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Misguided religion has led to fanaticism and superstition. Predetermination takes the place of honest inquiry and truth is suppressed. All the fallacies of human reason must be exhausted or rejected, before the light of higher truth could meet with ready response.
"When the time of destruction is at hand the intellect becomes perverted." Vridha Chan. 16:

Topic of Discussion

Is it an injustice that bares the consequences of false religion?Idol-worship leads to mental thralldom.
The nation of Tibet with its numerous monasteries in serene mountainous solitude can ideally speak of a land of monks in constant meditation.
The occupation of Tibet by an outside force has left an indelible mark of constant turmoil for its inhabitants. Added to their miseries because of this subjugation their leader, the Dalai Lama, has also become a refugee in a neighboring country.
If the religion of Buddhism is righteousness then the result of righteousness should be perpetual happiness instead of foreign subjugation. Where did Buddhism went wrong to bring on such havoc upon its people? Let's be reasonable when it comes the most abstruse science of God (wisdom), the ignorant and the wise can never reap the same rewards.

Redemption is a fool's passport to a fool's paradise, a paradise of pain and misery.

All theories or facts, theological or scientific, must conform with
































The Buddhists believe that one should realize the whole world is full of sorrow and pain, it is a vale of tears. One should exert oneself to be freed from (the troubles of) this world.
A: "Had their been nothing in this world but pain and sorrow, no living soul would have had an inclination for anything in this world. It is our daily experience that the souls do desire the objects of this world, hence it cannot be true that in the whole universe there is nothing but pain and sorrow. Both happiness and misery are to be found in this world. It is unnecessary for the Buddhist to attend to their health, follow the laws of hygiene and in the case of sickness seek medical help, if there is only pain and misery." Swami Dayanand
Dialogue 1
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Hello Se7ensnakes - March 16, 1999
If leader in every nation had the nuclear capability that the United States long would our world last?
  • Vj ~ United States is also the leader of a lustful sensualist culture that is contagious everywhere, how can Dharma save what is left of our world?

    BUDDHISM is not truth.

  • Vj ~ So why are you following it?

    No one actually has a monopoly on truth.

  • Vj ~ That would depend on how much effort you have made to find the truth. There were civilizations long before Buddha, perhaps you should go back and see what you could find.

    Many cultures have their unique paths to search for truth...BUDDHISM is just one of the many paths.

  • Vj ~ It is more like accepting what they have as truth rather than searching for truth.

    Meanwhile, what can we learn about differences, we know for example if we do not learn the origin of these differences we will continue to allocate time and effort in weapons to destroy ourselves.

  • Vj ~ Who then must we looked to for the origin of these differences since all have their own prophets and opposing messages?

    Nations do not have thoughts

  • Vj ~ Maybe not but whatever comes to bare on Tibet (Chinese occupation) seems to be superior than Buddhism with thoughts.
  • Dialogue 2
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    Hello Joe - March 16, 1999
    YES VIJAI these dotheads are lost and need to know the one and only true CHRIST, the one and only true religion, Christianity.
  • Vj ~ Funny you are a dothead that is also lost and you don't know it. True religion must exist from the beginning of creation for all and resurrection of the dead is a breach to natural laws. These do not fit Christianity.

    OUR Country is great because we have GOD on our side..,

  • Vj ~ True, it is God's justice that made it possible, but it would also be your ignorance not to know why you are so well rewarded materially? If you don't know then expect to be born in the land of the unfortunates (Tibet) when your turn comes next.

    all they have are the wooden idols which the bible is clearly against.

  • Vj ~ So is the wooden cross (idol) on every Chapel and as pendants. The Bible is also against incest, adultery and murder but that did not prevent many biblical figures from such immoral conducts, expect nothing from it also for those who follow it.

    The white race should unite and prevent the contamination of the pure religion.

  • Vj ~ The �white race� is the cause of the �contamination� (brainwashing) and the 'power' of its superiority complex seems be doing a compelling job of keeping it that way, even among the non-whites.

    We cannot be tolerant of these dotheads or chinks.

  • Vj ~ They were tolerant with you when they were subjugated by white foreign rule.


  • Vj ~ The Bible has been doing a splendid job of it from the beginning - heard of the Crusaders, the inquisitions and slavery?
  • Dialogue 3
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    Hello Dharmascott - March 19, 1999
    I would not say that Buddhism is what has caused the destruction of Tibet.
  • Vj ~ Maybe not, but it did not protect it either.

    I have always perceived it as a bit of human ego (greed, jealousy, etc) on the part of those doing the destruction.

  • Vj ~ This is true, but how do you explain �Dharma� to be penetrable to negative forces.

    The Tibetan Buddhists realize that this is not the end of their world, and that they are learning from the destructive experiences surrounding them.

  • Vj ~ Hardly seems to be the result of deep righteousness. What is the advantage of suffering in both righteousness and unrighteousnes?

    These experiences are happening for some reason, and we need to trust that it is for the highest good of all.

  • Vj ~ A reason in doubt is not truth.

    That does not mean that we should not do what we can to help out (don't buy products imported from China, etc..) but trust that in the end it is for the best.

  • Vj ~ Would it not be a blind effort to contribute to a cause that no one knows the final end?

    Already, many, many, many more people have become aware of Tibet's belief system because of the turmoil over there.. the dharma wheels are spinning world wide! :)

  • Vj ~ And was the Dharma wheel not spinning before it was invaded?
  • Dialogue 4
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    Hello se7ensnakes - March 19, 1999
    Where have you heard that buddhism speaks of nationwide conditions rather than individual conditions?
  • Vj ~ It is simple reasoning nationwide conditions can only affect its inhabitants. Therefore it becomes an individual condition where people suffer individually.

    otherwise you are maintaining a supposition of buddhism that really does not exist.

  • Vj ~ It is not what existed the issue here, but the fruit it bears.

    Another words are you creating you own form of BUDDHISM and then you are criticizing it.

  • Vj ~ Far from the truth, if anything is false by what I have said it is about your religion, the cause of pain and misery to your people.
  • Dialogue 5
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    Hello ellenmarshall - March 19, 1999

  • Vj ~ There is no such thing as collective karma since actions of virtue and sin are individual actions. A man reaps only what he sows no more and no less. Our system of justice only punishes the criminals and not their next of kin, the same goes for Divine justice.

    Are you saying that each one of those people in Tibet had the same karma in order to have China occupy and oppress Tibet?

  • Vj ~ Even though they collectively follow the same false dogma their individual rewards and punishment would vary since the actions are not only the result of this birth but the last. Since activity (their religion) is superior to destiny (the past) which determines the future failed them, then their religion is false. The way out is the practice of the one true Vedic religion
  • Dialogue 6
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    Hello TAOofBUDDHA - March 20, 1999
    By oneself the evil is done, and it is oneself who suffers; by oneself the evil is not done, and by one�s self one becomes pure, The pure and the impure come from oneself; no man can purify another. BUDDHA The dhammapada
  • Vj ~ Excellent teaching, but what is the source of this process to purify oneself? Obviously it is not Buddhism, since Tibet is experiencing turmoil.

    Each of them have fears, greed, hate, just like other people in other nations of this world.

  • Vj ~ And like the rest of the world they too are suffering because of a false religion.

    The point is that there are Tibetans who devoutly practice and there are tibetans who don�t.

  • Vj ~ Since they both suffer, it leaves one to wonder what good is there for those who practice.

    In Tibet there was this Gesha that feared death so greatly that he was pleading for his life.

  • Vj ~ Fear is ignorance.

    Having said this why are you contradicting the DHAMAPADDA to make a point?

  • Vj ~ It is constructive criticism to ascertain truth from untruth. If religion is meant for mankind's happiness, it has failed Tibetians. Wherever there is pain and misery, it is because of the rejection of the one true religion .
  • Dialogue 7
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    Hello clowntheif - March 21, 1999
    vijai one nation under god
  • Vj ~ All nations are under God what is seen in happiness and sorrow is His Divine Justice.

    CHRISTIANITY the only thru religion because thru christ can one see your way to heaven.

  • Vj ~ Christians are awaiting a fool's paradise because of a promise based on repentance and redemption. If it were that simple to see heaven, all would have enjoyed luxury. Such is not the case.

    The truth is the pudding.

  • Vj ~ The truth is reasoning guided by the correct knowledge. All things (souls, physical bodies, etc.) finite must die and can never be eternal. Meaning Christ, if he did exist, is not coming back, and there is no eternal heaven.

    The greatest nation on this earth is THE UNITED STATES

  • Vj ~ Progress is measured by wisdom which is prevention as opposed to technology (USA superiority) which is decay seeking cure. The greatness of a nation is measured by how much its people enjoyed good health and always fearless, crime-free environment, etc. America, in spite of being an economic giant, suffers all of the above. Americans are begging to die in recorded numbers, it is a disease-ridden nation saturated with crimes and ungodliness. It is preposterous to claim righteousness when the individual misery accounts for millions affected with some kind of incurable disease and fear.

    Other Countries could ever hope to emulate it.

  • Vj ~ I hope not since its wealth grew from the sweat and blood of blacks and native Americans and still striving on the backs of half-starved brain-drained third world nations.

    It is great because it is a GOD-FEARING nation.

  • Vj ~ You are right about this one. Every young mind in America are brainwashed into Christianity through fear of an eternal hell of fire. It is a travesty to simple common sense to gag the intellect of the free-born soul.

    There is no other country that can compare to it economic stability and it military might.

  • Vj ~ And why is Christianity taking the credit for it since the source of its science is not the Bible?
    �We owe a lot to Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.� Albert Einstein.
    Now VIJAI I challenge you what country do you see that could ever hope to compare with the UNITED STATES.
  • Vj ~ I hope none tries, otherwise America would bring them to their knees. Power such as America is not a trait of righteousness but greed and greed has no bounds.

    If the infidels in TIBET failed their country what country are you a proponent off...

  • Vj ~ I am a proponent of true knowledge whereby all mankind can find harmony and be free of pain and misery.

    what country do you support that its religion has saved their nation?

  • Vj ~ True religion has no country, it is universal and can save the world including America. It is the rejection of the one true religion, which brings pain and misery.

    Tell me so i could get a good laugh!!!

  • Vj ~ Only a fool laughs when he knows not why he is enjoying so much wealth. If he says it is Christianity, it cannot be true since there are many Christians who are also begging to die in spite of their wealth.
  • Dialogue 8
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    Hello clown - March 22, 1999
    The United States will never fail in the traditional manner�.
  • Vj ~ Perhaps, the same could be said of all the fallen empires of the past, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, the British Empire, etc.

    if you, have read the bible you would know that the end times are near.

  • Vj ~ Very good, it's working in my favor and against you, what would happen to your precious America when �heaven� on earth will be Jerusalem.

    The problem is how many more false prophets the likes of Vijai will take with him, to damnation.

  • Vj ~ Proves that a fool wouldn't recognize his savior whenever he 'shows' up again. Was it not the same reason Christ was crucified - somebody else�s false prophet?

    Already god�s chosen nation, the israelites are in place, the false prophets are in abundance�.CAN�T YOU READ THE WRITING ON WALL?

  • Vj ~ How could I read the writing when you left me with the impression that America is God's country? Besides, Jewish nation (God's 'chosen' people) is also in turmoil, as it has always been subjected to in the past.

    Vijai I am still waiting�.

  • Vj ~ I know, millions were also waiting for his return for centuries, but dead means dead and there is no return or rapture. It is a law that all things finite must die.

    what country are you in agreement with and what religion do you believe have helped this country.

  • Vj ~ America was not built on Christian values, but by proper organization mostly done by atheists or men who never prayed.
    "The advance of western civilization has been partly a story of gradual victory over oppressive religion, and these brilliant doubters were men and women who didn't pray, didn't kneel before altars, didn't make pilgrimages, didn't recite creeds." James A. Haught - "2000 years of Disbelief".
    NOW I ask again what country do you have a preference for???
  • Vj ~ India, she has got what no other country in the world has, the wisest and the dumbest, the holiest and the most wretched, the richest and the poorest and the healthiest and weakest. Beat that!

    I bet vijai you are in the UNITED STATES And you don�t want to leave�.

  • Vj ~ You are correct again, but I am here like most people, because of Christian-America. They installed a dictatorship and for 28 years, they destroyed an innocent nation. That now, what was deemed the breadbasket of the West Indies now need bread themselves, and they can't have that either, since they have barely enough to pay the interest on Christian-American loans. Loans that were given to the dictators to plunder the country. If I don't stay in America, how would my country be repaid for what Christian-America took from her?

    meanwhile you want to spread the pollution that is your religion

  • Vj ~ Well the pollution started with the Bible and American missionaries took it to my country now I am only trying to clean it up, starting from the source of the mess.

    America should not be so lax on their acceptance of religion�

  • Vj ~ Then they should have kept it within their borders, what the heck are they doing all over the world converting hungry souls for food with a promise of a heaven that isn't there.

    there is inherent evil in religious tolerance.

  • Vj ~ I couldn't agree more and true religion is the only cure.
  • Dialogue 9
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    Hello se7ensnakes - March 22, 1999
    Here we go again religious bickering each claiming that their religion is truth......what next, holy wars???
  • Vj ~ Don't worry my friend, have faith in your venom. True, wars are fought on ignorance but in this case truth is prevailing. The war is between clownthief and himself, nothing to worry about. But in the meantime that is, if you have nothing else to do, enlighten your soul or whatever Buddhists call it, with the One True Religion .
  • Dialogue 10
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    Hello Alley 6 - March 30, 1999
    Buddhism is not about righteous. It's not about perpetual happiness. It's about finding truth, finding freedom from suffering, finding wisdom regardless of what is going on around you.
  • Vj ~ So why would a Buddhist want be reincarnated again as a Buddhist if this is all Buddhism consists of? There must be a higher reward for truth, and if the displaced and complaining Dalai Lama is such a reward then the truth itself must be held in question.

    Because there is suffering as an individual or as a nation, this does not mean the suffering is deserved.

  • Vj ~ Then where is the justice, or who holds its reign, if the innocent suffers for no reason of their own.

    Those that cannot rise above their suffering will continue, whether they are rich or poor, male or female, black, white, red, yellow, green or blue.

  • Vj ~ Why weren't all born rich or poor and black or white?

    If we were to journey to some of those monasteries in Tibet, I think we would find the monks (for the most part--for monasticism doesn't guarantee freedom from suffering) are not suffering.

  • Vj ~ Maybe not, but there must been some serious concern when the country was invaded and their leader had to flee. If highest of all monks, the Dalai Lama, is suffering then it is quite obvious that no one else is free of it.

    The Dalhi Lama does not seem like a person who is suffering.

  • Vj ~ Then why is this �happy� fellow not content with where he now reside rather than traveling all over the world pleading his plight? Buddhism teaches that life is nothing but pain and suffering, so how could the Dalai Lama be free of it?

    Therein lies the path of Buddhism: to acknowledge that there is suffering, and to take the steps that lead you from the life of a sufferer.

  • Vj ~ It is obvious that there will always be suffering since this suffering does not lead to anything better.

    Tibet is a much safer and more peaceful place to be than in either of their own minds.

  • Vj ~ True, but if it brings the same fruits of pain and suffering what difference does it make? If it is so �safe and peaceful� why is the Dalai Lama seeking safe haven in India instead.
  • Dialogue 11
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    Hello Alley 6 - March 30, 1999
    Buddhism looks at the origination of suffering,
  • Vj ~ And what is the origination of suffering?

    The higher reward for this truth is enlightenment, or the extinguishing of the cycle of suffering.

  • Vj ~ And since you have no God (judge) who decides who gets this higher reward for this truth?

    At the point that you reach Nibbana, Nirvana, Enlightenment-

  • Vj ~ And what happens after Nirvaana? Since Buddha did not exist from beginning of creation, how are those before him attained Nirvana?

    I don't understand your question of "why weren't all born rich or poor, black or white?"

  • Vj ~ If sin is the cause of suffering, what did the first people do to bring about suffering as being born poor - abject poverty or black to be discriminated against?
  • Dialogue 12
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    Hello Alley 6 - April 01, 1999
    suffering. of causes from disentanglement is reward"
  • Vj ~ So how can those in remote regions who never heard of Buddha, or a child or those with physical and mental infirmities change that?

    After one has reached the state of enlightenment, they will still live in this world until their own death, but they will not be attached to it as we all are.

  • Vj ~ And what happens after death?

    There is no one to answer to except one's self, and their own release from suffering is their sole responsibility.

  • Vj ~ If our system of justice did operate in the same manner, where all criminals, who had no one to answer to, but themselves to correct their actions, would it have worked? If I had no one to answer to why would I chose to be born in the poorest region (destitution and poverty) rather than the richest.

    So the first step is to calm the mind. Then, the work of breaking down the constant grasping after anything and everything can begin.

  • Vj ~ How can one in pain sit in meditation, much less calming the mind?
  • Dialogue 13
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    Hello Alley 6 - April 01, 1999
    "Empty your mind of everything, and then God can come inside"
  • Vj ~ So what comes in if there is no God in Buddhism? If you say Buddha, then how did Buddha calm his mind?

    God does not share space with junk, and neither does enlightenment.

  • Vj ~ True, but who determines what is junk or not? The Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims all claim enlightenment and since all these religions oppose each other who is rightfully the finder of enlightenment?
  • Dialogue 14
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    Namaste Vinaya - April 01, 1999
    The point being, all of the debating in the world won't expand your consciousness much if at all.
  • Vj ~ There can be no serious consciousness by meditation without the correct knowledge also.

    Only sharing and enlivening our experiences together serves our Enlightenment. Let's do that.

  • Vj ~ If the other's experience has to do with slaughering innocent creatures (cows, etc.) or the acts of Jihad (holy wars), how could sharing benefit your enlightenment?
  • Dialogue 15
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    Hello Alley 6 - April 02, 1999
    I can't tell you where life came from or what happens after death, and neither can anyone else.
  • Vj ~ Are you literally saying, that if you are an idiot everyone else is? A few centuries ago millions thought the world was flat and I am quite sure there was one like you amongst them who said no one else knew different. But today we know, and maybe some time in the future, when you are not so ignorant you may also learn that there is a source knowledge that tells us of the origin of life and its results after death. What sensible person would embark on a journey such as life, not knowing where he came from or where he is going? Have you bothered to check out my site rather than relying on your ignorance that no one else has an answer?

    Spiritually, all we can do is rely upon our own common sense and good judgement, and live this life as well as we can:

  • Vj ~ If your own common sense and good judgement are good enough, why did you seek the teachings of Buddha?

    Therefore, I will leave you to apply your common sense to the questions that you have posed.

  • Vj ~ Fair enough for me, but that still leaves you an idiot.

    I will leave you with this final thought: Meditation is not for the "well," it is exactly for the "sick" parts of all of us, whether our ills be physical, mental, or spiritual.

  • Vj ~ So why do people bother to seek medical help, when they can sit in meditation to cure their diseases. If meditation was a cure, it would have cured your ignorance already, don't you think so?

    You don't give a healthy (enlightened) person medication--you administer to the sick.

  • Vj ~ How can a person stricken with painful arthritis or rheumatism begin to sit in meditation? In other words when the mind is in pain how can it free itself of pain?

    I'm not doing anyone including myself any good by getting caught up in debate!

  • Vj ~ How else do you expect to ascertain if Buddhism is false or true, if you don't think investigations and inquires are useful?
  • Dialogue 16
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    Hello Alley 6 - April 03, 1999
    I went to your website. You are so cute, calling me an idiot, and then directing me to a site like that!
  • Vj ~ It is the usual way, after diagnosis you are usually sent to a specialist. It doesn�t mean that there is a cure, but it is worth a try.

    I see that you think all the answers lie in the Veda

  • Vj ~ I know, not "think", it has all the answers otherwise you would have refuted even one already.

    same story, different religion.

  • Vj ~ Then you are beyond cure. I have a three eternal entities (a creator, the material cause, and souls) and you, on the other hand, have none of these. How is the story, the same?

    By the way, bet you'd never have guessed that I've done quite extensive research on Colonel Olcott and the "Old Horse" Mme. B.

  • Vj ~ Little good it did to you! And they too were beyond cure, even though they came in direct contact with the reformer himself.

    What a clever couple of table rappers they were, eh?

  • Vj ~ What more could be said coming from an idiot to other idiots?

    Just the two that you'd want endorsing your spiritual leader!

  • Vj ~ Buddha endorsed the Vedas also,
    "He who attains true knowledge of Dharma or righteousness throught the Vedas, attains a steady position. He does not waver." Sutta Nipata 292
    so you might want to give that some more thought.

    I really have had fun here with you, but your inane questions are beginning to wear on me-

  • Vj ~ Shows that an idiot can't even enjoy himself even when he is having fun.

    I can't continue to address illogical queries with logical answers, expecting to make any headway, so I will have to leave off

  • Vj ~ Typical of other loosers, Buddha and the Dalai Lama.

    I Hope your sarcasm, anger, and inability to engage in constructive conversation serves you well. Bye

  • Vj ~ If it didn't, I wonder why you are doing the running?
  • Dialogue 17
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    Hello penny4Urthots - May 01, 1999
    How can we know? Religions all have their proof, but whether they are really proof is the question. ..."
  • Vj ~ It is no longer a question. Look up my site on what is consisted of true religion.

    Inner Peace will surely bring to you its own rewards!

  • Vj ~ Inner Peace can only be acquired by the correct knowledge, the Vedas, the source of Yoga.

    "When the time of destruction is at hand the intellect becomes perverted." Vridha Chan. 16:17. ...and I find the converse of that to be an abSOULute truth. :-)

  • Vj ~ Then you and I are on the same wave-length and should never oppose each other.
  • Dialogue 18
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    Hello Angi667 - May 01, 1999
    But for one thing, it's not worth fighting over.
  • Vj ~ It is worthwhile of all those who make strenuous effort to know of the one true religion.

    Hello Angi667 - May 01, 1999
    Vijai: No matter what religion we are - Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Athiest - we all believe that our religion is right. We all believe that our proof is true. Yes, I am Catholic, and I believe that our Bible is true.

  • Vj ~ Any proof that is in violation of God's attributes and His universal immutable laws of nature are a travesty to His Omnipotent and Omniscient power. All the religions you speak of, including your own, are in contradiction to them and are therefore false.

    What religion you believe should be whatever you find happiness and peace in.

  • Vj ~ Obviously, it is not so, since billions are in pain and misery, inspite of their beliefs in their respective religions.

    We won't know what the true religion is until the one true God, whoever He She or They may be, chooses to tell us.

  • Vj ~ Could it be that He has already done that and you, like the others, are too stubborn or prejudicial to look for it?

    The true religion, while you're on earth, is in your heart.

  • Vj ~ So why do we need revelation if it could be found in the heart? What happens when you find it in the heart and it got transplanted?

    Good luck in your search, and I hope you find peace in whatever religion you choose.

  • Vj ~ I have found peace and it is the reason why I am sharing it, so that others can benefit from my search. Such peace does not exist in any other religion.
  • Dialogue 19
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    Hello hdphung - May 01, 1999
    Hi Vijai, What is your religion anyway?
  • Vj ~ Check out my "HOME" page above.

    First of all, I think you are either lost in your philosophical trap or in your anger of something.

  • Vj ~ Isn't it an idiot who comes to such a conclusion without knowing what my religion is all about?

    I don't want to argue, but I love to discuss so that I can have more knowledge and understanding.

  • Vj ~ The discussion of truth is called critical thinking and only a fool sees it as an argument.

    Happiness is a state of mind. It can exist in a leper or a rich man. Have you ever seen a beggar smile in India? Have you ever seen a wealthy man cry?

  • Vj ~ All have momentary pleasures and are not signs of perpetual happiness. The state of mind cannot bring anyone happiness without reasoning guided by the correct knowledge (practice of yoga).

    Buddha taught people how to have an steady and infinite happiness, basing on cultivating their own minds.

  • Vj ~ And who taught Buddha and those before him? It would be an injustice for anyone to be deprived of "steady and infinite happiness" before Buddha.

    Many Tibetans are unhappy, but not all of them.

  • Vj ~ It is no different from any other country where false religions are the dominant force, where happiness is only mometary.

    Secondly, Tibet was weak and could not fight back China because the people are not warriors

  • Vj ~ Then what good is the �infinite happiness� taught by Buddha if the people are weak?

    They did not follow the entire teaching of Buddha.

  • Vj ~ If the Dalai Lama, the reincarnation of Buddha, had to flee his own country, it simply means he also did not follow the entire teaching of Buddha. What one can expect of the ordinary people?

    So, whose fault is it? Buddha or his followers?

  • Vj ~ It still is a reflection of Buddhism since none escaped the turbulent past and its on-going misery.
  • Dialogue 20
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    Hello thnkfree - May 12, 1999
    Hi, VJ I was wondering what you thought of Taoism. If you don't know anything about it click here to read the Tao Te Ching.
  • Vj ~ Without reading about it, it is just as false as the others. It would violate the first test since it was not in the beginning of creation for all.
  • Dialogue 21
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    Hello Dimitri5 - May 19, 1999
    Friend, the validity of Buddhism is not measured by geo-politics or any other worldly event. The demise of Tibet is proof of one of the core teachings of Buddhism, namely, impermanence.
  • Vj ~ No, but the burden of subjugation is a reflection of unrighteousness.

    Buddhism teaches many things and most of the teachings are provisional. That is, they are intended to help the aspirant to "buy time" in a sense.

  • Vj ~ Why, to be born again in the same condition? It makes no sense at all.

    However, to reach the goal of liberation, one has to attend to the definitive teachings which reveal that all concepts are bogus -- including the concept of liberation itself.

  • Vj ~ So why don't the Dalai Lama and his followers accept Tibet's occupation by the Chinese as bogus also and live with it? This way it will end the unrest.

    It is well stated in canonical Buddhist texts that this ultimate level of knowledge/truth is not the property of any religion and is perpetually available to all life-forms.

  • Vj ~ So how does a donkey acquire this "ultimate level of knowledge" to meditate?

    It is purely for practical reasons that one follows the Buddhist path as it has a very favorable historical track-record regarding bringing practitioners to the gate of liberation.

  • Vj ~ Liberation from what? If the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of Buddha and he is in constant grief of his country�s plight, where is the gate of liberation?

    To go through the gate, however, one has to give up the idea of being a Buddhist (or anything else for that matter).

  • Vj ~ Wonderful philosophy! Why not give up being a Buddhist now? Why wait until you reach the gate?

    But this subtly is also part of the Buddhist teaching, so it would appear that Buddhism may be the only religion that has a built-in self-destruct mechanism.

  • Vj ~ Is this why you are an idiot? If a religion can self-destruct how can one be liberated?

    It should be well understood however that if one is really practicing Buddhism properly, premature ejection of the concept of Buddhism might be very unwise in the same way that it might be a mistake to jump out of your boat before it reached the other shore.

  • Vj ~ As I see it, it is in one's best interest to jump out before it self-destructs.
  • Dialogue 22
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    Hello Dimitri5May 20, 1999
    Is this why you are an idiot? If a religion can self-destruct how can one be liberated?"
    Friend VJ, it is very revealing though disappointing to find you so hostile.
  • Vj ~ Then friend Dimitri, disappointments are the fruits of false religions. Buddhism has failed you when the truth can hurt you that much.

    Hostility is a symptom uncertainty

  • Vj ~ It is hostile alright, but not the hostile act of punching out a drowning victim to save him or a surgeon cutting your chest open to replace the heart.

    Your question concerning how to be liberated if a religion can self-destruct (and all the other questions, if you want to call them that) is very easily explained but one has to be more interested in communication than in merely spouting off remarks as though engaged in a grade school debate.

  • Vj ~ Ah common don't act like a grade school student now. Why would you let silly remarks hamper your search for truth? That is if you are truly interested in such a search for the one true religion.

    Even in that forum name calling is considered not only bad form but a clear sign of substance deficit.

  • Vj ~ I see it as a clear form of courage, for those who brave it in search of truth.

    I wish you the best

  • Vj ~ It is not sensible to wish the wise the best, when you are languishing in misery.

    and I hope your study of the Vedas is more sincere than your dialogue with me.

  • Vj ~ And of what benefit would that be to you?
  • Dialogue 23
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    Hello Dimitri5 - May 21, 1999
    Vj - Ah common don't act like a grade school student now. Why would you let silly remarks hamper your search for truth? That is if you are truly interested in such a search for the one true religion.
    At least you admit that your remarks are silly.
  • Vj ~ It is nature of wisdom to humble oneself, to teach the less unfortunate. The other half about the search for the one true religion must also be true too.

    Even so, they certainly don't hamper me.

  • Vj ~ It was never meant to hamper, but to elevate.

    They merely reflect the level of their author.

  • Vj ~ True, humility! In spite of how offended fools are of this truth, the wise continue to disseminate it for the good of all mankind.

    Vj - I see it as a clear form of courage, for those who brave it in search of truth.
    You may claim courage all you want but you have not been courageous with me.

  • Vj ~ Wisdom is courage, and it is courage that led to the propagation of this truth. It is you, who need to become courageous. The weak can never become strong by complaining over the courage of a few whose endeavor is free mankind of pain and misery.

    You have been pedantic.

  • Vj ~ Cowardice must be thoroughly exposed to let courage in.

    It is not sensible to wish the wise the best, when you are languishing in misery.
    Your arrogance may consume you.

  • Vj ~ You are yet to learn how to distinguish arrogance from wisdom.

    You should be careful lest you become a god yourself and thereby ruin a perfectly good life

  • Vj ~ At least you know what consists of a good life and who (Buddha) can ruin it, but then if I become God how could it be ruined? Again, if I become God I would have to dispense justice, and you my friend would be affected by it as a follower of false belief.

    All beings would surely benefit from your sincerity.

  • Vj ~ I would hope so, but why are you an exception?
  • Dialogue 24
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    Hello thiravada - May 21, 1999
    Havoc in the form of squabbling within the Tibetan religious groups is not a consequence of Buddhism and neither is the action of the Chinese authorities.
  • Vj ~ Any form of havoc is pain and misery the result of false doctrines.

    If the spirit of Buddhism is practiced as much as the full points of the law....then there would be greater peace but that cannot be guaranteed if one side elects to raise arms against another.

  • Vj ~ Proves my point of a false doctrine, whether it is practiced or not it would bring the same results.
  • Dialogue 25
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    Hello thiravada - May 21, 1999
    vijai You still do not seem to make sense.
  • Vj ~ How could I when you lack the correct knowledge? I would have to be a Buddhist to make any sense to you.

    Your original point relates to Buddhism inherently being a false religion which is certainly not true for millions of people.

  • Vj ~ This opinion is not shared by the rest of the 6 billion on our planet, so you cannot be right on that basis alone.

    If it has been twisted or reinterpreted then that may be a falsehood which has come about in a certain region and/or amongst a certain group but this in no way negates the value of that religion - or the respect it deserves.

  • Vj ~ I am not refuting Buddhism on the grounds of "twisted or reinterpreted" facts, but the fruits of agony (pain and suffering) it bore from its inception.

    Differences of opinion do not create falsehood, neither do differences of practise.

  • Vj ~ If it doesn't how then can truth be established or ascertained? The taste of salt can only make sugar sweeter and in the same way, truth is ascertained by what is established as false.

    Whatever the groups in Tibet may do or have done they cannot lay claim to being the greatest form of Buddhist practice - which Westerners often expect them to be.

  • Vj ~ No, but when their leader the Dalai Lama, is also on the run, it leaves one to wonder who then is practicing the best form of Buddhism.

    There are many forms and styles and none is greater than the other.

  • Vj ~ If none is greater than the other, then why so many? Why don't they accept China's occupation as just another great form and style?

    If you follow your personal quest you can gain your own insight.

  • Vj ~ Again if one only needs to follow one personal quest why follow Buddha? Religions have only brought divisions among mankind so how can one's personal quest be the answer?

    It is not necessary to assume that the greatest form has already been discovered.

  • Vj ~ Similarly, if it is not necessary to assume that righteousness can bring the aspirant perpetual happiness, then what would motivate him to righteousness?

    If you make too many assumptions and give excess credit too soon, you will certainly feel bitter and disappointed when something doesn�t live up to your expectations.

  • Vj ~ True, it is assumptions that have failed mankind, but what I bring you is true knowledge, the true source of what is known and not assumed.

    Buddhism is not inherently the guiding principle of communist China although elements of it may well exist within rural communities.

  • Vj ~ You can say that again, but right now, it is neither the guiding light for the Dalai Lama nor the people of Tibet.

    A national religion of a country is not guaranteed to be its ethical guide on all matters of territorial ownership nor of political greed.

  • Vj ~ Then it is false since man had to be taught and only through revelation systems of ethics, morals and science that the system of Government, etc. are put into its right perspective.

    I think you need to be a little less sweeping in your assumptions and accept that there is more to these issues than just a religious base.

  • Vj ~ My issues are not based on assumptions but reality and that reality is pain and suffering. The afflictions of society are in every corner of the globe and since religions have obviously failed to find a cure, they must be the cause.
  • Dialogue 26
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    Hello Dimitri5 - May 23, 1999 "Vj- Again if I become God I would have to dispense justice, and you my friend would be affected by it as a follower of false belief."
    You have unwittingly demonstrated the main defect of your religious view.
  • Vj ~ You know nothing of my religious views and yet you were able to come to a conclusion of what it might be consisted of. It is really not the sign of an intelligent person.

    Your belief system, like all other theistic doctrines,

  • Vj ~ Exactly what I am saying all along. It is not like the other theistic doctrines. Just click on my "HOME" page and do some reading, that is, if you are not blind.

    can not reconcile ultimate reality without resorting to the fanciful concept of a God.

  • Vj ~ Is the judicial system of our world, with a judge who dispenses justice, also a "fanciful concept�?

    Not only do you naively accept personal and worldly events to be either the reward or retribution of a fictional God,

  • Vj ~ If it is not, then what answer to you have for these worldly events? In Buddhism the concept of reincarnation must also be based on some merits or demerits, otherwise anyone can qualify to become the Dalai Lama.

    you simmer with gloating self-satisfaction at the idea of someone receiving this fictional retribution.

  • Vj ~ It is self-satisfaction of knowing the truth as revealed by the Vedas. It will serve you well also rather than gloating in your own ignorance. "Nothing can be made without a maker." Vedanta.

    You even imagine yourself as that God, passing judgment on others.

  • Vj ~ If it could save a jackass like you, why would it matter?

    This kind of ignorant thinking and believing that derives from theism, be it Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Shinto, VEDAism or whatever, is one of the chief causes of bigotry, social discord and war.

  • Vj ~ China is not theist and so is Tibet, but they are at war. Not to speak of Buddhist Cambodia that self-destructed. Are you really such a jackass that you can't see that also?

    This is because fanatics like you begin to believe your own bullshit

  • Vj ~ I didn't mean to throw it in your face, but since you are jackass it would make no difference would it?

    and, if given the opportunity, you self-appoint yourself as either the messenger of your imaginary God, the henchman of your imaginary God or even the personification of that imaginary God.

  • Vj ~ Isn't your Dalai Lama an imaginary Buddha also? It seems you have a bigger problem, since he is on the run.

    No doubt, you yourself were previously contaminated by just such a person.

  • Vj ~ Such contamination brings on misery and there is no greater example of that, than the religion of Buddhism contaminating Tibet and wherever it is being practiced.

    Even so, if people like you would just confine yourself to self-development, self-purification, self-liberation, etc., and stop marketing your ideas, you would be tolerable and perhaps even likable.

  • Vj ~ The wise are not affected by vanity and more so, to be "tolerable and even likeable� by a bunch of idiots would be a travesty to their wisdom. A wise man's joy is to disseminate truth even among fools since even from them he can draw wisdom.

    And just so there will be no misunderstanding, this applies equally to Buddhists (who, as a world group, are certainly not exempt from either theistic views, fanaticism or marketing)

  • Vj ~ Buddhism, like other dogmas, is already a misuntunderstanding, but being a fool as you are, you would hardly or may never notice it.
  • Dialogue 27
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    Hello Dimitri5 - May 24, 1999
    "Vj-You know nothing of my religious views and yet you were able to come to a conclusion. It is not the sign of an intelligent person."
    As a matter of fact I know a great deal about your religious views and I have viewed your Home page quite thoroughly. Furthermore, I have studied the Vedas, the Vedanta doctrines and many Upanishads, on my own and under well respected teachers, for about thirty-five years.
  • Vj ~ Well your respected teachers have failed you. They must have been bigger fools in spite of teaching you the Vedas and Upanishads you still became a Buddhist. Or could it be you were daydreaming, while they were teaching?

    I have also studied the Buddhist teachings for the same length of time.

  • Vj ~ And without a teacher as the Buddha did, shows how good you are at dreaming without one.

    Vj ~ Is the judicial system of our world, with a judge who dispenses justice, also a "fanciful concept�?
    Yes it is. But this is Karma. The difference however, is that Karma is a law whose venue is not absolute.

  • Vj ~ I wonder, how come the non-Buddhist Western world knew so much of karma to fashion their system of justice by it?

    Vj - If it is not, then what answer to you have for these worldly events? In Buddhism the concept of reincarnation must also be based on some merits or demerits, otherwise anyone can qualify to become the Dalai Lama."
    God does not determine these things. They are determined by the self-regulating karmic reactions of each individual's basic state.

  • Vj ~ So does a criminal, in a Buddhist form of government, on committing a crime goes to jail on his own accord rather than it be decided by a judge?

    It is like eating different foods. When you eat good food your body is nourished and thrives; when you eat poison you vomit. Karma is the same. God does not play a role in that.

  • Vj ~ So how did mankind or rather Buddha, come to know what is good (ethics, morals and science) and what is sinful?

    As a matter of fact, God is also subject to Karma since he himself abides in the delusional state of believing in a Self.

  • Vj ~ You sound not like God, but someone superior to Him. Since there is no God in Buddhism how do you know what he is subjected to?

    "Vj-"Nothing can be made without a maker." Vedanta.
    Neither you nor anyone else can actually identify anything whatsoever that has been made.

  • Vj ~ You are even dumber than a jackass. You sound more like a blind bat that flies in the night. Have you never seen anything made, not even the "good food" you spoke of, or the clothes you wear or the Buddhist idol you worship? Didn�t the Chinese bayonets penetrated deep enough into your backside to feel its actual identity of something that has been made?

    So, it is ignorant to search for a maker.

  • Vj ~ It would have helped had you seen a man screwing your mother. It would have been a younger brother or sister in the making and you have behold your maker.

    "Vj-China is not theist and so is Tibet, but they at war."
    China and Tibet are not at war. Tibet is not capable of participating in a war. China annexed Tibet.

  • Vj ~ It is not conducive to a peaceful situation either. The point is, whether you are an atheist or theist (by false dogmas) all will face pain and misery.

    "Vj-Isn't your Dalai Lama an imaginary Buddha also?"
    YES, that is correct!

  • Vj ~ Well jackass, how then can the imaginary lead one to Nirvana?

    "It seems you have a bigger problem, since he is on the run."
    He is not on the run, he is in exile.

  • Vj ~ Wake up you idiot, if he cannot return to his country, it simply means he is on the run.

    However, either way, it poses no problem to me. I am not a follower of the Dalai Lama. I do, however, respect him.

  • Vj ~ So whom do you follow, someone you have no respect for?

    "Vj-Such contamination brings on misery and there is no greater example of that, than the religion of the Buddhist contaminating Tibet and wherever it is practiced."
    This is a completely ignorant statement.

  • Vj ~ Not by your previous statement, where he must be contaminating something otherwise you would have been his follower.

    If the wise possess vanity they are not wise.

  • Vj ~ Since you are a fool, how would you know what the wise possess or not?

    Vj- "A wise man's joy is to disseminate truth even among fools since even from them he can draw wisdom."
    Only a fool would accept your dissemination as truth.

  • Vj ~ If it was so, how come you haven't?

    The fact that you seek to derive wisdom from those same fools is pitiful indeed.

  • Vj ~ Pitiful for a fool but joy to the wise indeed since it is only the wise that can draw nectar from poison. At least you now know where you stand.

    Fools need friendship and kindness, not philosophy -- certainly not flawed philosophy.

  • Vj ~ Those are the two things that made you a fool in the first place, so how could it be a cure also?

    "Vj-Buddhism, like other dogmas, is already a misuntunderstanding, but being a fool as you are, you would hardly or may never notice it."
    Buddhism is not a dogma. It is not something to believe.

  • Vj ~ Same like the others, started by some fanatic or maniac?

    Buddhism teaches that there is nothing to believe in. Buddhism is a METHOD. It is just as illusory as the problems that we seek to solve.

  • Vj ~ And how can a illusory method (something that does not exist) solve anything?

    However, the important difference is that it was not ignorantly constructed for mundane purposes.

  • Vj ~ Your statement is not supportive considering the numerous and vast Buddhist monuments around the globe.

    It was constructed as a means for liberation.

  • Vj ~ It looks more like the means of subjugation (Tibet) and finally annihilation (Afghanistan).

    It is like injecting some water into your ear in order to get the stuck water out. It will work if you do it correctly. Knowing how to do correctly is the key. But If the Buddhist water itself just gets stuck in your ear then one is no better off. It is important to get all the water out.

  • Vj ~ Then what hope is there for those with no ears? Is this why the Buddha has such long ears? I will have to let Prince Charles know of this faith.
  • Dialogue 28
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    Hello thnkfree or Jeff,- Wednesday, 26-May-1999 Vj, I couldn't help but notice that you claimed to be very humble. Do you see the contradiction there? I (Jeff) have participated in discussions on some of VJ's other boards and have found him to be anything but humble.
  • Vj ~ It is not a claim wise men are humble. In spite, of all the rhetoric of fools, they continue to disseminate truth without fear. Whenever you recognized humility, know that you are wise, until then you are living in a fool's world.

    He is uneducated in all religions/philosophies/sciences including his own.

  • Vj ~ This can only mean that you are well educated in all of the above to know that I am not. I only wonder why it has given me, and not you, the confidence to continue all these dialogues?

    As far as the Vedas go he relies on the interpretations that he agrees with and discredits the ones that he doesn't like for no other reason than self-righteousness.

  • Vj ~ Again you must be well versed in the Vedas to know what interpretations are discredited. I only wonder why it hasn't done any good for you.

    His knowledge on everything is prejudiced, biased, purely subjective, and poorly researched.

  • Vj ~ Then I wonder why you are doing the complaining since you have done more extensive research.

    The only thing he has going for him is the ability to write moderately well on his web page (if it wasn't plagiarized).

  • Vj ~ If ever you come to know that the truth is one, it will always be "plagiarized", because wise men think alike.

    His responses are abusive, amazingly contradictive, rarely consistent with what was brought up in the post he responds to, and commonly unintelligible.

  • Vj ~ There are enough fools to make you a prophet, even though your ancestors were apes.

    His repeated claims that he is wise while anyone else who disagrees with him is an idiot, moron, monkey brain, etc is bordering on pathological, anti-social, narscissism (sp?).

  • Vj ~ At the very least the wise knows a fool, but how would a fool ever know who is wise?

    It is not possible to actually "discuss" anything with him.

  • Vj ~ It only shows how impossible it is for an idiot to entertain a rational discussion with the wise?

    P.S.- Don't worry VJ you won't be seeing me again on any of your boards.

  • Vj ~ Thank you for saving me the time and good luck my friend.
  • Dialogue 29
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    Hello Randy - Saturday 4-Dec-1999
    You started off good here.
  • Vj ~ I wish I could say the same for any part of your site.

    but I was disappointed when you seemed to come to the conclusion that your religion is the "one true religion" (as opposed to all the others of course).

  • Vj ~ Then its making progress because that is what true religion is intended to do, prove all the others false. How else can it be true?

    There is no religion including Hinduism which has nothing valuable to say as well as which can not be seriously faulted in some aspects.

  • Vj ~ Very true but if you don't know truth from untruth how would you what little is even valuable

    No criticism of Buddhism, the Bible or Q'uran will get you to the heart of what religion is most truly involved with as they are all removed from direct experience and mere abstractions.

  • Vj ~ You are absolutely right again, but my criticism is constructive based on reasoning, science and in conformity with natural laws. When you are ignorant of the three put together, how can you conclude if I am right or wrong?

    If you had stopped before you got to the "I'm right and everybody else is wrong" bit those would have been a great

  • Vj ~ The greatness of my site as the one true religion can only be determined to be so by the wise and unless you seek their company you would never know who is really a fool. Had I stopped there both of us would have been fools, which perhaps would have suited you, but not me.

    Hello Dewa - Monday 1-Jan-2001
    Reasoning is subject to interpretation .

  • Vj ~ Very true, the correct interpretation , the only way truth can be ascertained.

    You cannot out philosophize a person that is " separate but one " .

  • Vj ~ I am not quite sure what you meant by this, but if you are referring to God I am quite sure He wouldn't mind if I do.

    difference is a debate or an agreement of ideals.

  • Vj ~ It is quite obvious that if there are agreements of ideals, there would be no need for a debate.

    No complete truth is recognized of any religion now and forever that will come to pass

  • Vj ~ Quite true but only for those, perhaps like yourself, who haven�t the will or inclination to do honest and impartial inquires

    For all religions still question the interpretations of some of its contents.

  • Vj ~ That will also depend on who is providing the answers.
  • Dialogue 30
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    Hello Dwain - Monday 22-May-2000
    I'm sorry but I found the article difficult to read and follow. Perhaps I am not accustomed to the format.
  • Vj ~ My friend strive to strengthen your reasoning power and even the format you will have no problem with.

    As for Vijai my friend a wise man once told me "You cannot cure a headache by decapitation."&

  • Vj ~ True but perhaps the soul would have benefited from such action. Prolonging life in sin only leads to more pain and misery for the soul.

    Actually you could but what does it accomplish?

  • Vj ~ No more headaches. (smile)

    You said in your reply to Enlightened Muslim "Had you any brains you would have...". This is a very harsh reply to make to any human being -- it is decapitation.

  • Vj ~ I know it is but don't you think it is hard for a medical surgeon too when he/she has to cut deep into a patient's body slicing and tearing it apart all in a bloody mess for the sake of the patient's own good. Likewise, a wise man is also a doctor and only he knows how best he can try to cure ignorance. I am quite sure you will not argue with the doctor on his/her harsh method, likewise, you must first try to understand that the wise are professionals also in their own field. It would have served you well to take the good out of all of this and what you don't understand leave it for discussion.

    To the Enlightened Muslim I am not saying you are indeed a "headache" just that this appears to be how Vijai perceived you.

  • Vj ~ Very true and similarly only a doctor can perceive the patient his way. Meaning that it would be a travesty to simple common sense for a non-professional to judge otherwise

    Hello Dwain - Monday 22-May-2000
    Your words are sharp! They are particularly useful/unuseful whichever the case may be to the arrogant and strong-willed.

  • Vj ~ There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to truth my friend. One has only this life, perhaps after many of pain and misery again, to elevate one's soul into a higher realm of peace and happiness

    Naturally there is a place in this wonderful Creation for this form of expression. I do not disregard it.

  • Vj ~ I am happy for you since you seem to be in "this place" to receive it.

    I may have been unclear but this initial statement was intended for "Enlightened Muslim's" article; very hard to read cumbersome but not incomprehensible.

  • Vj ~ Seek the knowledge of the Light of Truth my friend and all you had to do is what I didn't do. It only took one verse from all junk he has written to contradict his Q'uran

    My goodness your words are STRONG!

  • Vj ~ Reminiscent of a good "doctor" (specialist) perhaps!

    My friend if I had implied I was an expert on either of the topics at hand then my reply would have certainly been lengthier and more specific.

  • Vj ~ You will get there and when you do the joy of helping the fallen becomes a heavenly dream.

    My sole purpose was simply to touch on the nature of human communication as an often "delicate" task.

  • Vj ~ That I know, and it is the reason why religious tolerance is propagated rather than the truth.

    For example basic human dignity and respect MUST proceed with patience in order for the United Nations in Switzerland to be at all effective.

  • Vj ~ It is obvious that these false dogmas cannot provide us "basic human dignity and respect" now or in the end when it failed us so miserably in the past. Nations must be united under one truth and only then universal peace can be a reality as it were before 5 000 years ago.

    There is a time for a lamb in the China-closet and there is a time for a Bull in the China-closet; chose either with fortitude.

  • Vj ~ The time of the "lamb in the China-closet" is long gone my friend, we are now in the last age of Kaliyug (iron-age) and it is the time to put the "Bull in the China-closet".

    The pace of my "consciousness" and "proper reasoning habits" will be dictated by me.

  • Vj ~ Very true, but it must be guided by the correct knowledge a true test of your inclinations. May God inspire you to this wisdom.
  • "Just as color cannot be perceived by ears, nor sound by eyes; in like manner, the Eternal Supreme Spirit is not perceptible to the senses. He can only be seen by a pure soul through the purity of heart, acquisition of knowledge and the practice of yoga. Just as one cannot reap the advantages of knowledge without acquiring it, likewise the Supreme Spirit cannot be seen without the practice of yoga and gaining the highest knowledge." The Light of Truth

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