and integrity came at a time when millions have come and gone. No one can help to believe that God was not only inconsistent but also totally incompetent. One can only be courting disaster to trust such a God to render true justice at any time.

They (Jews and Christians) (see Chapter 13) believe in a principle that they did not make up the Bible. But still there are doubts, and the evidence is contradictory or still absent. These include such events as slavery in Egypt, the existence of Moses, and Joshua's military conquest of the Holy Land. Skeptics contend that Abraham was a myth, and the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail never existed. Some grew up listening to Bible stories and whether it is God's word, history or fictional, they only held onto it in fear of losing a tradition.
Very important question! What was this God doing before this creation?
The denial of Jesus, as their Messiah, was surrounded by obscurity. If morality is the indispensable criterion of religion, then they failed to recognize that in Jesus. The immoral conduct (murder, adultery, incest, etc.) of some biblical figures like Cain, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Moses, David and Solomon can hardly make them his equal. By condoning the immoral acts of these putrid characters and showing disdain and contempt for Jesus certainly showed the moral degradation of ancient Jewish intelligence. It is not only an affront to one's dignity and integrity, (Jews, Christians, and Muslims in this modern age); to accept them as pious men or supposedly messengers of God, but it defies all noble instincts. If there was a penal period where these things were allowed, then God's omniscience (All-knowing) comes into question again. How could vulgarities and obscenities be morally right then and wrong now? The insidious disposition of these depraved men of the Bible, as examples for righteousness in this age, defies all reasoning and to put Jesus at the same level is an even greater travesty.

Christopher Columbus first discovered the New World about five hundred years ago. Civilization, that is, man's way of thinking, and living was considered somewhat primitive in contrast to present-day civilizations. The sun was moving and the earth was flat, and the few who challenged it were subjected to persecution.

More than two thousand years ago, this ignorance could be forgiven, but the question is, how can Jews bring themselves in this modern age to accept such an irrational dogma that had its origin back then? Science and reasoning have asserted the irrationality of this doctrine and yet millions choose to follow it.

Throughout the Biblical ages there were no shortages of tyranny and barbarism. The Jews always found themselves at the receiving end of much of the atrocities committed even until now. I wonder why their God has abandoned them? Those who have survived may say that those who have suffered were not true to their faith. Then the question must be asked; how can the Jewish children not be true to the faith since they too suffer during these adversities.

During the Protestant Reformation, the Lutherans in the sixteenth century, under Martin Luther cold-heartedly attacked the Jews. "Against the Jews and Their lies" he preached and advocated the burning of synagogues, breaking down their houses, seizing their books, forbidding Jews access to public roads and said they should not be tolerated. Because they did not accept Christ he and many that followed him, were almost obsessed with anti-Judaism.

In Judaism, their book the Hatanya, the Hassidic Habad movement says that all non-Jews are totally satanic creatures in "whom there is absolutely nothing good." The very existence of a non-Jew is "unessential," whereas all creation was created solely for the Jews. Since they too followed such intolerant teachings, they can hardly blame others for retaliation.

Many non-Jews and liberal Jews are unfamiliar with the essential racist, and discriminatory teachings of the fundamentalist or the ultra-orthodox Jews. But this is very evident for all to see in their present-day actions toward Muslims whose religion also brands Jews as infidels.

One must wonder if such an instruction "an eye for an eye", a revelation given to a specific race from god, is really meant for their common good or to render them helpless. If the enemy pokes one eye, they poke an eye in return, but if the enemy pokes the other eye it leaves them with the disadvantage (completely blind) to retaliate.
The power of good reasoning is indeed necessary to know God.

"History tells that societies based on adoration of persons fall prey to mental thraldom which leads to moral, intellectual as well as spiritual emasculation." Vedic Light
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