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Most beneficial (to the soul)when performed as vegetarians.
Q.- Is the non-performance of homa, a sin?
"Yes, the amount of suffering, a man inflicts on his fellow-beings by polluting the air, and water with the waste products of his system and consequently bringing on disease, becomes the measure of his sin, to atone for which it becomes incumbent on him to perform Homa and thereby purify air and water to an extent, equal to, or greater than the mischief he has done." Light of Truth

"I hold that the performance of yajna is most commendable. It consists in showing due respect to the wise, and the learned, in the proper application of the principles of chemistry and physical and mechanical sciences to the affairs of life, in the dissemination of knowledge and culture, in the performance of Agnihotra which, by contributing to the purification of air and water, rain and vegetables, directly promotes the well-being of all sentient creatures." Swami Dayanand

Yajna meant yagya performed in accordance with the injunctions of the Vedas, and the yajna and the ‘Homa’ used to be performed, both morning and evening, to purge the air of hateful and disease-producing germs, and for the bringing down and purification of rain and water. Having mixed a ratti of musk, a masha of saffron and other fragrant substances of various kinds in a seer of clarified butter, every man and woman, in these days, would throw twelve ahutis into the fire, the quantity thus offered being thought sufficient to purify air and water, rendered foul by the offensive smells thrown out by human beings during the day and night. And the injurious and disgusting gases generated by the droppings and urine of beasts, and the deposits and urine of miscellaneous classes of men, - for the destruction of these a big havan was performed forth-nightly, on amava and poornamashi, and the fragrance diffused by these havens purified the harmful vapors containing the gases. And, further, havans were performed on a grand scale, six-monthly and annually, to cope with and destroy the bad gases in general.

The festivals of Holi and Dewali, so-called in these days, were but names for these periodicals havens. And these ceremonies had existed from times immemorial, and it was due to the performance of these diseases and epidemics, which afflict India these days, were wholly unknown in times of yore. The performance of such an similar rite meant the exercise of human activity and energy, and it was the pleasure of the Supreme that such exercise should always continue, for it was a fulfillment of the Soul’s mission on earth.


An opening bhajan
(Aaj mil sab geeta gaa-o)

अथ आचमनम् ॥१॥
अपने-अपने जऱपात्र से सब जने जोकि यज्ञ करने
के लिए बैठे हो निम्न मन्त्रों से तीन आचमन करे
अर्थात् एक-एक से एक-एक बार आजमन के।
Aa-cham-ana: is the sipping of sacrificial water unto
the right palm. This is the first act before the performance
of the Agnihotra Sacrifice. The aspirant seeks to symbolically
was his inner self of all impurity.)

ओं अमृतोपस्तणमसि स्वाहा ॥१॥
हे (अमृत) अमृत, अखण्डैकरस, अविनाशी प्रभो!
तू (उपस्तरणम्) मेरे नूचे का बिछौना (असि) है।
(स्वाहा) यह मैं यथार्थरूप से समझ रहा हुँ।
1 ~ Om amrito pas-taranam-asi swaahaa.

O Divine Waters! You are the spread of eternal life.

ओं अमृतापिधानमसि स्वाहा ॥२॥
हे (अमृत) नित्यशुद्धबुद्धमुक्तशान्तस्वभाब
परमात्मन्! (अपिधानम्) तू मेरे ऊपर का ओढ़ना
(असि) है। (स्वाहा) यह मैं ठूक-ठूक समझ रहा हूँ।
2 ~ Om amrita-pidhaanam-asi swaahaa

O Divine Waters! You are the covering of eternal life.

ओं सत्यं यशःश्रीर्मयिश्रीःश्त्रयतां स्वाहा ॥३॥
(सत्यम्) सत्यभाषण, सत्यव्यवहार, सत्यज्ञान
(यशः) यश, कीति और (श्रीः) स्हास्थ्य, शोभा, ऐश्वर्य
धन-सम्पत्ति (मयि) मुझमें (श्री) आश्रित होकर
(श्रयताम्) रहें। (स्वाहा) यह मैं यत्य कहता हूँ
कि इनको प्राप्त करते का प्रयल करूँगा।
3 ~ Om Satyam yashah shreer
mayi shreeh shra-ya-taam swaahaa.

May wealth, consisting of Truth, fame and riches take refuge in me.
Divine waters: - the waters of knowledge;
Spread: - support from below;
Covering - protector from above.]

अथांग स्पर्श
इससे तीसरा आचमन करके, तत्पश्चात् नीचे
लिखे मन्त्रों से जल 
[ले] करके अंगों का स्पर्श करे
(The aspirant now touches his body-limbs
with the sacrificial water,
praying that these remain strong,
and fulfill their functions.)
ओं वाङमऽआस्येऽस्तु৉१॥
इसस मन्त्र से मुख.
Om vaang ma aasye stu.................(lips)
ओं नसोर्मे प्राणोऽस्तु॥२॥
इस मन्त्र से नासिका के दोनुं छिद्र
Om nasor me praano stu................(nostrils)
ओं अक्ष्णोर्में चत्क्षुरस्तु॥३॥
इस मन्त्र से दोनों आंखें
Om akshnor me chakshur astu............(eyes)
ओं कर्णयोर्मे श्रोत्रमस्तु॥४॥
इस मन्त्र से दोनों कान
On karna-yor me shro-tam astu..........(ears)
ओं बाहोर्मे बलमस्तु॥५॥
इस मन्त्र से दोनों बाहु
Om baah-wor me balam astu..............(arms)
ओं ऊर्वोमऽओजोस्तु॥६॥
इस मन्त्र से दोनों जंघा, और..
Om oor-wor ma ojo stu.................(thighs)
ओं अरिष्टानि मेऽङाग्नि तनूस्तन्वा मे सह सन्तु॥उ॥ Om arish-taani me ngaani
tanoos tanwaa me saha santu.
.. (all over)
हे प्रभो! (मे) मेरे (औस्ये) मुख में (वाक्) ;वाणी, बोलने की
शकि्त (अस्तु) हो। हे मार्गदर्शक प्रभो! (मे) मेरे (अक्ष्णोः)
दोनों नेत्रगोलकों में (चक्षुः) दर्शकि्त (अस्तु) सदा विध्यमान रहे।
हे भक्तों कि टेर सुननेवाले! (मे) मेरे (कर्णयोः) दोनों कर्णगोलकों
में (श्रोत्रम्)श्र वणशकित (अस्तु) सदा विध्यमान रहे। हे
विध्नाशक प्रभो (मे) मेरे (बाह्वोः) दोनों भुछाओं में (बलम्) बल
शकि्त एवं सामथ् र्य (अस्तु) सदा विध्यमान रहे। हे पराक्रमशालिन्!
(मे) मेरि (ऊर्वोः) दोनों जंघाऔं में (ओजः) सत्तव, दौड़ने,
भागने, और भार वहन करने की साथ् र्य (अस्तु) सदा वनी रहे
हे शरीररक्षक प्रभो! (मे) मेरा (तनूः) शरीर और (सह) साथ ही
(मे तन्वः) मरे शरीर के (अङाग्नि) समस्त अङग्-प्रत्यङग्,
ज्ञानेन्दि और कर्मेन्द्रियाँ (अरिष्टानि) रोग-रहित एवं शकि्त-सम्पन्न (सन्तु) हो।
May the speech in my mouth be sanctified in God.
May the breath in my nostrils,
the sight in my eyes,
and the hearing in my ears
be sanctified in God. May the force in my arms
and legs be sanctified in God. May my limbs be all unharmed.
And, may my outer self be in harmony
with by inner self.
Mantras of Yajur Veda (Here we begin the Eshwar Stuti, Praarthanaa, Upaansanaa - the Glorification of, Prayer to, and Communions with God. We seek to describe the Qualities of God, petition to Him in terms of our legitimate needs, and become one with Him, in His Own Words - the Words of the Veda.)
ओ३म्। विश्वा॑नि देव सवितर्दुरि॒तानि॒ परा॑ सुव।
यद् भ॒द्रन्तन्न॒ आ सुव ॥१॥
1. Om Vishwaani deva savitur
duritaani paraa-suva.
Yad bhadram tan-na aasuva.
अर्थ - हे (सवितः) सकल जगत् के उत्पत्तिकत्-र्ता, समग्र ऐश्वर्ययुक्त
(देव) शुद्धस्वरूप, सब सुखें कें दाता परतेश्वर! आभ कृपा करके
(नः) हमारे (विश्वानि) सम्पुर्ण (दुरितानि) दुर्गुण, दुव्-र्यसन और दुःखों
को (परा, सुव) दुर कर दूजिए, (यत्) जो (भद्रम्) कल्याणकारक गुण,
कर्म, स्वभाव आर पदार्थ है (तत्) वह सब हमको (आ, सुव) प्रप्त
O God! O Creator of this Universe!
O Radiant Cause of all manifestations!
Do remove from us all that is difficult in our experience,
and all tendencies to transgress Your Laws,
and bring unto us all that is beautiful,
benevolent and auspicious.
[Manifestations: created things of the world.]
हि॒र॒ण्य॒गर्भः सम॑वत्-र्त॒ताग्रे॑ भूतस्य॑ जातः पति॒रेक॑
आसीत्। स दा॑धार पृथि॒वीन्ध्यामुतेमाक्ङस्मै॑
दे॒वाय॑ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम।२॥
यर्ज० १३।२
2. Hiranya-garbhah sama-var-tataa-gre
bhootasya jaatah patir eka aaseet.
Sa daa dhaaara prithiveem dyaam ute-maam
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema.
(अर्थ) - जो (हिरण्यगर्भः) स्वप्रकाशस्वरूप आर जिसने प्रकाश करने-
हारे सुर्य-चन्द्रमादि पदार्थ उत्पन्न करके धारण किये है, जो (भुतस्य)
उत्पन्न हुए सम्पुर्ण जगत् का (जातः) ;प्रसिद्ध (पतिः) स्वामी
एक ही चेतन-स्वरूप (आसोत्) था, जो (अग्रे) सब जगत् के
उत्पन्न होने से पुर्व (समवत्-र्तत) वर्तमान था, (सः) सो (इमाम्) इस
(पृथिवीम्) भुमि (उत) आर (ध्याम्) सुर्यादि को (दाधार) धारण कर यहा है,
हम लोग उस (कस्मै) सुखस्वरूप (देवाय) शुद्ध परमात्मा के लिए
(हविषा) ग्रहण करने योग्य योगाभ्यास और अतिप्रेम से (विधेम) विशेष भकि्त
किया करें॥२॥
God is the Sustainer of luminous bodies
and the Source of Light, and He has been
present even before the creation of this universe.
He is known to be the Sole Master of all beings.
He sustains this earth and heaven.
Unto that Blissful Divinity do we offer our
worship with love and devotion.
[Luminous bodies: sun, moon, stars, etc.]
य आ॑त्म॒दा ब॑ल॒दा यस्य विश्व॑
उ॒पास॑ते प्र॒शिषं॒ यस्य॒ दे॒वाः ।
यस्य॒ छा॒याऽमृतं॒ यस्य मृत्युः
कस्मै॑ दे॒वाय॑ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम ॥३॥
- यजु० २५।११
3. Ya aat-madaa bala-daa yasya vishwa
upaasate prashisham yasya devaah.
Yasya chhaayaa mritam yasya mrityuh
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema.
अर्थ - (यः) जो (आतमदाः) आत्मज्ञान का दाता, (बलदाः) शरीर,
आत्मा और समाज के बल का देनेहाया, (यस्य) जीसकी (विश्वे) सब
(देवाः) विद्धान् लोग (उपासे) उपासना करते हैं, और (यस्य) जिसका
(प्रशिषम्) प्रत्यक्ष, सत्यस्वरूप शासन और न्याय अर्थात शिक्षा
कोमानते हैं, (यस्य) जिसका (छाया) आश्रय हू (अमृतम्) मोक्षसुखदायक
है, (यस्य) जिसका न मानना अर्थस् भकि्त न करना ही (मृत्युः) मृत्यु
आदि दुःख का हेतु है, हम लोग उस (कस्मै) सुस्वरूप (देवाय) सकल
ज्ञान के देनेहारे परमास्मा की लिए (हविषा) आस्मा और अन्सःकरण
से (विधेम) भकि्स अर्थात् उसी की आ ज्ञा पालन में सस्पर रहें॥३॥
He gives us the consciousness that we are souls,
and provides us with strength.
All wise men worship Him,
and they obey His commands. Under His shade
flows the nectar of immortal bliss, and opposing
Him brings us daily death. Unto that Blissful
Divinity do we offer our worship with love and devotion.

[Nectar of immortal bliss: Emancipation
Daily death: emotional disturbance, stress, etc.]
यः प्रा॑ण॒तो नि॑मिष॒तो म॑हि॒त्वैक
इद्राजा॒ जग॑तो ब॒भूव॑ ।
य ईशे॑ऽअ॒स्य व्दिपद॒श्पढः
कस्मै॑ ढे॒वाय॒ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम ॥४॥
यजु० २३ ।३
4. Yah praana-to nimisha-to mahit-waika
id raajaa jagato babhoowa.
ya eeshe asya dwipa-dash chatush-padah
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema
अर्थ - (यः) जो (प्राणतः) प्राणवाले और (निमीषतः) अप्राणिरूप
(जगतः) जगत् का (महित्वा) अपने अनन्त महिमा से (एक इत्)
एक ही (राजा) विराजमान राजा (बभूव) है, (यः) जो (अस्य) इस
(द्धिपदः) मनुष्यादि और (चतुष्पदः) गौ आदि प्राणियों कें शरीर
की (ईशे) करता है, हम लोग उस (कस्मै) सुखस्वरूप (देवाय)
सकलैश्वर्य के देहv66रे परमात्मा के (हविशा) अपनी सकल उत्तम
से (विधेम) विशेष भकि्त करें ॥४॥
He, through His Own Glory, is the Sole King
of this entire breathing and winking world.
He controls all bipeds and quadrupeds.
Unto that Blissful Divinity do we offer
our worship with love and devotion.

[Breathing and winking world: all living creatures.]
येन॒ ध्यौरूग्रा पृ॑थि॒वी च॑ ढृढा
येन॒ स्वॆ॒ सतभितं येन॒ नाकः॑।
योऽअन्तरि॑क्षे कज॑सो वि॒मानः कस्मै॑
देवाय॑ हविषा॑ विधेम ॥५॥
- यजु० ३२।६१
5. Yena dyaur-ugraa prithivee cha dridhaa
yena swah stabhitam yena naakah.
Yo antarikshe rajaso vimaanah
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema.
अर्थ - (येन) जिस परमात्मा ने (उग्र) तीक्ष्ण स्वभाववाले (ध्यौः)
सूर्य आदी (च) और (पृथिवी) भूमि को (दढा) धारण, (येन) जिस
जगदीश्वर (स्वः) सुख को (स्तभितम्) धारण, और (येन) जिस
(नाकः) दुःखरहित मोक्ष को धारण किया है। (यः) जो (अन्तरिक्षे)
आकाश में (रजसः) सब लोक-लोकान्तरों को (विमानः) विशेषमानुक्त
अर्थात जैसे आकाश में पक्षी उड़ते हैं, वैसे सब लोकों का
निमर्माण करता और भ्रमण कराता है, हम लोग उस (कस्मै)
सुखदायक (देवाय) कामना करने के योग्य परब्रहा की प्राप्-ति के
लिए (हविषा) सब सामथ्-र्य से (विधेम) विशेष भकि्त करें॥५॥
He steadied the thunderous heaven and the solid
earth, and confers happiness free from all sorrow.
He created the planets with bird-like movement,
and caused them to revolve in space. Unto that
Blissful Divinity do we offer our worship
with love and devotion.

[Steadied: According to the theory of creation, after the
big bang explosion, there was total chaos, until
the planets were steadied into patterned rotation.]
प्रजा॑पते॒ न त्वढेतान्य॒न्यो विश्वा॑
जा॒तानि परि॒ ता व॑भूव।
यत्का॑मास्ते जुहुमस्तन्नो॑ऽअस्तु व॒यं
स्या॑म॒ पत॑यो रयीणाम् ॥६॥
6. Prajaa-pate! Na twad etaan-yanyo
vishwaa jaataani pari taa babhoowa.
Yat kaamaas-te juhumas tan-no astu
vayam syaama patayo rayeenaam.
अर्थ - हे (प्रजापते) सब प्रजा के स्वामी परमात्मन्! (त्वत्)
आपसे (अन्यः) भीन्न दुसरा कोई (ता) उन (एतानी) एन (विश्वा)
सब (जातानि) उत्पन्न हुए जड़-चेतनादिकों को (न) नहीं
(परि, बभूव) तिरस्कार करता है अर्थात् आप सर्वोपरि है।
(यत्कामाः) जिस-जिस पदार्थ की कामनावाले हम लोग (ते)
आपका (जुहुमः) आश्रय लेवें और वाञ्छा करें, (तत) उस-उसकी
कामना (नः) हमारी सिद्ध (अस्सु) होवे, जिससे (वयम्) हम लोग
(रयीणाम्) धनैश्वर्य के (पतयः) स्वामी (स्याम) होवें ॥६॥
O prajaapati! O Master of this entire creation!
No-one, except You, can control the creatures of this
visible, and other invisible worlds. May those desires,
for which we come to Your Shelter, be fulfilled. May we be
masters of
earthly and heavenly riches.

[This and other worlds: The Veda
posits that there is life not only on earth,
but on other solar systems, too.]
सनो॒ बन्धरजनिता स विधा॒ता
धामा॑नि वे॒द भुव॑नानि॒ विश्वा॑।
यत्र॑ देवा अ॒मृत॑मानशा॒नास्तृतीये॒
धाम॑न्न॒ध्यैर॑यन्त ॥७॥
7. Sano bandhur janitaa sa vidhaataa
dhaamaani veda bhuwa-naani vishwaa.
Yatra devaa amritam aa-na-shaanaas
triteeye dhaaman a-dhyair-ayanta.
अर्थ - हे (प्रजापते) सब प्रजा के स्वामि परमात्मन! (त्वत)
आपसे (अन्यः) भिन्न दूसरा कोई (ता) उन (एतानि) इन (वश्वा)
सब (जातानि) उत्पन्न हए जड़-चेतनादिकों को (न) नही (परि,
तिरस्कार करता है अर्थात आप सर्वोपरि हैं (यत्कामाः)
जिस-जिस पदार्थ की कामनावाले हम लोग (से) आपका (जुहुमः)
आश्रय लेवें और वाञ्छा करें, (तत्) उस-उसकी कामरा (नः) हमारी
सिद्ध (अस्तु) होवे, जिससे (वयम्) हम लोग (रयीणाम)
धनैश्वर्यो के (पतयः) स्वामी (स्याम) होवें ॥८॥
He alone, O men, is our Brother, Creator and Law-Giver.
He knows all names, regions and beginning events. In Him are
the liberated souls, moving about at their own free will
and enjoying the essence of eternal life, sustained in the
third state of consciousness.

[Free will: actions no longer determine the movements
of those who are liberated. They move about freely in God.
Third: there are three states of consciousness that a soul
experiences while in the course of spiritual
evolution - that of the world, the soul, and God.]
अग्ने॒ नय सु॒पथा॑ रायेऽअस्मान्
विश्वा॑नि देव व॒युना॑नि वि॒द्वान् ।
युयो॒ध्य स्मज्जु॒हुरा॒णमेनो॒
भूयि॑ष्ठान्ते॒ नम॑ऽउक्तिंविधेम ॥८॥
8. Agne! Naya su-pathaa raaye asmaan
vishwaani deva vayunaani vidwaan.
Yuyo-dhyas-maj juhuraanam eno
bhooyish-thaan te nama uktim vidhema.
अर्थ-(हे अग्ने) स्वप्रकाशक ज्ञानस्वरूप सब जगत् के प्रकाश
करने-हारे (देव) सकल सुखदाता परमेश्वर! आप दिससे (विव्दान)
सम्पुर्ण विध्य-युवत हैं, कृपा करके (अस्मान्) हम लोगों को
(राये) विज्ञान वा राज्यादि ऐश्वर्य कि प्राप्-ति के लिए (सुपथा)
अच्छे, धर्मयुक्त, अप्त लोगों के मार्ग से (विश्वानिं) सम्पुर्ण
(वयुनानि) प्रज्ञान और उत्तम कर्म (नय) प्राप्-त कराइए,
और (अस्मत्) हमसे (जुहुराणम्) कुटिलतायुक्त (एनः)
पापरूप कर्म को (युयोधि) दुर कीजिए। इस कारण हम लोग
(ते) आपकी (भूयिष्ठाम्) बहुत प्रका की स्तुतिरूप (नमउकि्तम्)
नम्रतापुर्वक प्रशंसा (विधेम) सदा रिया कें और सर्वदा आनन्द
में रहें। ॥८॥ इतीश्वरस्तुतिप्रार्थनोपासनाप्रकरणम्
O Agni! lead us on the right path to the wealth of
liberation, for You know all pathways
leading in that direction.
Remove from us all sins that lead us astray.
Again and again we offer You words

of salutation and praise.
Iteesh-wara stuti
praarthano-paasa-naa prakaranam
Here comes to an end
the Stuti Praarthano-paasanaa Chant.

अथ स्वस्तवाचनम्
Mantras of Rig Veda, Yajur, Saam & Atharva Veda
Here we begin the Swasti Vaachana, the prayers for a harmonized life. We pray that the Supreme Cosmic Force, God, and all other Cosmic forces - the sun, moon, stars, air, earth, sky and heaven, and all teachers, parents and friends may contribute their powers to help make our life blissful.
अ॒ग्निनमी॑ळे पु॒रोहि॑तं यज्ञ॒स्य॑ दे॒वम्रत्विज॑म्।
होता॑रं रत्न॒धात॑मम् ॥१॥
- ऋ० १।१।१
1. Agni meede purohitam
yajyasya deva-mrit-wijam.
Hotaaram ratna-dhaatamam
- Rig Veda 1:1:6
मैं (पुरोसितम्) सृष्टि-उत्पत्ति से पुर्व सृष्टि के मुलकारण परमाणु
आदि को धारण करनेवाले (यज्ञस्य) सृष्टिरूपी यज्ञ के (देवम्)
प्रकाश करने-वाले (ऋत्विजम्) बारम्बार उत्पत्ति के समय में
स्थल सृष्टि का संहार करनेवाल (रत्नधातमम्) मनोसर पृथिवी
और सुवर्ण आदि रत्नों को धारण करने और देनेवाले (अग्निम्)
जगदीश्वर की (ईळ) स्तति और प्रार्थना करता हुँ।
We praise Agni .We praise Him Who has been present even before this
creation. He is the Glorious Lord of this Cosmic Sacrifice, and is
worthy of our worship in all seasons. We praise Him Who is the Creator
and Supreme Sustainer of all the jewel-like
planets that decorate the cosmic Drama.
[Agni:God possessed of Light. Cosmic Sacrifice:The universe is comparable
to an eternal sacrifice, in which God is the Principal Priest.
In all seasons:at all times. The Cosmic Drama:The Universe
presents itself as a drama in which the sun, moon, planets, etc. are principal actors.]
स नः॑ पि॒तेव॑ सूनवेऽग्न॑ सूपाय॒नो भ॑व।
सच॑स्वा नः स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१॥
- ऋ० १।१।६
2. Sa nah piteva soonave
agne soopaa-yano bhava.
Sachas-waa nah swastaye.
से (अग्ने) ज्ञानस्वरूप परमेश्वर! (सः) आप (सूनवे) अपने पुत्र
के लिए (पिता इव) जैसे पिता उत्तम ज्ञान देनेवाला
होता है, वैसे ही आप (नः) सम लोगों, उपासकों, भक्तों के
लिए (सुपायनः) सब सुकों के साधक आर उत्तम-उत्तम
पदार्थो को प्राप्-त करानेवाले, शोभन ज्ञान को देनेवाले (भव)
हूजिए। आर (नः) सम लोगों को (स्वस्तये) इहलौकिक आर
पारलौकिक सुख के हाथ (सचस्व) संयुक्त किजिए।
Come to us, sweetly and readily, O Agni
as a father comes unto his son.
Unite us, Lord, with Yourself and
with the bounties of this world for swasti.

Swasti: noble living, fortune and prosperity.]
स्व॒त्ति नो॑ मिमीताम॒श्वना॒ भगः॑
स्व॒त्ति देव्यदि॑तिरन॒र्वणः॑ ।
स्व॒स्वित पूषा असु॑रो दधातु नः
स्व॒स्ति ध्यावा॑पृथिवी सुचे॒तुना॑ ॥३॥
ऋ० २।२१।११
3. Swasti no mimeetaam-ashwinaa bhagah
swasti dev-yaditir anar-vanah.
Swasti pooshaa asuro dadhaatu nah
swasti dyaawaa prithivee suche-tunaa
(अश्वना) अध्यापक और उपदेशक, स्त्री एवं पुरूष, दिन तथा
रात्री सुर्य और चन्द्र तथा प्रण औरअपान (नः) हमारे लिए
(स्स्ति) सुख (मिमीताम्) प्रदान करें। (भगः) ऐश्वर्यशाली
परमात्मा (स्वस्ति) हमारा कल्याण करे। (देवी) सब विध्याओ
का प्रकाश करनेवाली (अदितिः) अखण्ड वेदविध्या (अनर्वणः)
र्धम के मार्ग पर चलनेवाले, सदाचारी परूषों का कल्याण करे। (पूषा)
पुष्टि करनेवाले दुग्ध आदि पदार्थ और (असुरः) जीवनदाता मेघ
(नः) समारा (स्वस्ति) कल्याण (दधातु) करे। (ध्यावा-पृथिवी) सूर्य
और पृथिवी, पिता और माता-दोनों (सुचेतुना) उत्तम प्रकाश
छेतना और ज्ञान से (स्वस्ति) हमारा कल्याण करें।
May all dual forces measure swasti for us.
May our fortune and wealth bring us swasti.
May the Earth, goddess and unhurting as she is,
yield swasti for us. May the clouds that provide
us life through rain-fall sustain swasti for us,
and may the sun and all the planets, filled with
knowledge, confer swasti unto us.

[Dual forces:mother and father, teacher and student,
heaven and earth, wisdom and devotion, night and day, etc.]
स्व॒स्तये॑ वा॒युमुपं सोमं॑
स्वस्सि भुव॑नस्य यस्पतिः॑।
बृह॒स्पतिं॒ सर्स॑गणं स्व॒स्तये॑ त्वस्तय॑
आदित्यासो॑ भवन्तु नः ॥४॥
4. Swastaye vaayu-mupa bravaa-mahai
somam swasti bhuwa-nasya yas patih.
Brihaspatim sarvaganam swastaye
swastaya aadit-yaaso bhawantu nah.
हम लोग (स्वस्तये) सुख, शान्नि और आनन्द की प्राप्-ति के लिए
(वायुम्) बल के भण्डार और (सोमम्) शान्ति के सागर परमात्मा को
(उप ब्रवामहै) पुकारते हैं, उसकि महीमा का गान करते हैं, उसकी उपासना
करते हैं (यः) जो (भुवनस्य) विश्वब्रहमाण्ड का (पतिः) पालक और रक्षक
सै, वह समारा (स्वस्ति) कल्याण के। (सर्वगणम्) गण=समुदाय=शिष्य-
प्रशिष्ययसहित (बृहस्पतिम्) वेदविध्या के रक्षक आचार्य का हम (स्वस्तये)
अपने कल्याण के लिए आव्हान करते हैं। प्रभो! (नः) हमारे (स्वस्तये)
कल्याण के लिए (आदित्यासः) वेद-वेदाग्ङों में निष्णात अड़तालीस वर्ष के
अखण्ड ब्रहम्चारी (भवन्तु) उत्पन्न हों।
Let us, in our search for an elevated existence,
explore the qualities of air, and even of the moon
that influences operations on earth.
We call upon the Teacher of wisdom,
surrounded by his eager students,
to teach us for swasti, and may
those men who are benefactors of all
mankind help in achieving this
elevated existence.
विश्वे॑ दे॒वा नो॑ अ॒ध्या स्वस्तये॑
वैश्वान॒रो वसु॑र॒ग्निः स्स्वतये॑।
देवा अ॑वन्त्वभवः॑ स्वस्ति
स्वस्ति नो॑ रू॒द्रः पा॒त्वंह॑सः ॥५॥
5. Vishwe devaa no adyaa swastaye
vaish-waa-naro vasu-ragnih swastaye.
Devaa avantu ribhawah swastaye
swasti no rudrah paat-wang-hasah.
(विश्वे देवाः) समस्तदिव्य पदार्थ, विव्दान् और इन्द्रयगण (अध्य)
आप, वर्तमान समय में (नेः) हमारे लिए (स्वस्तये) कल्याणकारक हों।
(वैश्वानरः) सब चराचर में प्रकाशमान और (वसुः) सर्वत्र वसनेवाला
(अग्निः) ज्ञानस्वरूप परमात्मा (स्वस्तये) हमारे लिए कल्याण करे (ऋभवः)
शास्त्रों के रक्षक, मेधावि, ज्ञ-ज्योति से देदीप्यमान (देवाः) विव्दान् जन
(स्वस्तये) समारे सु-अस्तित्व के लिए (अवन्तु) हमारी रक्ष करें। (रूद्रः)
दुष्टों को रूलानेवाला दण्डदाता परमात्मा (नः) हमें (अंहसः) पाप से (पातु)
बचाये जिससे हमारा (स्वसित) अभ्युदय और निःश्रेयस् सिध्द हो।
Let all wise men instruct us today for swasti.
Let fire, present everywhere, and benefiting all
creatures be for our facility and comfort.
Let all forces that bring light to the world,
protect us while we acquires this comfort,
and let the system of social justice protect us
from wrong-doing, yielding swasti for us.

[Fire: it brings heat to mankind, causes food
to be cooked. Forces that bring light:
sun, moon, stars, scholars]
स्वस्ति मि॑त्रावरूणा स्व॒स्ति प॑थ्ये रेवति।
स्व॒स्ति न॒ इन्द्र॑श्चा॒ग्निश्च॑
स्वस्ति नो॑ अदिते कृधि ॥६॥
6.Swasti mitraa varunaa
swasti pathye revati
Swasti na indrash chaag-nish cha
swasti no adite kridhi.
(मित्रावरूणा) प्राण और उदानवायु हमारे लिए (स्वस्ति) कल्याण-
कारक हों (पथ्ये) वैदिक पथ, वैदिक कर्मकाण्ड में उपयोगी (रेवति ) गौएँ
हमारे लिए (स्वस्ति) कल्याण प्रदान करनेवाली हों (नः) हमारे लिए
(वायुः) वायु (च) और (अग्निः) विध्युत् (स्वस्ति) कल्याणकारक हों (च)
और (अदिते) हे अविनाशी, सदा एकरस विध्यमान प्रभो! (नः) हमारा
(स्वस्ति) कल्याण (कृधि) कीजिए।
Mother Earth! May you cause us to walk on
the path of individual enrichment while
we make use of hydrogen and oxygen,
and electricity and fire.
स्व॒स्ति पन्था॒मनु॑ सुर्साचन्द्र॒मसा॑विव।
पुन॒र्दद॒ताध्न॑ता जान॒ता
सं ग॑मेहि ॥७॥
- ऋ० २।२१।१२
7. Swasti panthaam anucharema
sooryaa chandra-masaa viva.
Punar dada-taagh-nataa
jaana-taa sanga-memahi
- Rig Veda 2:21:12
हम लोग (सुर्याचन्द्रमसौ इव) सुर्य और चन्द्रमा की भँति (स्वस्ति
धर्म, अर्थ, काम और मोक्ष के साधक कल्याणकारी मार्गो का
(अनु चरेम) ज्ञानपूर्वक आचरण कें (पुनः) और अपने कल्याणार्थ
(ददता) दानशील (अध्नता) अहिंसक तथा (जानता) ज्ञानी, दिव्दान्
पूरूषों के साथ (सं गमेमहि) सत्संगति करें।

Note: After these seven mantras, you can proceed to the last four mantras or straight to Shaanti Karana.
To continue with the Swasti Vaachana, continue chanting.
Let us all follow the path of swasti like the sun and moon. Let us
be in the company of those who give of what they have, who never
hurt the feelings of others, except when it is for one�s own
good, and who know much of God and His Wisdom.
[Sun and Moon: they function with regularity and precision, and in total harmony
with each other. Give: refers to the Vaishyas, the owners of wealth in society.
Never hurt:refers to the Kshatriyas, the protectors in society. They never hurt, they
protect. Know: refers to the Brahmanas, the teachers. They know.]

Note: After these seven mantras, you can proceed to the last four mantras or straight to Shaanti Karana.
To continue with the Swasti Vaachana, continue chanting.
ये दे॒वानां॑ य॒ज्ञिया॑ य॒ज्ञियानां
मनो॒र्यज॑त्रा अ॒मृता॑ ऌत॒ज्ञाः।
ते नो॑ रासन्तामुरूगायम॒ध्य यूयं
पा॑त स्वस्तिभिः॒ सदा॑ नः ॥८॥
8. Ye devaanaam yaj-yi-yaa yaj-yi-yaanaam
manor yajatraa amrita ritaj-yaah. Te no
raa-santaam urugaayam adya yooyam
paata swasti-bhih sadaa nah.
(ये) जो (देवानाम्) विव्दानों में विव्दान और (यर्ञियानाम्) पूज्यों
में (यज्ञियाः) पूज्य हैं जो (मनोः) मननशील लोगों के भी (यजत्राः)
आदरणीय हैं, मननशील, बड़े-बड़े विव्दान् भी जिनरी सग्ङति में बैठते
हैं जो (अमताः) जीवन्मुक्त और (ऋतज्ञाः) सत्य को जाननेवाले हैं
(ते) वे विव्दान् लोग (अध्य) आज, इस वर्तमान जीवन में ही (नः)
हम लोगों के लिए (उरू गायम्) अति प्रशंसनिय ज्ञान, विध्याबोध को
(रासन्ताम्) प्रदान कें। देवो! (युयम्) तुम सब (स्वस्तभिः) अपने
कल्याणकारी उपाध्यादि के दान और उपदेशों व्दरा (सदा) सदा (नः)
हमारी (पात) रक्षा करो।
Those who are the holiest among the holy
and knowledgeable scholars, who are worthy
of reverence in the company of thoughtful minds,
they who become immortal from having realized Truth,
may they come in this life-time to grant us the
knowledge sought by many, and protect
us with powers of swasti.
येभ्यो॑ मा॒ता मधु॑म॒त्पिन्व॑ते॒ पयः॑
पी॒यूषं॒ ध्यौरदि॑तिरद्रि॑बर्हाः।
आ॑दि॒त्याँ अनु॑ मदा स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥९॥
9. Yebhyo maata madhumat pinwate payah
peeyoosham dyaur aditir adri-barhaa.
Uktah shusmaan vrisha bharaant swapna-sas
taan aa-dityaan anu madaa swastaye.
(येभ्यः) जिन सदाचारी विव्वानों के लिए (माता) सबका निर्माण
और पालन-पोषण करनेवाली भूमि माता (मधुमत्) माधुर्यगुणयुक्त
(पयः) अन्न और रस आदि को (पिन्क्ते) प्रदान करती है तथा
(अद्रबर्हाः) मेघों से आच्छादित (अदितिः) अन्तरिक्ष तथा (ध्यौः)
ध्युलोक (पीयीषम्) अमृत- तुल्य वृष्टिजल को बरसाता है (तान्)
उन (उक्थशुष्मान्) विध्या के बल से प्रसिध्द (वृषभरान्) आकाश
से वर्ष को खींचनेवाले, वृष्टियज्ञ कराने में निपुण (स्वप्नसः)
कर्मकाण्ड में प्रवीण, अत्यन्त महत्तवाकाक्षी (आदित्यान्) विदुषी
माता के पुत्रों को (स्वस्तये) कल्याण के लिए (अनु मद) क𹜄,
उनका स्वागत-सत्कार और उनसे प्रर्थना करो।
They for whom Mother Earth yields nutritious grains and sweet juices,
and for whom the limitless sky above, filled with clouds, showers
down rain that is likened to honeyed nectar, the who derive their
strength from chanting the Holy Vedic verses, who cause rains of cool-
ness to extinguish the fie of lust, anger and greed, and who
perform the noblest of actions - to these noble sons of Mother Earth
do I pay homage and offer praise for Swasti.

[Noble sons: they always take delight in the universe and its bounties. Rainfall:
rain-water is naturally sweet; it cools the earth, and makes it fertile; in its absence,
humanity perishes.]
नृचक्ष॑सो॒ अनि॑मिषन्तो अ॒र्हणा॑
बृहद्दे॒वासो॑ अमृत॒त्वमा॑नशुः।
ज्यो॒तिर॑था॒ अहि॑माया॒ अना॑गसो
दि॒वो व॒ष्-र्माणं॑ वसते स्वस्तये॑ ॥१०॥
10. Nri-chakshaso ani-mishanto arhanaa
bihad devaaso amri-tatwam aa-nashuh.
Jyotee rathaa ahi-maayaa anaa-gaso
divo varsh-maanam vasate swastaye.
जो (नृचक्षसः) मनुष्यमात्र पर दृष्टि रखनेवाले (अनिमिषन्तः)
सदा सावधान, सर्वदा जागरूक, आलस्यरहित (अर्हणाः) पुजा
के योग्य (देदासः) विव्दान् लोग (बृहत्) महान् (अमृतत्वम्)
अमरता को (आनशुः) प्रप्-त करते हैं, मरकर भी अमर हो जाते
हैं, (ज्योतिरथाः) प्रकाशमय पथ में गमन करनेवाले (अहिमायाः)
अहिंसित बुध्दवाले, व्यापक दृष्टिकोणवाले (अनागसः) निष्पाप
और (दिवः वष्र्माणम्) ज्ञान के सर्वोच्च स्थान पर
(वसते) पहुँचे हुए होते वे (स्वस्तये) कल्याण के लिए
हमारेयज्ञ में आएँ।
Scholars who watch over to protect erring mankind,
who are incessantly awake to our needs, who are
worthy of our reverence, attain immortal (extremely
long) life. Riding chariots of light, possessing
unrestrained intelligence, and sinless, they live
in the exalted regions of heavenly bliss to point
the way to swasti.

[Erring mankind: human beings blunder step
after step because of limitations in knowledge.
Riding chariots of light: living in
illumined personalities. Exalted regions:
exalted states of consciousness]
स॒म्राजो॒ यु॒वृधो॑ य॒ज्ञमा॑ययुर
प॑रिहृता दधि॒रे दि॒वि क्षय॑म्।
ताँ आ वि॑वास॒ नम॑सा सुवृत्किभि॑र्म॒हो
आदित्याँ अदि॑तिं स्व॒स्तमे॑॥११॥
11. Sam-raajo ye su-vridho yajyam aa-yayur
a-parih-vritaa dadhire divi kshyam.
Taan aa-vi-vaasa namasaa su-vrikti-bhir
maho aadityaan aditim swastaye.
Royal Sages, advance in knowledge, have come
to our sacrifice. Unsubdued have they taken their
place of honor around the sacrificial altar.
Unto these magnified sons of Mother Earth,
and unto the Mother Herself, with words of
salutation and praise, do I offer my service
for swasti.
को वः स्तोमं॑ राधति॒ यं जुजो॑षथ॒
विश्वे॑ देवासो मनुषो॒ मति॒ ष्ठन॑।
को वो॑ऽध्वैरं तु॑विजाता॒ अरं॑
कर॒ध्यो रः॒ पर्षदत्मंहः॑ स्वस्तये ॥१२॥
12. Ko wah stomam raadhati yam ju-joshatha
vishwe devaaso manusho yatish thana.
Ko wo dhwaram tuvi-jaataa aram karad
yo nah parshad at-yang-hah swastaye.
O Thoughtful Sages! I address this question to all
of you present around this sacrificial altar; Who
has composed for you the sacred verses that you so
love to chant? O Sages, pre-eminent in knowledge,
who among you will perform the ennobling sacrament
that will lead us across evil unto the realm of Swasti?

[I: the seeker after Truth, aspiring for
Liberation. Sacred verses: The mantras of
the Veda. The Supreme Soul composed the mantras
and revealed them in the hearts of the Sages I
the beginning of human creation. These mantras
teach us wisdom for successful living.]
येभ्यो॒ होत्रां॑ प्रथ॒मामा॑ये॒जे मनुः॒
समि॑ध्दाग्नि॒र्मन॑सा स॒प्त होतृ॑भिः।
त आ॑दितया॒ अभ॑यं॒ शर्म॑ यच्छत सु॒गा
नः॑ कर्त सु॒पथा॑ स्वस्तये॑ ॥१३॥
13. Yebhyo hotraam pratha-maama-yje manuh
samid-dhaagnir manasaa sapta hotri-bhih
Ta aadityaa abhayam sharma yach chhata
sugaa nah karta supathaa swastaye.
They, from whom the thoughtful student, himself
a sacrificer, received immortal wisdom by kindling
the supreme sacrifice of student-discipline with
the aid of his seven senses, may these Teachers,
magnified sons of the Earth as they are, grant
unto us the asylum of fearless ness, and may they
make paths in life easy for us to pass through,
leading to the domain of swasti.

[Discipline: a Vedic Student observes
discipline in body and mind, and uses his senses
to keep alive the fire of such discipline.
Seven senses: seeing, hearing, tasting,
touching, smelling, thinking, and deciding.]
य ईशि॑रे॒ भुव॑नस्य॒ प्रचे॑तसो॒ विश्व॑सय
स्था॒तुर्जग॑तश्च॒ मन्त॑वः।
ते नः॑ कतादकृ॑तादेन॑स॒स्पर्य॒ध्मा
दे॑वासः पिपृता स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१४॥
14. Ya eeshire bhuwa-nasya prachetaso
vishwasya sthaatur jagatash cha mantawah.
Te nah kritaad akritaadena-sas
par-yadyaa dewaasah pi-pritaa swastaye.
The Royal Sages, in their deep knowledge and
meditation, control whatever happens in the entire
conscious and unconscious creation. May they lead
us today across bodily and mental transgresstions
unto the haven of swasti.

[Control: they know the nature of matter, and
understand the way the world functions.
They act wisely.]
भरे॒ष्विन्द्रं॑ सू॒हवं॑ हवामहेंऽहो॒मुचं॑
सु॒कृतं॒ दैव्यं॒ जन॑म्।
अ॒ग्निं भि॒त्रं वमू॑णं सा॒तये भगं॒
ध्यावा॑पृथि॒वि म॒रूतः॑ स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१५॥
15. Bharesh-windram suhawam hawaa-mahem
homucham sukritam daivyam janam.
Agnim mitram varunam saataye bhagam
dyaawaa prihivee marutah swastaye.
In our struggles in life, we call upon Lord Indra.
That Divine Personality responds readily to our
call for help, releases us from pain, and points out
the path to goodness. For prosperity and swasti,
we call upon the Knowledgeable One, Who, as a
Choiceworthy Friend, brings fortune. We also call
upon all forces that are present on earth, in sky
and in heaven.

[Lord Indra: God.]
सु॒त्रामा॑णं पृथि॒विं ध्याम॑ने॒हसें॑
दैवीं॒ नावं स्वरि॒त्रामना॑गस॒मस्र॑वन्ती॒मा
रूसेमा स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१६॥
16. Sutraa-maanam prithiveem dyaam anehasam
sushar-maanam aditim su-praneetim.
Daiveem naavam swari-traam anaagasam
asra-wanteem aaru-hemaa swastaye.
Having built-in protectition for its Passenger,
spacious, and glowing with light of consciousness,
beyond comparison, providing security and comfort,
and indestructible, offering safe guidance, having
good oars, sinless, and unleaking-upon such a divine
boat do we seek to embark, to be led to the shore
of swasti.

[Pasenger: the jeevaatmaa, the soul in bondage,
traveling to the destination of Liberation.
Divine boat: the human body, having bodily
and mental health.]
विश्वे॑ यजत्रा॒ अधि॑ वोचतो॒तये
त्राय॑ध्वं नो दुरेवा॑या अभि॒हुतः॑।
स॒त्यया॑ दे॒वहू॑त्या हुवेम॒
श्रृण्व॒तो अव॑से स्वस्तये ॥१७॥
17. Vishwe yajatraa adhi vocha-totaye
traaya-dhwam no dure-waayaa abhi-hrutah.
Satyayaa wo deva-hootyaa huvema
shrinwato devaa avase swastaye.
All ye ceremonial ones! instruct us with your
authority for our protection, and save us from
violence caused by froces of evil. For our protection,
O Devas, we callupon you, who listen, with truthful
divine calling.

[Ceremonial ones: people profiecient
in performing the rituals.]
अपामी॑वा॒मप॒ विश्वा॒मना॑हुति॒म-
पारा॑तिं दुर्वि॒त्रा॑मघाम॒तः।
आरे दे॑वा॒ ध्वेषो॑ अस्मध्यु॑योतनो॒रृ णः॒
शर्म॑ यच्छता स्व॒स्तये॥१८॥
-ऋ० १०।६३।१२
18. Apaa-mee-waa-mapa vishwaa-manaa-hutim
apaa-raatimdur-vidatraam aghaayatah.
Aare devaa dwesho asmad yuyotano-
ru nah sharma yach-chhataa swastaye.
Away with disease; away with everything short of
sanctity and charity; away with the ungraciousness
and ignorance of the sinner. May the divine powers
send far away from us all that is hateful, and grant
unto us the great asylum of peace that may yield
swasti for us

[Divnie powers: righteous people.]
अरी॑ष्टः॒ स मर्मो॒ विश्व॑ एधते॒ प्र
प्र॒जाभि॑र्जायते॒ धर्म॑णस्परि॑।
यमा॑दित्यासो॒ रय॑था सुनी॒तिभि॒रति॒
विश्वा॑नि दरि॒ता स्व॒स्तये॑॥१९॥
- ऋ० १०।६३।१३
19. Arishtah sa marto vishwa edhate
pra pra-jaabhir jaayate dharmanas pari.
Yam aadityaaso nayathaa suneeti-
bhir ati vishwaani duritaa swastaye.
In this world, that man who is surrounded by
dharma remains unhurt. He prospers, and becomes
famous through his offspring. Him the aadityas
lead with good guidance and wisdom, for the sake of
swasti, across all courses of evil and adversity.

[Dharma; natural law and duty.
Aadityas: sons of the earth, great men
who bring benefit to all mankind.]

यं दे॑वा॒सोऽव॑थ॒ वाज॑सातौ यं
शूर॑साता मरूतो हि॒ते धने॑।
प्रा॒त॒र्यावा॑णं॒ रथ॑मिन्द्र सान॒सिम-
रि॑ष्यन्त॒मा रूहेमा स्वस्तये॑ ॥२०॥
20. Yam dewaaso watha vaaja-saatau
yam shoora-saataa maruto hite dhane.
Praatar yaavaanam ratham-indra saana-sim
arishyantaam aa-ruhemaa swastaye.
This body of ours is like a chariot that brings
victory for the soul traveling through life. The
soul,seated in this chariot, begins its daily
battle-journey at dawn, each morning. O divine
powers in mortal frame! May we mount that secure,
unbroken chariot which you protect in the battle of life,
in the test for courage, and in wholesome prosperity.

[Divine powers: the vital airs, the mind, the
intellect, the heart, brain, and nervous system
all help the body to function coordinatedly.]
स्व॒स्ति नः॑ प॒थ्या॑सु धन्व॑सु
स्वस्त्यप्सु वृ॒ जने॒ स्वर्व॑ति।
स्वस्ति नः॑ पुत्रकृ॒थेषु॒ योनि॑षु
स्व॒स्ति रा॒ये म॑रूतो दधातन ॥२१॥
21. Swasti nah pathyaasu dhanwasu
swasti apsu vrijane swar-wati.
Swasti nah putra-krithe-shu yonishu
swasti raaye maruto dadhaatana.
Swasti be in our in habited lands, and in our
desert lands, in our oceans, in the sky and in
heaven. O divine ones who encourage us never
to cry! Let swasti be in our childbearing wombs;
let swasti bring us the wealth of liberation.

[Divine ones: scholars are called maruts
because, in teaching us the difference
between the perishable and imperishable, we do not (ma) cry (rud)]
स्व॒स्तिरिध्दि प्रप॑थे श्रेष्ठा॒
रेक्ण॑स्वत्य॒भि या वाममेति॑।
सा नो॑ अ॒मा सो अर॑णे नि पा॑तु
स्वावे॒शा भ॑वतु देवगो॑पा ॥२२॥
22. Swasti-riddhi pra-pathe shresh-thaa
reknas-wati abhi yaa waamam-eti.
Saa no amaa so arane ni paatu
swaa-we-shaa bhavatu deva-gopaa.
May swasti alone be on our chose path.
That swasti which is the best and possessed
of riches, and makes us inclined to appreciate
what is beautiful. May She ever protect us, whether
we are in familiar or unknown places. Coming
easily to us and bringing beautiful sentiments,
may She guard over our speech and senses.

[Swasti: noble living, filled with grace.]
इ॒षे त्वो॒र्जे त्वा॑ वायव॑ स्थ दे॒ वो वः॑
सवि॒ता प्रार्प॑यनु॒ श्रेष्ठ॑माय॒
भा॒गं प्रजाव॑तीमनमी॒वाऽअ॑यक्ष्मा मा
व॑ स्ते॒नऽई॑शत॒ माघशँ॑ सो धु॒वाऽअ॒स्मिन्
गोप॑तौ स्यात वह्-वीर्यज॑मानस्य
प॒शून् पा॑हि॥२०॥
23. Ishe tworje twaa, vaayava stha
Devo wah savitaa praar-payatu.
Shresh-tha-tamaaya karmana.
Aapyaa-yadhwam aghnyaa indraaya bhaagam.
Prajaa-wateer anameewaa ayakshmaa
Maa wa stena eeshata, maagha-shanso
Dhruvaa asmin go-patau syaata
Wah-weer yaja-maanasya pashoon paahi

-Yajur Veda 21:12
O me and women! You are wind-like souls.May the divine Impeller
motivate you to obtain everything necessary for physical and mental
energy, so you can perform the noblest deeds in life. May nothing
hinder you in this process. Contribute and increase your share to
your leader at home and in society. Be possessed of good offspring
in large numbers, and be free from diseases and viruses. Never allow
a thief to govern you, nor one who revels in sin. Remain firm in the protection of your Ruler, for he is the coordinator of the entire
system in which you operate. And protect animals, for they see, but
cannot discriminate.

[Wind-like: souls are dynamic like wind. Ruler: may refer to God, as Ruler of the
universe; or to the ruler of the country, or of a society, or of the family.]
आ नो॑ भ॒द्राः क्रत॑वो यन्तु विश्वतोऽ
दे॒वा नो॒ यथा॒ सद॒मिद्वृ॒धेऽअस॒न्प्रा॑युवो
रक्रि॒तारो॑ दिवेदि॑वे॥२१॥
- यजु० २५।१४
24. Aa no bhadraah kratawo yantu vishwato
dab-dhaaso apa-ree-taasa und-bhi-dah.
Dewaa no yathaa sada-mid vridhe asann
apraa-yovo rakshi-taaro dive dive.
May noble thoughts come to us from every side - pure, free and bursting
forth readily, so that the divine powers may always help us to grow,
diligently protecting us day after day.

[Divine powers: sublimated thoughts and feelings,
free from anxiety and stress.]
दे॒वानां॑ भ॒द्रा सु॑म॒तिर्ऋ॑जूय॒तां दे॒वानाम्
रा॒तिर॒भि नो॒ निव॑र्तताम्।
देवाना॑म् स॒रूयमुप॑सेदिमा व॒यं दे॒वा न॑ऽ
आपुः प्रति॑रन्तु जी॒वसे॑॥२२॥
यजु० २५।१२
25. Devaanaam bhadraa sumatri rijoo-yataam
devaanaam raati-brabhi no nivar-tataam.
Devaanaam sakhyam-upa-sedimaa vayam
devaa na aayuh prati-rantu jeevase.
May the benevolent wisdom of honest scholars, and their generosity,
be directed unto us. May we sit in the company of those scholars in
friendship. May these holy men help prolong our life-span
for us to live happily.
तमिशा॑नं॒ जग॑तस्थुष॒स्पतिं
धियञ्जि॒न्वमव॑से हूमहे व॒यम्।
पू॒षा नो॒ यथा॒ वेद॑सा॒मस॑द्वृधे र॑क्रि॒ता
पा॒चुरदब्धः स्वस्तये॑ ॥२६॥
यजु० २२।१८
26. Tamee- shaanam jagatas-tas-thu-shas patim
dhiyan jinwam awase hoomahe vayam.
Poosha no yathaa vedasaam asad vridhe
Rakshitaa paayur adab-dhah swastaye
For protection, we call upon Him, the Ruler and Master of
all that stands and moves, and the Motivator of oure
intelligence. May He, the Nourisher, increase our wealth for
swasti, and be our unsubdued Protector and Saviour.
स्व॒स्ति न॒ ऽइन्द्रो॑ वृध्दश्र॑वाः
स्व॒स्ति नः॑ पू॒पा विश्ववे॑दाः।
स्व॒स्ति न॒स्ताक्ष्र्यो॒ऽअरि॑ष्टनेमिः
स्व॒स्ति नो॒ बृह॒स्पति॑र्दधातु॥२७॥
- यजु० २२।१६
27. Swasti na indro vriddha shravaah
swasti nah pooshaa vishwa vedaah.
Swasti nas taark-shyo arista-nemih
swasti no brihas-patir dadhaatu
May the Kshatriya, who protects from anti-social elements,
and who enjoys extensive fame, ensure our safety. May the
Vaishya who, as owner of abundant wealth supports the economic
system, bring us prosperity. May the Shudra, swift in performing
his duties, with unimpeded speed, provide comfort. And may the
Brahmana, filled with religious and secular learning, motivate
us for intellectualgrowth.

[Kshatriya: and the three others - Vaishya, Shudraa and
Brahmana - make up the four classes of men living in society.]
भ॒द्रं कर्णोभिः श्रृणुयाम देवा
भ॒र्दं प॑श्येमा॒श्रमि॑यजत्राः।
स्थि॒रैरङै॑ग् स्तुष्टु॒वावां स॑स्त॒नूभि
व्-र्यशेमहि दे॒वासि॑तं॒ यदायुः॑॥२८॥
यजु० पू० २२।२१
28. Bhadram karne-bhih shrinu-yaama devaa
bhadram pash-ye-maak-shabhir yajatraah.
Sthirai-rangais tushtu-waam-sas tanoobhir
vyashe-mahi devahitam yad aayuh.
May we, while becoming wise hear with our ears that which is
noble. Becoming sanctified, may we see with our eyes that which
is auspicious.
Singing God�s praises with strong limbs and healthy
bodies, let us enjoy the life-span determined by good deeds.
अग्न आ याहि वीतये गृणाना
इव्यदातये। नि होता सत्सि
साम० १।१।१
29. Agna aa yaahi veetaye
gri-naano havya daataye.
Ni hotaa satsi barhishi.
- Sama Veda 1:1:1
Come, O radiant One, to set me apart from the powers of darkness.
I sing your glory at this critical moment in my life, and beg for
the gift of discriminating knowledge. Be seated in the
temple of my heart.
त्वमग्ने यज्ञानां होताविश्वेषां हितः।
देवेभिमानुषे जने ॥३०॥
- साम० पू० १।१।२
30. Twam agne yajyaa-naam hotaa
vish-we-shaam hitah.
Devebhir maanushe jane.
You, O Radiant Being, are the one sought out in all acts of
sacrifice. This is acknowledged to be true by enlightened men
in human society.

[Acts of sacrifice: worshipping, harmonizing, and sharing.]

ये त्रि॑ष॒प्ताः प॑रि॒यन्ति॒
विश्वा॑ रू॒ पाणि॒ बिभ्र॑तः।
वा॒चस्पति॒र्बला॒ तेषाँ त॒न्वे
अ॒ध्य द॑धातु मे॥३१॥
अथर्व० १&।१।१
31. Ye tri-shaptaah pari-yanti
vishwaa roopaani bi-bhra-tah.
Vaachas-patir balaa teshaam
tanwo adya dadhaatu me.
- Atharva Veda 1:1:1
The three numbers and seven cased are foundations in the Science
of Grammar, and these surround and sustain all word-forms, causing
differences in meanings. May the Teacher of wisdom, today, make me
knowledgeable in their use so that I can understand and explain the
deepest imports of words of wisdom.

[Three numbers: singular, dual and plural. Seven cases:
nominative, accusative, instrumental, dative, ablative, genitive,
and locative.
Grammar: the science that studies the formal
features of language and how words are used in sentences.]

Iti Swasti Vaachanam
Here comes to an end the Swasti Vaachana Chant.
अथ शान्तिकरणम्
Mantras of Rig and Yajur Veda
Here we begin the Shaanti Karana the prayers to God and the Cosmic Forces for peace in our personality. Without Shaanti, there can be no Swasti. Without peace there can be no nobility in life. And, this Shaanti is the actual cooling down of the five fires of lust, anger, greed, infatuation and vanity that perpetually burn and destroy our divine energy.
शं न॑ इन्द्रा॒ग्नी भ॑वता॒मवो॑भिः॒
शं न॒ इन्द्रा॒वरी॑णा रा॒ह॑व्या।
शमिन्द्रा॒सोमा॑ सुविताय शं योः शं न॒
इन्द्रा॑पू॒षणा॒ वाज॑सातौ॥१॥
ऋ० ७।३५।१
1. Shanna indraagni bhawa-taam avobhih
shanna indraa varunaa raata-havyaa.
Shamindraa somaa su-vi-taaya shamyoh
shanna indraa poosha-naa vaaja-saatau
May the Supreme One, possessed of Radiant Light, give
us peace with His protective powers. May the Supreme
One, possessed of Choiceworthiness, bountiful in gifts,
bring us peace. May the Supreme One and His Devotion create
tranquility in us. And, may the Supreme One and His
Nourishment grant us harmony in the battle of life.

[Supreme One: God]
शं नां॒ भगः॒ शमु॑ नः॒ शंसो॑ अस्तु॒
शं नः॒ पुर॑न्धिः॒ शमु॑ सन्धु॒ राय॑।
शं नः॑ सत्यस्य॑ सु॒यम॑स्य शंसः॒ शं नो॑
अर्य॒मा पु॑रूजा॒तो अ॑स्तु॥२॥
- ऋ० ७।३५।२
2. Shanno bhagah shamu nah shanso astu
shannah puran-dhih shamu santu raayah.
Shannah satyasya su-yamasya shansah
shanno aryamaa puru-jaato astu.
May our fortune yield us peace; may the observance of
law and order in society bring us peace. May economic
prosperity that sustains citizenship confer peace. May
our practice of truth and self-discipline generate peace,
and may the soul, who performs actions and is born again
and again, progress in peace.
शं नो॑ धा॒ता शमु॒ ध॒र्ता नो॑ अस्तु॒
शं न॑ उरू॒ची भ॑वतV69 स्व॒धाभिः॑।
शंरोद॑सी बृह॒ती शं नो॒ अद्रः॒ शं नो॑
देवानं॑ सु॒हवा॑नि सन्तु॥३॥
ऋ० ७।३५।१
3. Shanno dhaataa shamu dhartaa no astu
shanna u-roo-chee bhawatu swa-dhaabhih.
Sham rodasee birhatee shanno adrih
shanno dewaanaam suha-waani santu.
May air and sunlight be peacefully supportive of life.
May the spacious earth, with its life-sustaining grains,
produce peace in us. May the extensive sky, containing
mountain-shaped masses of clouds, rain down peace, and may
our invocations of Nature�s bounties be chanted in peace.
शं नो॑ अ॒ग्निज्र्योति॑रनीको अस्तु॒
शं नो॑ मि॒त्रावमू॑णाव॒श्विना॒ शम्।
शं नो॑ सु॒कृतां॑ सुकृतानि॑ सन्तु॒ शं न॑
इपि॒रो अभि वा॑तु॒ वानः॑॥४॥
ऋ० ७।३५।४
4. Shanno agnir jyotir aneeko astu
shanno mitraa varunaa vash-vinaa sham.
Shannah sukirtaam sukri-taani santu
shanna ishiro abhi-vaatu vaatah.
May fire, whose force is light, bring us peace. May
hydrogen and oxygen,, and all other dual forces, generate
peace. May the actions of righteous people create an atmosphere
of peace, and may the refreshing winds blow peace on us.
शं नो॒ ध्यावा॑पृथि॒वि पुर्वहू॑तौ॒
शम॒न्तरि॑क्षं दृ॒शये॑ नो अम्तु।
शं न॒ ओष॑धीर्व॒निनो॑ भवन्तु॒ शं नो॒
रज॑स॒स्पति॑रस्तु जिप्णुः॥४॥
-ऋ० ७।३५।५
5. Shanna dyaavaa prithivee poorva-hootau
sham anta-riksham dirshaye no astu.
Shanna osha-dheer vanino bhawantu
shanno rajas as patir-astu jishnuh.
May light and darkness inspire peace at the time of dawn
when we make our first invocations, and may the sky be
there for us to look at, to expand our vision. May medicinal
herbs and forest trees contribute to health and a peaceful
surrounding. And may the sun that victoriously rules over the
planetary system be for our peace.
शं न॒ इन्द्रो॒ वसु॑भिदे॒वो अस्तु॒
शमा॑दि॒त्येभि॒र्वरू॑णः सु॒शंसः॑।
शं नो॑ रू॒द्र रू॒द्रे॒भि॒र्जलाषः॒ शं न॒स्त्वष्टा॒
ग्नाभि॑रि॒ह श्रृ॑णोतु॥६॥
ऋ० ७।३५।६
6. Shanna indro vasu-bhir devo astu
sham aaditye-bhir varunah su-shansah
Shanno rudro rudre-bhir jalaashah
shannas twash-taag-naa-bhi-riha shri-notu
May electricity, the cosmic force acting in conjunction
with the eight Vasus that keep the universe inhabited,
send forth peace to us. May the twelve months that make
up the year give us peace. May the soul that is made
comfortable in the body by the presence of the vital airs
traverse the pathways of the world in peace. And, may the
discriminating scholar, with his words of inspiration,
motivate us to listen for peace.

[Vasu: there are eight Vasus � earth, water, fire ,
air, space, moon, sun, and stars.
They are basic to the functioning universe.]
शं नः॒ सोमो॑ भवसु॒ ब्रह्म॒ शं नः॒
शंनो॒ ग्रावाण॒ शमु॑ सन्तु य॒यज्ञः।
शं नः॒ स्वरू॑णां मितयो॑ भोवन्तु॒ शं नः॑
प्रस्वहः शमव॑स्तु वेदिः॑॥७॥
-ऋ० ७।३५।७
7. Shannah somo bhavatu brahma shannah
shanno graa-vaa-nah shamu santu yaj-yaah.
Shannah swaroo-naam mitayo bhawantu
shannah praswah praswah sham vastu vedih.
May the devotion and prayer that we generate in our
ceremonies bring us supreme peace. May the ceremonies
themselves, and everything associated with them the
ceremonial altars, the stones used to build them, the
measurements of the pillars in the ceremonial halls, and
the well-grown herbs offered onto the blazing ceremonial
fires all yield peace unto us.

Note: After these mantras, if you want you can go to the
Shivasankalpa mantras or if you want you can
go to the Havan Mantras or you can continue with Shanti Karanam.
शं नः॒ सूर्य॑ उरू॒चक्षा॒ उदे॑तु॒ शं
न॒श्चत॑स्रः प्रदिशो॑ भवन्तु।
शंनः॒ पर्व॑ता धु॒वयो॑ भवन्तु॒ शं नः॒
सिन्ध॑वः॒ घमु॑ सन्त्वापः॑॥८॥
- ऋ० ७।३५।८
8. Shannah soorya uru-chakshaa udetu
shannahs chatas-rah pradisho bhawantu.
Shannah parvataa dhruvayo bhawantu
shannah sindhawah shamu santu-aapah.
May the sun, the Eye that sees far and wide, rise in
peace. And may each of the four cardinal directions point
the way to peace. May the mountains impose their steady
structures in peace. And may the rivers cause their
currents to flow for peace.
शं नो॒ अदि॑तिर्भवतु ब्र॒तेभिः॒
शं नो॑ भवन्तु म॒रूतः॑ स्व॒र्कः।
शं नो॒ विप्णुः॒ शमु॑ पूपा नो॑ नो॑
भ॒वित्रं॒ शम्व॑स्ता॒युः॥९॥
- ऋ० ७।३५।९
9. Shanno aditir bhawatu vrate-bhih
shanno bhawantu marutah swar-kaah.
Shanno vishnuh shamu pooshaa na astu
shanno bhavitram sham-vastu vaayuh.
May Mother Earth, with her Laws, engender peace. May
all mortals, singing with sweetly-intoned voices, hymn
peace for all humankind. May the all-pervading sunlight,
the nourishing rain-clouds, and the cool winds all ensure
peace. May even all future happenings influence peace.
शं नो॑ दे॒वः सवि॒ता त्राय॑माणः॒
शं नो॑ भवन्तू॒षसो॑ विभा॒तीः।
शं नः॑ प॒र्जन्यो॑ भवतु प्रजाभ्यः॒ शं नः॒
क्षेत्र॑स्य॒ पति॑रस्तु श॒म्भुः॥१०॥
- ऋ० ७।३५।१०
10. Shanno devah savitaa traa-ya-maanah
shanno bhawan-too-shaso vibhaa-teeh.
Shannah parjanyo bhawantu prajaa-bhyah
shannah kshetrasya patir astu shambhuh.
May there be peace from the brilliant sun that rises in
the morning to protect us from darkness, and from the
radiant dawns. May the clouds rain down peace for all
creatures. And may the peasant, the owner of land,
helpful as He is, confer on us the gift of peace.
शं नो॑ दे॒वा वि॒श्वदे॑वा भवन्तु॒ शं
सर॑स्वति स॒ह धी॒भि॑रस्तु।
शम॑भि॒पाचः॒ शमु॑ राति॒पाचः॒ शं नो॑ दिव्याः
पार्थिवाः॒शंनो॒ अप्याः॑॥११॥
- ऋ० ७।३५।११
11. Shanno devaa vishwa-dewaa bhawantu
sham saras-wateesha dhee-bhiras-tu
Sham abhi-shaachah shamu raati-shaachah
dhanno divyaah paar-thi-vaah shanno apyaah
May all of Nature's bounties yield peace unto us. May
learning filled with holy thinking be translated into
peace. May our associates who are liberal help us
attain peace. And, may all beings, living in heaven,
on earth, and in water share with us their peace.
शं नः॑ स॒त्यस्य॒ पत॑यो भवन्तु॒
शं नो॒ अर्व॑न्तः॒ शमु॑ सन्तु॒ गावः।
शं न॑ ऋ॒भवः॑ सु॒कृतः॑ सु॒हस्ताः॒ शं नो॑
भवन्सु पि॒तरो॒ हवेषु॥१२॥
- ऋ० ७।३५।१२
12. Shannah satyasya patayo bhawantu
shanno arwantah shamu santu gaawah.
Shanna ribhawah sukritah su-hastaah
shanno bhawantu pitaro haveshu.
In our rituals we pray that those who are masters of
Truth, and those who are enlightened, those who use
their skilled hands in performing only excellent only
excellent deeds, those who are mothers and fathers,
may all help us achieve peace. May even the domesticated
animals provide us comfort in our daily tasks.
शं नो॑ अ॒ज एकपाद् वे॒वो अ॑स्तु॒
शं नोऽहि॑र्वु॒ध्न्यः॒ शं समु॒द्रः।
शं नो॑ अ॑पां नपा॑त्पे॒रूर॑स्तु॒ शं नः॒
पृश्नि॑र्भवतु दे॒वगो॑पा॥१३॥
- ऋ० ७।३५।८
13. Shaano no aja eka-paad dewo astu
shanno hir budh-nyah sham samudrah.
Shanno apaam napaat perur astu
shannah prishnir bhawatu deva-gopaah.
May He Who is uncreated and Who measures the entire
universe with one mere Step give us peace.may the cloud
of ignorance present in my sky, overshadowing my
intelligence, give way to peace. May the ocean of my
sublime emotions flow for my peace. May the fire of
luster that springs from the waters of my devotion lead
to peace. And, may the Inner Cow (of Learning) protect our
sense-organs for peace.

Uncreated: refers to God. My sky: the human body,
like the universe, has three worlds, earth, sky, and heaven.
Heaven extends from the head to the neck; sky from the neck to
navel, and earth from navel to feet.]
इन्द्रो॒ विश्वस्य राजति। शन्नो॑अस्तु
व्दिपदे॒ शं चतु॑ष्पदे॥१४॥
- यजु० ३६।८
14. Indro vishwasya raajati.
Shanno astu dwipade
sham chatush-pade
- Yajur Veda 36:8
Lord Indra shines as Supreme Ruler over the entire universe.
May He bring peace unto all bipeds and quadrupeds.
शन्नो॒ वातः॑ पवता॒म् शन्न॑स्तपतु॒
सूय्र्यः॑। शन्नः॒ कनि॑क्रदद्दे॒वः
अभि व॑र्षतु॥१५॥ - यजु० ३६।११
15. Shanno vaatah pawataam
shannas tapatu sooryah
Shannah kani-kradad devah
parjanyo abhi-varshatu
Let the cool winds blow peace unto us. Let the sun
shine forth in peace. Let the thundering clouds burst
forth and send rain for our peace.
अहा॑नि॒ शम्भ॑वन्तु नः॒
शँ रात्रीः॒ प्रति॑ धीयताम्।
शन्न॑ इन्द्रापीषणा॒ वाज॑सातौ॒ शमिन्द्रा॒-
सोमा॑ सुविताय॒ शँ योः॥१६॥
- यजु० ३६।८
16. Ahaani sham bhawantu nah
sham raatreeh prati dhee-ya-taam.
Shanna indraag-ni bhawataam avobhih
shanna indraa-varunaa raata-havyaa
Shanna indraa poosha-naa vaaja-saatau
shamindra somaa suvi-taaya sham yoh.
May we pass our days and nights enjoying peace.
May the sun and fire, with their warmth and light, give
us peace. May the sun and ocean-water give us a peaceful
life. May the sun and the rain-clouds help grains to grow
for our victory in the battle of life, and may the sun
and moon inspire us for peace.
शन्नो॑ दे॒वीर॒भिप्ट॑य॒आपो॑ भवन्तु
पी॒तये॑। शंयोर॒भिस्र॑वन्तु नः॥१७॥
-यजु० ३६।१२
17. Shanno deveer abhistaya
aapo bhawantu peetaye.
Shanyor abhi sravantu nah.
May there be divine waters for us to drink and
experience inner satisfaction. May they continually
flow from the fountain of peace all around us.

[Divine waters: of knowledge.]
ध्यौः शान्ति॑ र॒न्तरि॑क्षँ शान्तिः॑ पृथि॒वी
शान्तिरापः॒ शान्तिरोषधयः॒ शान्तिः॑।
वनास्पत॑यः॒ शान्ति॒र्विश्वे॑ देवाः शान्ति॒र्ब्रह्म॒
शान्तिः॒ स्रवम् शान्तिः॒ शान्ति॑रे॒व
शान्तिः॒ या मा॒ शान्ति॑रेधि॥१८॥
- यजु० ३६।१७
18. Dyauh shaanti-ranta-riksham shaantih
prithivee shaanti-raapah shaanti
rosha-dhayah shaantih
Vanas-patayah shaantir vishwe devaah shaantir
Brahma shaantih sarvam shaantih
shaanti-reva shaantih
Saa maa shant redhi.
Peace in heaven, sky and on earth. Let water flow to
quench our thirst for peace. Let all trees and plants
provide cool shade for a peaceful humanity. Let peace be
in the hearts of all educated men, for them to share it
with troubled minds. God is the Source of peace, and His
Divine Scripture teaches the way to that peace. May that
peace extend its influence in every nook and corner of this
globe. Let there be peace and only peace.
May that pace come to me, too.
पश्ये॑म श॒रदः॑ श॒तं जीवे॑म श॒रदः॑ श॒तम्
श्रृणु॑याम श॒रदः॑ श॒तम्प्रब्र॑वाम श॒रदः॑
श॒तमदि॑नाः स्याम श॒तम्भुय॑श्च
- यजु० ३६।२४
19. Tach-chakshur devahitam
purastaach chhukram uch-charat.
Pashyema sharadah shatam
Jeevema sharadah shatam
Shrinu-yaama sharadah shatam
Pra-bravaama sharadah shatama
deenaah syaama sharadah shatam,
Bhooyash cha sharadah shataat.
That brilliant Eye, the sun, held by God in the heavens,
rises in the East. May we, too, rise every morning to
perceive its goldend splendor. May we live a long life,
of a hundred years, and while living, may we listen to,
and proclaim the glory and majesty of the Creator of this
rising sun. And, in the even that we live for more than a
hundred years, may we never lose our individual freedom.

[ Eye:the sun confers to everyone the capacity to see.
One hundred years: this is the Vedic life-expectancy.]
अथ शिवसंकल्प मन्त्र
यज्जाग्र॑तो दू॒रदैति॒ दैव॒न्तदु॒
सु॒प्तस्य॒ तथैवै॒ति॑ ।
दू॒र॒ङ्ग॒मञ्ज्योति॑षा॒ ज्योति॒रेक॒न्तन्मे॒
मनेः॑ शिवसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥३॥
20. Yaj jaagrato dooram udaiti daivam
tadu suptasya tathai-vaiti.
Doo-ranga-mam jyotishaam jyoti-rekam
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.
That far-going light of all lights that flies to distances in
one's wakeful state, and even so, in one's sleep, may that my mind
be filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.

[Lights: cognitive senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.
Light: mind, the coordinator of all the senses. Far-going: the mind wanders
off to distant places.]
येन॒ कर्म॑ण्य॒पसो॑ मनी॒षिणो॑
य॒ज्ञे कृ॒ण्वान्ति॑ वि॒दते॑षु॒ धीराः॑ ।
यद॑पूं॒र्व य॒क्षम॒न्तः प्र॒जाना॒न्तन्मे॒
मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥४॥
21. Yena karmaan-yapaso manee-shino
yaj-ye krinvanti vida-the-shu dheeraah
Yada-poorvam yak-sham antah prajaa-naam
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.
That mind, with the help of which wise people perform sacred
deeds in sacrifices, and patient people enter in to the
battlefield of life, that which is the unique, mysterious light
hidden in the innermost recess of our hear, may that my mind be
filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.
यत्प्रज्ञानमु॒त चेसो धृति॑श्च॒
यज्ज्योति॑र॒मृत॑म्प्रजासु॑ ।
यस्मा॒न्न ऋ॒ते किञ्च॒न कर्म॑ क्रि॒यते॒
तन्मे॒ मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥५॥
22. Yat praj-yaanam uta cheto dhristish cha
yaj-jyotir antar amritam prajaasu.
Yasmaan na rite kin-chana karma kriyate
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.
The mind which is consciousness in itself, which is awareness,
that which is patience, and sustenance and memory, that which is
the amritaa jyotee, the deathless light, hidden in the
hearts of all created beings, that without which no action
can be performed, may that my mind be filled with beautiful
and benevolent thoughts.
येने॒दम्भू॒तं भुव॑नम्भवि॒ष्यतप-
रि॑गृहीतम॒मृते॑न॒ सर्व॑म् ।
येन॑ यज्ञस्तायते॑ स॒प्तहो॑ता॒ तन्मे॒
मनेः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥६॥
23. Yene-dam bhootam bhuwa-nam bhavish-yat
pari-gri-heetam armritena sarvam.
Yena yaj-yas taayate sapta hotaa
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu
That deathless light by which is sustained all this past,
present and future, that by which the sacrifice that has seven
priests in extended and spread, may that my mind be filled with
beautiful and benevolent thoughts.

[Seven priests: five senses, ego and intellect.
Sacrifice: all activity
of worshipping, harmonizing and sharing. All work is sacrifice, performed with these seven
external and internal organs. Extended and spread: in our consciousness.]
यस्मि॒न्नृचः॒ साम॒ यजू॑म्षि यस्मि॒न्प्र-
ति॑ष्ठिता रथना॒भावि॑वा॒राः ।
मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्ती ॥७॥
24. Yasminn richah saama yajoomshi
yasmin pratish-thi-taa ratha-naa-bhaa-vi-vaa-raah.
Yas-minsh-chittam sarva-motam prajaa-naam
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu
That mind in which is sustained the knowledge of the Rigveda,
the music of the Saamaveda, and the sacred deeds of the Yajur,
like the spokes in the hub of a wheel, that in which is woven
and interwoven all consciousness of all beings, may that my mind
be filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.

[Rigveda: There are four Vedas, Rig, Yajur, Saama, and Atharva revealed
to the first Rishis by God in the beginning of human creation. These revelations
contain the germs of all sciences.]
सु॒षा॒र॒थिरश्वा॑निव॒ यन्म॑नुष्या-
भीशुर्वाजिन॑ इव ।
हृत्प्रति॑ष्ठं यद॑जि॒रं जवि॑रं तन्मे॒
मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥८॥
25. Su-shaa-rathir ash-waan iva yan manushayaan
ne-nee- yate bhee-shu-bhir vaa-jina iva
Hrit pra-tish-tham yada-jiram javish-tham
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.
That mind which ever leads men like an expert charioteer
controlling the reins of his horses, that which is heart-abiding,
ever moving and the speediest of all forces, may that my mind
be filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.
स नः पवस्व शं गवे शं
जनाय शमर्वते । शं
राजन्नोषधिभ्यः ॥२६॥
-साम० उत्तरा ० १।१।३
26. Sa nah pawas-wa shanga-ve
sham janaaya sha-mar-vate.
Sham raajan-nosha-dhee-bhyah.
- Sama Veda 1:1:3
Bring peace to the world of animals with our flow, O King,
and peace to the world of human beings, too. Peace, indeed,
to the world of trees and plants.
अभ॑यं नः करत्य॒न्तरि॑क्षमभ॑यं॒
ध्यावा॑पृथि॒वी उ॒भे इ॒मै ।
अभ॑यं प॒श्चाभ॑यं पुरस्ता॑दुत्त-
रादष॑यं नो अस्तु ॥२७॥
-अथर्व० १६।१२।२
27. Abhayan-nah karat-yanta-riksham
abhayam dyaawaa prithivee ubhe ime.
Abhayam pash-chaad abhayam puras-taaad
utta-raad adha-raad abhayam no astu.
Atharva Veda 16:12:2
May the sky cause us no fear, no fear from both heaven
and earth. No fear from behind, nor from in front.
Let there be fearlessness from above and from below
अभ॑यं मि॒त्रादभ॑यम॒मित्रा॒दभ॑यं
ज्ञा॒तादभ॑यं परोक्षा॑त् ।
अभ॑यं॒ नक्त॒मभ॑यं॒ दिवा॑ नः॒ सर्रव॒ आशा
मम॑ मि॒त्र भ॑वन्तु ॥२८॥
-अथर्व० १६।१२।६
28. Abhayam mitraad abhayama mitraad
abhayam jyaa-taad abhayam parok-shaat.
Abhayam naktam abhayam divaa nah
sarvaa aashaa mama mitram bhawantu.
No fear from the friend, nor from the enemy. No fear from
the known, nor from the unknown. No fear in the night, nor
in the day. May we be friends unto all directions, and may
all directions be friendly unto us.

[Directions: all creatures living in East, West, North, South, above and below.]
Iti Shaanti Karanam. Here comes to an end the Shaanti Karana Chant.
अथ अग्निहोत्रम् - ATHA-AGNI-HOTRAM Back
Here begins the Agnihotra Sacrifice. Since we know God be be the Divine Light, we surrender ourselves to Him symbolically by kindling sacrificial fire. Onto this blazing fire, we make offerings of our self symbolized in Ghee[clarified butter] and Saamagree [mixed herbs].
Arranging the Samidhaa (sacrificial fuel) in the Kundaa.
अथ अग्निप्रदीपन - Atha Pra-dee-pana:
Kindling the Sacrificial fire.
Instructions:Chant the following mantra, and from a lighted deepak (deeyaa), kindle a piece of camphor placed on a spoon:
ओं भूर्भुवः । 1. Om bhoor bhuwah Swah.
गोभिल गृह्य ० १।१।११ Before I kindle this sacrificial fire, I meditate on the
light of wisdom that pervades earth, sky and heaven, and
I pray that this wisdom may be my unerring guide in my quest
to know my soul, God and the Universe.
अग्नि आधान
ओं भूर्भुवः॒ स्वर्ध्यौरि॑व भू॒म्ना
पृ॑थि॒वीव॑ वरि॒म्णा। तस्या॑स्ते
पृथिवि देवयजनि पृष्ठे॒

यजु० ३।५
AGNI AADHAANA:Placing the sacrificial fire in the kunda.
Chant the following mantra first.

2. Om bhoor bhuwah swar dyau-rva bhoomnaa
prithi-veeva varimaa.
Tasyaas-te prithivi deva-yayani!
prish-the'gni mannaa da-mannaa dyaayaa dadhe.
Kindling this fire that pervades earth, sky and heaven, I pray
that I become broad in vision like heaven, and richly abundant
like earth. O Earth, many sages in ancient times, seated on your
surface, perfeormed this sacrifice. Today, I place this food-
consuming fire ont this very surface of yours. May I acquire
wholesome food.
अग्नि समिन्धन
ओम् उद् वृ॑ध्यस्वाग्ने॒ प्रति॑जागृहि॒
त्मि॑ष्टापू॒त्र्ते समँ सृ॑जेथाम॒यं।
अध्युत्त॑रस्मिन् विश्वे॑ देवा॒
यज॑मानश्च सिदत॥
-यजु० १२।२४
AGNI SAMIDHANA: Fanning the fire (if necessary), causing it to rise.
3. Om ud-budhyas-waagne prati-jaagrihi
twam ishtaa poorte sam-srije-thaam ayan cha.
Asmiint sa-dhasthe adhyut-tarasmin
vishwe devaa yaja-maanash cha seedata.
Be awakened, O Divine Fire, and watch over my life. May both
you and this sacrificer, together, accomplish earthly and heavenly
deeds. In this life, and in future lives too, may all wise men and
the sacrificer be seated together for this noble performance.
समिद् आधान
ओम् अयन्त आत्मा जातवेदस्तेनेध्यस्व
वध्र्दस्व चेध्द वर्धय चास्मान् प्रजया
पशुभिर्ब्रह्मवर्चसेनान्नाध्येन सरेधय स्वाहा॥
इदमग्नये जातवेदसे-इदन्न मम॥१॥
यजु० ३।५
SAMID AADHAANA:- Offering three Samidhaas (pieces of sacrificial fuel).
4. Om ayanta idhama aatamaa
jaata-vedas tene-dhyaswa ched-dha
vardhaya chaas-maan praja-yaa
pashu-bhir brahma-varchase naan-naa-dyena
samedhaya swaaha.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama. (with this mantra, offer first Samidhaa.)
O Jaata-vedas Agni! O Divine Fire present in all creation! This, my body, is a
fuel offered unto You. Be kindled with this fuel, and make us shine in
our lives. Become enhanced and make us go forward, enriching us with
noble offspring, comfort in life, proper food, and with the brilliance
of Divine Knowledge. This offering is made from the depth of my own soul
unto Jaata-vedas Agni; this is no more mine.
ओं स॒मिधा॒ग्निं दु॑वस्यत
घृ॒तैर्बोधय॒ताति॑थिम्। आस्मि॑न् ह॒व्या
जु॑होतन॒ स्वाहा॑॥ इदमग्नये-इदन्न मम॥
5. Om samidhaagnim duwasyata
ghritair bodhaya taa-ti-thim.
Aasmin havyaa juho-tana swaaha.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama.
(Do not offer samidhaa with this mantra)
Serve Agni with well-kindled powers and awaken that Guest with the
essence of your personality. In this physical fire, make your offerings to God
and the cosmic forces.
[Well-kindled powers:concentration, devotion.
Guest:the fire is fed as a guest every morining.
Essence:thoughts, words and deeds. Cosmic forces:sun, moon, teachers, etc.]
सुस॑मिध्दाय शो॒चिपे॑ घृतं ती॒व्रं
जु॑होतन। अग्नये॑ जा॒तवे॑दसे॑ स्वाहा॑।
इदमग्नये जातवेदसे - इदन्न मम ॥
6. Su-samid-dhaaya sho-chi-she
ghritam teevram juhotana
Agnaye jaata-vedase swaahaa. Idam agnaye
jaata-vedase, idanna mama.
(after mantras 5 and 6, offer second Samidhaa.)
Unto this well-kindled, blazing fire, unto this Jaata-vedas Agni,
offer the supremely purified essence of your personality.
This is truthfully unot Jaata-vedas Agni, and no more mine.
तन्त्वा॑ स॒मिद्भि॑रग्हिरो घृतेन॑
वध्र्दयामसि। बृहच्छो॑चा यविष्ठ्य॒
स्वाहा॑॥ इदमग्नये
- इदन्न मम
यजु० ३।३
7. Tan-twaa samid-bhir-angiro
gritena vadha-yaamasi
Brihach chho-chaa ya-vish-thya swaahaa.
Idam agnaye angirase, idanna mama.
(With this mantra, offer third Samidhaa.)
We enhance you with sacrificial kindling and our purified essence,
O Angiras. Blaze forth in brilliance, and vigorously burn out
the impurity in this my body, offered for purification. This my
body-offering is truthfully unto Angiras Agni; it is no more mine.

[Agniras: God, the energizer of the soul.]
पंच घृताहुति
अयन्त आत्मा जातवेदस्तेनेध्यस्व
वध्र्दस्व चेध्द वर्धय चास्मान् प्रजया
पशुभिर्ब्रह्मवर्चसेनान्नाध्येन सरेधय स्वाहा॥
इदमग्नये जातवेदसे-इदन्न मम॥१॥
यजु० ३।५
PANCHA GHRIT AAHUTI: Back Five Ghee Oblations.
8. Om ayanta idhama aatamaa jaata-vedas tene-dhyaswa
ched-dha vardhaya chaas-maan praja-yaa pashu-bhir
brahma-varchase naan-naa-dyena
samedhaya swaaha. Idam agnaye, idanna mama.
O Jaata-vedas Agni! O Divine Fire present in all creation!
This, my body, is a fuel offered unto You. Be kindled with this fuel, and
make us shine in our lives. Become enhanced and make us go forward,
enriching us with noble offspring, comfort in life, proper food, and with the
brilliance of Divine Knowledge. This offering is made from the depth of my
own soul unto Jaata-vedas Agni; this is no more mine.
ओम् अदितेनुमन्यस्व ॥
JALA SINCHANA:- Fill right palm with water, and sprinkle
around the Kunda as directed.

9. Om adite nu-man-yaswa. (Sprinkle in East)
गोभि० गृहा० १।३।१ O Aditi! consent unto my life.
ओम् अनुमतेनुमन्यस्व ॥ 10. Om anumate nu-man-yaswa. (West)
गोभि० गृहा० १।३।२ O Anumati! consent unto my life.
ओम् सरस्वत्यनुमन्यस्व ॥ 11. Om Saraswat-yanu-man-yaswa. (North)
गोभि० गृहा० १।३।३ O Saraswati! consent onto my life.
ओम् देव॑ सवितः॒ प्रसु॑व य॒ज्ञं प्रसु॑व
यज्ञप॑तिं॒ भगा॑य। दि॒व्यो ग॑न्ध॒र्वः के॑त॒पूः
केतं॑ नः पुनातु वाचस्पति॒र्वाचं॑
नः स्दतु
12. Om deva savitah! prasuva yajyam
prasuva yajya-patim bhagaaya.
Divyo gandharwah keta-pooh
ketan-nah punaatu
vaachas-patir vaachan-nah swa-da-tu.

(Sprinkle in all four directions)
यजु० ३Î।१ O Deva Savitar! inspire my life of sacrifice onward, and inspire me,
the sacrificer, to attain fortune. The Divine waters sustain my body and wash
my thought clean of impurity. May these waters, indeed, purify my thought and
understanding. And may the Lord of Speech sweeten the words that I utter.
[Aditi: Mother of oneness who ensures harmony. Anumati: Mother of consent.
Saraswati: Mother of flowing wisdom. Deva Savitar: Divine Creator. Divine waters: Of knowledge]
ओम् अग्नये स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्नये - इदन्न मम ॥
13. Om agnaaye swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama.
(Make oblation into North of fire)
Unto Agni, the force of cosmic strength, is this offering
truthfully made. Nothing is mine.
ओम् सोमाय स्वाहा ॥
इदं सोमाय - इदन्न मम ॥
14. Om somaaya swaahaa.
Idam somaaya, idanna mama.
(Oblation into the South)
यजु० १०।२ Unto Soma, the force of cosmic harmony, is this offering
truthfully made. Nothing is mine.
ओम् प्रजापतये स्वाहा ॥
इदं प्रजापतये - इदन्न मम ॥
15. Om prajaa-pataye swaahaa
Idam prajaa-pataye, idanna mama. - (Center)
यजु० २२।३२ Unto Prjapati, the force of cosmic creation, is this
offering truthfully made. Nothing is mine.
ओम् इन्द्राय स्वाहा ॥
इदमिन्द्राय - इदन्न मम ॥
16. Om indraaya swaahaa.
Idam indraaya, idanna mama.
यजु० २२।६ Unto Indra, the force of cosmic control, is this
offering truthfully made. Nothing is mine.
प्रधान होम
प्रातः कालाहुति
PRADHAANA HOMA:Principal Sacrifice, relating to the purpose of Havan.
PRAATAH KAAL AAHUTI: BackMorning Ghee-Saamagree Oblations.
ओं सूर्यो॒ ज्योति॒ज्र्योतिः॒
सुर्यः॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥
17. Om sooryo jyotir jyotih sooryah swaahaa.
यजु० ३।५ The Divine Sun possesses Light, and this Light shines in the rising sun.
Swaahaa - this declaration of realized truth comes from the
depth of my soul.
ओं सूर्यो॒ वर्चो॒ ज्योति॒र्वर्चः
स्वाहा॑ ॥
18. Om sooryo varcho jyotir varchah swaahaa.
यजु० ३।५ The Divine possesses Splendor, and this Splendor shines in the rising sun.
ओं च्योतिः॒ सूर्यः॒ सूर्यो ज्योतिः॒
स्वाहा॑ ॥
19. Om jyothih sooryah sooryo jyothih swaahaa.
यजु० ३।५ Light resides in the Divine Sun, and the rising sun reflects this Light.
ओं स॒जूर्दे॒वेन॑ सवि॒त्रा
सजूरू॒षसेन्द्र॑वत्या। जु॒षाणः
सूर्यो वेतु॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥
20. Om sajoor devena savitraa
Jushaanah sooryo vetu swaahaa.
यजु० ३।१० The Divine Sun is in harmony with the rising sun and the
brilliant dawn. May this beloved Divine Sun be realized in me.

[Divine Sun: refers to God, whoxe quality is reflected in the brilliance of the rising sun and
the radian dawn. Rising sun: from which we get light during the day.]
प्रणान होम सायंकालाहुति
ओम् अ॒ग्निर्वर्चो॒
ज्योति॒र्वर्चः॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥२॥
Evening Ghee-Saamagree Oblations.
21. Om agnir jyotir jyotir agnih swaahaa.
यजु० ३।५ The Divine Fire possesses Light, and this Light shines
in the earthly fire that we kindle at night. Swaahaa.
ओम् अगनि॒च्र्योति॒-
ज्र्योति॑र॒ग्निः स्वाहा॑ ॥२॥
22. Om agnir varcho jyotir varchaah swaahaa.
यजु० ३।५ The Divine Fire possesses Splendor, and this Splendor shines in
the earthly fire. Swaahaa. (Chant the following silently, and make offering.)
ओम् अ॒ग्निच्र्योति॒-
च्र्योर॒ग्निः स्वाहा॑ ॥३॥
23. Om agnir jyotir jyotir agnih swaahaa.
यजु० ३।५ The Light shines in the earthly fire is the Light that
belongs to the Divine Fire.
ओं स॒चुर्वे॒देन॑ सवि॒त्रा
स॒जु रात्र्येन्द्र॑त्या । चुषा॒णो

अ॒ग्निर्वेतु सवाहा॑ ।४॥
24. Om sajoor devena savitraa
यजु० ३।१० The Divine Fire is in harmony with the setting sun and with the
moon-lit night. May this beloved Divine Fire be realized in me.

[Divine Fire: refers to God, whose quality is reflected in the soft glow of the setting sun,
and the moon-lit night. Earthly fire: from which we get light at night.]
प्रात सायमाहुति
ओं भूरग्नये प्राणाय स्वाहा।
इदमग्नये प्राणाय-इदन्न मम ॥१॥
PRAATAH SAAYAM AAHUTI: Back -Morning & Evening Oblations:Ghee and Saamagree.
25. Om bhoo-rag-naye praanaaya swaahaa.
Idam agnaye praanaaya, idanna mama.
Unto the earthly fire that acts like breath to energize
all creatures, do I make this truthful offering.
ओं भुवर्वायवेपानाय स्वाहा ॥
इदमादित्याय व्यानाय-इदन्न मम ॥२॥
26. Om bhuwar-waaya-ve paanaa-ya swaahaa.
Idam vaaya-ve paanaa-ya, idanna mama.
Unto the atmospheric wind that cools the surrounding
and removes the uneasiness by providing fresh air,
do I make this truthful offering.
ओं स्वरादित्याय व्यानाय
स्वाहा ॥
व्यानाय - इदन्न यय ॥३॥
27. Om swar-aadit-yaaya vyaanaa-ya swaahaa.
Idam aadit-yaaya vyaanaa-ya, idanna mama.
Unto the heavenly sun that makes the world happy by giving
light, and causing rain to fall and grains to ripen, do I
make this truthful offering.
ओं भूर्भुवः स्वरग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः
प्राणापानव्यानेभ्यः स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः प्रणापा-
नव्यानेभ्यः - इदन्न मम ॥४॥
28. Om bhoor bhuwah swaragni vaay-va-ditye-bhyah
praana-paana vyaane-bhyah swaahaa.
Idam agni vaay-vaa-ditye-bhyah
praanaa-paana vyaane-bhyah, idanna mama.
Unto earth, sky and heaven, and unto the corresponding fire,
air and sun, with their functions of energizing, removing pains
and making the world happy, do I make this truthful offering.
ओम् आपो ज्योति रसोमृतं
ब्रह्म भूर्भुवः स्वरों स्वाहा ॥५॥
29. Om aapo jyotee raso mritam brahma
bhoor bhuwah swar-om swaahaa.
In the performance of this sacrifice, I have sought to discover
the secrets surrounding
1.God, the Supreme-most, All-pervading, and of the nature of Light, Love and Immortality, and the
2. Earth, Sky, and Heaven.
Om Swaahaa! Yes, indeed, they have all been
truthfully described in this sacrifice. May they all become known to me.
ओं यां मे॒धां दे॑वग॒णाः
तया॒ माम॒ध्य मे॒धया
मे॒धावि॑नं कुरू॒ स्वाहा ॥६॥
Praying for a functional intellect
30. Om yaam medhaam deva-ganaah
pitarash cho-paa-sate.
Tayaa maa-madya medhayaag-ne
medhaa-vinam kuru swaahaa.
यजु० ३२।१४ O Radiant Lord of Knowledge! Make me knowledgeable today with that
same knowledge which the company of learned men and fathers of
wisdom strive to attain, so that I may indeed know You and the world.
ओं विश्वा॑नि दे
सवितम्दुरि॒तानि॒ परा॒ सुव ।
यद् भ॒द्रन्तन्न॒ आ सु॑व॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥
Praying for a discriminating intellect
31. Om vishwaani deva savitar
duritaani paraa-suva.
Yad bhadram tan-na aasuva swaaha.
यजु० ३०।३ Take away from my mind, Radiant Creator, all tendencies to
transgress Your Laws, bring unto me, instead, all this is
beautiful, benevolent and auspicious.
ओं अग्ने॒ नय सु॒पथा॑ रा॒अ॒स्मान्
विश्वा॑नि देव व॒युना॑नि विध्दान्।
यु॒यो॒ध्य स्मज्जु॑हुरा॒णमेनो॒ भूयि॑ष्ठान्ते॒
उकिंत विधेम ॥७॥
Praying for a realized intellect
32. Om agne naya su-pathaa raaye asmaan
vishwaani deva vayu-nani vidwaan.
Yuyo-dyas-maj juhuraanam eno
bhooyish-thaan te nama uktim vidhema swaahaa.
यजु० ४०।१६ O Radiant Lord of Light! Lead me unto the right path that
I may attain the wealth of liberation, for You know all the
pathways that lead in that direction. Separate sin from me,
for it only leads me astray. Again and again, I offer you words
of salutations and praise.
ओं अग्ने ब्रतपते ब्रतं
चरिष्थामि तच्छकेयं तन्मे राध्यताम्
ईदम हमन्रतात्सत्यमुपैमि स्वाहा ॥
Praying for Divine help
Agne bratapate bratam chaarishyaami tach
chhakeyam tanme raadyataam edam
ahamanritaat satyam upaimi swahaa.
यजु० १।५ O God, the Lord of vows truth! I shall follow the true Dharma.
Do Thou grant me strength to follow it and to act truthfully,
and do Thou through Thy grace crown my efforts with success.
I take a vow to act truthfully and to abstain from doing what
is wrong and false and against the Dharma.
ओम् अग्नये सवाहा ॥
इदमगनये - इदन्न मम ँ
Four Oblations of Ghee.
33. Om agnaye swaahaa. - (Offer onto the fire, to the North)
Idam agnaye, idanna mama
उं सोमाय सवाहा ॥
इदं सोमाय - इदन्न मम ॥
34. Om somaaya swaahaa. - (South)
Idam somaaya, idanna mama.
ओं प्रचापतये सवाहा ॥
इदं प्रजापतये - इदन्न मम ॥
35. Om prajaapataye swaahaa. - (Center)
Idam prajaapataye, idanna mama
ओम् इन्द्राय स्वाहा ॥
इदमिन्द्राय - इदन्न मम ॥
36. Om indraaya swaahaa. - (Center)
Idam indraaya, idanna mama.
व्याहृति आहुति
ओं भूरग्नये सवाहा ॥
इदमग्नये - इदन्न मम ॥
VYAAHRITI AAHUTI: Back Oblations fo Ghee with the Vyaahritis.
37. Om bhoor agnaye swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama.
ओं भुवर्वायवे स्वाहा ॥
इदं वायवे - इदन्न मम ॥
38. Om bhuwar vaayave swaahaa.
Idam vaaayave, idanna mama.
ओं स्वरादित्याय स्वाहा ॥
इदमादित्याय - इदन्न मम ॥
39. Om swar aadityaaya swaahaa.
Idam aadityaaya, idanna mama
ओं भूर्भुवः सवरग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः
स्वाहा ॥ इदमग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः
इदन्न मम ॥
40. Om bhoor bhuwah swaragni vaayvaa-dityebhyah swaahaa.
Idam agni vaayvaa-dityebhyah, idanna mama.
NOTE: If the Yajna is meant to be Brihad (Big) and /or Vishesh (Special), then continue from here with mantras 45 through 56, before chanting the Gaayatree and other mantras (Mantras 41 through 44).
अथ ब्रह्म गायत्रि हावित्रि गुरू मन्त्र
Prayer for a faculty of constant bliss. Oblation with Ghee and Saamagree.
ओ३म् । भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः । तत्स॑वि॒तुर्वरे॑ण्यं॒
भर्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि ।
धियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त् ॥६॥
Faculty of constand Bliss
41. Om bhoor bhuwah swah. Tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dheemahi.
Dhiyo yo nah pracho-dayaat swaahaa.
यजु० ३६।३ O Soul of Life, the Holy King of kings! O God of all the regions, high and low,
O Lord of Joy, Whose Glory Nature sings, Who shapes the earth and lets the mortals grow.
We seek Thy blessed Feet to meditate Upon Thy Glorious Form of Holy Light
Which drives away the gloom of sins we hate And makes the souls of righteous people bright.
My heart, O Father, meekly prays to Thee To win Thy Grace, to make me good and wise,
And bless my mind with knowledge, full and free From dark and vicious thoughts of sins and lies.
स्विष्टकृत् आहुति
ओं यदस्य कर्मणोत्यरीरिचं यद्वा
न्यूनमिहाकरम्। अग्निष्टत् स्विष्टकृद्
विध्यात् सर्वं स्विष्टं सुहुतं करोतु मे।
अग्नये स्विष्टकृते सुहुतहुते
सर्वप्रायश्चित्ताहुतिनां कामानां
समर्ध्दयित्रे सर्वान्नः कामान्त्समर्ध्दय
स्वाहा॥ इदमग्न&ये स्विष्टकृते - इदन्न मम॥
SWISHTA-KRIT AAHUTI: Back Bhaat [cooked grains] or Ghee.
42. Om yad asya karmano tyaree-richam
yad waa nyoonam ihaa karam.
Agnish tat swishta-krid vidyaat
sarvam swish-tam su-hutam karotu me.
agnaye swishta-krite su-huta-hute
kaamaa-naam samar-dhayi-tre
sarvaan nah kamaant samar-dhyaya swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, swishta-krite, idanna mama.
आश्व० १।१०।२२ Agni, the All-knowing One, fully knows whatever is excessive
or lacking in my performance of this sacrifice. May He, the Fulfiller,
fulfill my sacrifice by harmonizing it with my intent and making it
well-performed. I beseech Him to make me successful in all that I desire.
I address this prayer to Him Who fulfills all offerings and makes them
well-performed, Who accepts all confession and repentance, and Who grants
success in all righteous wishes. All this is unto Agni, the
Fulfiller; nothing is mine.
प्राजापत्य आहुति
ओं प्राजापतये स्वाहा ॥
इदं प्राजापये - इदन्न मम ॥
Silent Oblation to Prajaapati with Ghee and Samaagree.
43. (Chant silently.) Om prajaa-pata-ye swaahaa.
Unto Prajapati, the Silent Witness to the drama
of this Universe is this offering made. Nothing is mine.
ओं सर्वं वै पूर्णम् स्वाहा ॥
Final Oblation for completion. Offer remaining Ghee and Saamagree.

44. Om sarvam vai poornam swaahaa.
(Chant thrice, each time offering Ghee and Saamagree.)
All is perfect; all is complete. Indeed, all is final; all
is complete. May the perfection and completeness of this
ancient Vedic ritual become a part of my personality.
बृहद् विशेष यज्ञ
पवमान आहुति
ओं भूर्भुवः स्वः ।
अग्न॒ आयूं॑षि पवस॒ आ
सु॒वोर्जमिषं॑ च नः ॥
आ॒रे बा॑धस्व दु॒च्छुनां॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥
इदमग्नये पवमानाय - इदन्न मम॥
BRIHAD VISHESH YAJNA Mantras and Oblations for Big, Special Occasions.
PAVA-MAAN AAHUTI:Back Oblations for the Purification and Enlightenment.
45. Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Agna aayoomshi pawasa
aa-suvor jamisham cha nah.
Aare baadhas-wa duch-chhu-naam swaahaa.
Idam agnaye pwa-maanaa-ya, idanna mama.
ऋ&० ९।६६।१९ O Agni! Purify and lengthen our lives and send down
food and energy. Drive misfortune far away from us.

[Agni: refers to God.]
ओं भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑ । अग्निर्ऋषिः॒
पव॑मानः पाञ्च॑जन्यः पु॒रोहि॑तः ॥
तमि॑महे महाग॒यं स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्नये पवमानाय - इदन्न मम॥
46. Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Agnir rishih pawa-maanah
paancha-janyah purohitah.
Tamee-mahe mahaa-gayam swaaha.
Idam agnaye pawa-maanaa-ya, idanna mama.
ऋ० ९।६६।२० Agni sees through our lives with penetrating vision
and takes away impurities. He is the Benefactor of all five
classes of human beings in society. He occupies supreme
importance in all undertakings. To him, whose glory is widely
proclaimed, to do we offer our supplications.

[Five classes: based on a division of labor, there are teachers, defenders,
commercialists, laborers and, those who do not belong to any of these four classes.
These are respectively called Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra and Ati-shudra.]
ओं भूर्भुवः॒ । अन्ने पव॑स्व
स्वपा॑ अ॒स्मे वर्वः॑ सुविर्य॑म्॥
दध॑द्र॒यिं मयि॒ पोषं॒ स्वाहा॑॥
इदमग्नये पवमानाय - इदन्न मम ॥
47. Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Agne pawas-wa swa-paa
asme varchah su-veeryam.
Dadhad rayim mayi posham swaahaa.
Idam agnaye pawa-maanaa-ya, idanna mama.
ऋ० ६।६।२१ Agni, Performer of benevolent deeds! Pour forth
on us the brilliance of Divine Knowledge and heroic vigor.
Grant us wealth that nourishes.
ओं भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑। प्रजा॑पते न त्वदे॒तान्य॒न्यो
विश्वा॑ जातानि॒ परि ता ब॑भूव।
यतका॑मास्ते जुहु॒मस्तन्नो॑ अस्तु
व॒यं सया॑म पत॑यो मयि॒णां ॥
इदं प्रापतये - इदन्न मम ॥
48. Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
prajaa-pate! Na twad etaan-yanyo
vishwaa jaataani pari taa bahoowa
Yat kaamaas-te juhumas tan-no astu
vayam syaama patayo rayeenaam swaahaa.
idam prajaa-pataye, idanna mama.
ऋ० १०।१२१।२० O Prajaapati, Master of all creatures! No-one,
other than You, comprehends the creatures of this visiblem
and other invisible worlds. Grant us our heart's desire,
for which we invoke You, and bless us to be masters of riches.
अश्टाज्य आहुति
ओं त्वं नो॑अग्ने॒ वरूं॑णस्य वि॒व्दान्
दे॒वस्य॒ हेळो
व॑ यासिसीश्ठाः।
यजि॑ष्ठो॒ वह्नितमः॒ शोशु॑चानो॒ विश्वा॒
व्देषां॑सि प्र मु॑मुग्ध्य॒स्मत् स्वाहा॑।
इदमग्नीवरूणाभ्याम् - इदन्न मम ॥१॥
ASHT AAJYAA-HUTI: Eight Oblations for Auspiciousness. Offer Ghee only.
49. Om twan-no agne varunasya vidwaan
devasya hedo vayaa-si-seesh-thaah.
Yajish-tho vahni-tamah shoshu-chaano
vishwaa dweshaan-si pra-mumug-dhyas-mat swaaha.
Idam agnee-varunaa-bhyaam, idanna mama.
ऋ० ४।१।४ Agni, the Knowledgeable One! Drive away from us
the tendency to show disrespect to any accomplished scholar
in society. Supremely worshipped in our sacrifices, supreme
in carrying our burdens, and supreme in brilliance, may you
separate all forces of hatred from us.
ओं स त्वं नो॑ अग्नेव॒मोभ॑वो॒ति
नेदि॑ष्ठोऽअ॒स्या उ॒षसो॒ व्यु॑ष्टौ।
अव॑ यकयष्व नो॒ वरूणं॒ ररा॑णो वी॒हि
मृ॑ळि॒कं सु॒हवो॑ न एधि॒ स्वाहा॥
इदमग्नीवरूणभ्याम् - इदन्न मम ॥२॥
50. Om sa twan-no agne vamo bhawo-tee
nedish-tho asyaa ushaso vyush-tau
Ava yak-shwa no varunam ra-raano
veehi mrideekam shuhawao na edhi swaahaa.
Idam agnee-varunaa-bhyaam, idanna mama.
ऋ० ४।१।२ Agni, at this hour of the break of dawn, be
close and nearest in offering help. In granting us
knowledge, destroy all binding influences, promote our
peaceful nature, and be ready to respond to our call for help.
ओम् डमं मे॑ वरूण श्रुधी॒
हव॑म॒ध्या च॑ मृळय।
तवाम॑व॒स्युरा च॑के॒ स्वाहा ॥
इदं॑ वरूणाय - इदन्न मम ॥३॥
51. Om imam me varuna shrudi
havyam adyaa cha mridaya.
Twaam awasyu-raacha-ke swaahaa.
Idam varunaaya, idanna mama.
ऋ० १।२५।१९ Choiceworthy Varuna!hear this call of mine and be
gracious today. Longing for your mercy do I call upon you.
ओं तत्त्वा॑ यामि॒ ब्रह्म॑णा वन्द॑मान॒स्तदा
शा॑स्ते॒ यज॑मानो हविर्भिः।
अहे॑ळमानो वरूणे॒ह बोध्युरू॑शंस॒
मा न॒ आयुः प्र मो॑षीः॒ सवाहा॑॥
इदं वरूणाय - इदन्न मम ॥४॥
52. Om tat-twaa yaami brahmanaa vanda-maanas
tad aashaas-te yajamaano havir-bhih.
Aheda-maano varu-neha bo-dhyu-ru-shansa
maa na aayuh pra-mo-sheeh swaahaa.
Idam varunaaya, idanna mama.
ऋ० १।२४।११ I set my hope for the elevated life that a devoted person
prays for with sacrificial offerings, and so I approach you,
God, praising you with Vedic verses. Extensively praised by
thoughtful minds, O Varuna, may you not disregard may
call for help, but grant me, here and now, the wisdom I seek.
While using that wisdom, let not my life be unexpectedly cut short.
ओं ये ते शतं वरूण ये सहस्रं
यज्ञियाः पाशा वितता महान्तः।
तेभिर्नोऽअध्य सवितोत वष्णुर्विश्वे
मुञ्चन्तु मरूतः स्वर्काः स्वाहाः॥
इदं वरूणाय सवित्रे विष्णवे विश्वेभ्यो
देवेभ्यो मरूभ्दध्यः स्वर्केभ्यः इदन्न मम॥
53. Om ye te shatam varuna ye sahas-ram
yaj-yi-yaah paashaah vita-taa mahaantah.
Tebhir no adya savi-tota vishnur vishwe
mun-chantu marutah swar-kaah swaahaa.
Idam varunaaya savitre vishnave vishwe-bhyo
devebhyo marud-bhyah swarke-bhyah, idanna mama.
कात्यायन श्रौत० १५।१।११ Varuna! hundreds and thousands of Your gresat Laws,
that relate to our life, are extended across this vast
creation, and made to exercise their influence. O Omnipresent
Impeller, and O enlightened men who teach us not to cry, we
pray that through these laws, you may all help us to gain
emancipation from the world.
ओम् अयाश्चाग्नेऽस्यनभिशस्ति-
पाश्च सत्यमित्त्वमया असि।
अया नो यज्ञं वहास्यया
नो धेहि भेषजँ स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्नये अयसे - इदन्न मम ॥६॥
54. Om ayaash chaagne syana-bhi shasti-paash cha
satyam-it twam ayaa asi.
Ayaa no yajyam vahaas-ya-yaa
no dhehi bhesha-jam swaaha.
Idam agnaye ayase, idanna mama.
कात्यायन श्रौत० १२।१।११ I declare truthfully, Agni, You are indeed found
everywhere, and are the Protector of those free from sin.
Carry our sacrifice to a successful end and sustain cure
for our transgressions.
ओम् उदु॑त्त॒मं पाश॑मस्म॒-
दवा॑ध॒मं वि म॑ध्य॒मं श्र॑थाय।
अथा॑ व॒यमा॑दित्य व्र॒ते तवाना॑-
गसो॒ अदि॑तये स्याम॒ ह्वाहा॑॥
इदं वरूणायाऽऽदित्या-
याऽदितये च - इदन्न मम ॥७॥
55. Om ud-ut tamam varuna paasham-asmad
avaa-dhamam vi madhaya-mam shra-thaaya.
Athaa vayam aaditya vrate
tavaa-naa-gaso adita-ye syaama swaahaa.
Idam varu-naayaa dit-yaayaa dita-ye cha, idanna mama.
ऋ० १।२४।१२ Varuna! loosen the bonds that bind me - bonds
of upper, middle and lower levels so that we, O
Imperishable One, may be sinless in Your Laws, and become
worthy for the realm of Eternal Life.

[Upper level: impure thoughts
Middle level: impure emotions lust, greed, anger, etc.
Lower level: excessive, unchanelled sense-enjoyment.]
ओं भ॑वतन्नः॒ सम॑नसौ॒ सचे॑तसावरे॒पसौ॑।
मा य॒ज्ञँ सिष्टं॒ हज्ञप॑ति॑
जातवेदसौ शि॒वौ भ॑वतम॒ध्य नः॒
स्वाहा॑॥ इदं जातवेदोभ्याम्-इदन्न मम॥८॥
56. Om bhawatan-nah sa-manasau
sa-cheta-saa vare-pasau.
Maa yajyam him sish-tam
maa yajyapatim jaataveda-sau
shivau bhawatam adya nah swaahaa.
Idam jaata-vedo-bhyaam, idanna mama.
यजु० २।३ ६।६।२१ O married couple! May both of you be for us of the same
thought and knowledge, and sinless. May you both never
cause harm to either the tradition of sacrifice or to the
good name of sacrificers. May both of you be for us, today,
possessors of much wealth, that you can show us grace and

[Couple: married people are motivated to earn, and they provide the means for society
to go on through their acts of charity. This has always been so throughout the world, in all ages.
Us: Teachers and social workers.
Sacrifice: The carrier of Aryan/Vedic/Indian
culture all through the Ages of history.]

Go back to mantras 41 through 44, if you have previously skipped it.
अथ मुख स्पर्शः
With out-stretched palms facing the holy fire, chant each of
the following mantras and pass heated palms lightly over your face.
१. ओं तनूपा अग्नेऽसि तन्वं पाहि॥
२. ओं आयुर्दा अग्नेऽस्हायुर्मे देहि॥
३. ओं वचर्चोदा अग्नेऽसि वर्चो मे देहि॥
४. ओं अग्नेयन्मे तन्वा ऊनं तन्म आपृण॥
५. ओं मेधं मे देवः सविता आदधातु॥
६. ओं मेधां मे देवि सरस्वति आदधातु॥
७. ओं मेधां मे अश्विनौ देवावाधत्तां पुष्करस्रजौ॥
  1. Om tanoopa agne si aayur me dehi.
  2. Om aayur-daa agne si aayur me dehi.
  3. Om varcho-daa agne si varcho me dehi
  4. 2. Om agne yan-me tanwaa oonam tan-ma aa-prina
  5. Om medhaam me devah savitaa aa-da-dhaatu
  6. Om medhaam me devee saraswatee aa-da-dhaatu
  7. 3. Om medhaam me ashvi-nau
    devaa-vaa shattaam push-karas-rajau
पार० कां० ४,७,८॥ Agni! You are the Protector of the human body
protect my body. You are the Giver of long life
give unto me long and healthy life. You are the Source
of brilliance - let Your brilliance radiate on my face.
Fulfill nay deficiency I have in my personality and
sustain divine, sanctified intellect in me.
अथांग स्पर्श
With both palms, touch the body-limbs indicated.
१. ओं वाक् च म आष्यायताम्॥
इस मन्त्र से मुख।
२. ओं प्रणश्च म आप्यायताम्।
इस मन्त्ज से नासिका व्दारं।
३. ओं चक्षुश्च म आप्यायताम्
इस मन्त्र से दोनों नेत्र।
४. ओं श्रोत्रञ्यायताम्॥
इस मन्त्र से दोनों कान।
५. ओं यशो बलञ्च म आप्यायताम्॥
इस मन्त्र से दोनों बाहुओं को स्पर्श करे।
  1. Om vaak cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam. (Lips)

  2. Om praa-nash cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam. (Nostrils)

  3. Om chak-shush cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam. (Eyes)

  4. Om shro-tram cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam (Ears)

  5. Om yasho-balam cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam.(Shoulders)
[पार० २।४।८ परि०] Let my speech find fulfillment. Let my breathing, seeing,
and hearing be fulfilled. Let my arms earn me fame and strength.
अथ वामदेव्यगानम्
The Song of Rishi Vaama-deva.
Chant the following at the very end of the Yajna or Sanskaar.
ओ भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑। कया नश्चित्र
आ भुवदूति सदावृधः सखा।
कया शचिष्ठया वृता ॥१॥
1. Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
kayaa nash chitra aa-bhuwad
ootee sadaa-vridhah sakhaa
Kayaa shachish-thayaa vritaa.
God resides in our mind, causing us to steadily progress.
Through what kind of help would He become our Friend? Answer:
Through His Presence that will make us most powerfully happy.
ओं भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑ । कस्त्वा सत्यो
मदानां मँ सिष्ठो मत्सदन्धसः।
टृढा चिदारूजे वसु ॥२॥
2. Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Kas twaa satyo madaanaam
mang hish-tho matsad andhasah.
Dridhaa chid aaruje vasu.
Among the delightful things of this world, what will
make you genuinely and abundantly happy? Answer: The
power of that comes from devotion, that would help us snap
asunder the heaviest of chains which keep us bound to ignorance.
ओं भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑ । अभी षु णः
सरवीनामविता जरितृणाम्।
शतं भवास्यूतये ॥३॥
3. Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Abhee shu nah sakheenaam
avitaa jari-treenaam.
Shatam bhawaas-yoo-taye.
यजु० ३।५ We seek to be Your friends who sing Your praises.
Be our Supreme Protector, and come to us with countless
forms of help. Iti Agnihotram. - Here comes to an
end the Agnihotra Sacrifice (ritual)
ब्रहम स्तोत्र
नमस्ते सते ते जगत्कारणाय,
नमस्ते चिते सर्वलोकाश्रयाय,
नमोऽव्दै ततत्त्वाय मुक्तिप्रदाय,
नमो ब्रह्मणे व्यापिने शाश्वताय ॥१४॥
1. Namaste sate te jagat kaara-naaya
Namaste chite darva lokaa-shra-yaaya
Namo dwaita tattwasya mukti pra-daaya
Namo brahmane vyaapine shaash-wa-taaya.
Salutation to that Being Who creates and supports the
different worlds. Salutation to that Truth Who is unequalled,
and Who grants liberation. Salutations to that Eternal Supreme
Self Who pervades all regions.
त्वमेकं शरण्यं त्मेकं वरेष्यं,
त्वमेकं जगत्पालकं स्वप्रकाशम्।
त्वमेकं जगत्कर्तृ, पातृ प्रहर्तृ,
त्वमेकं परं निश्चलं निविकल्पम् ॥१२॥
2. Twame-kam sharanyam twame-kam swa prakaa-sham
twame-kam jagat-paala-kam swa prakaa-sham
Twame-kam jagat kartri paatri pra-har-tri
Twame-kam param nish-cha-lam nir-vi-kalpam.
You are my sole Refuge, worthy of my final choice.
You are the One Protector of the world with your
Self-Radiance. You alone create, sustain and destroy the
universe. You are the One Great Motionless Being free from change.
भयानां भयं भिषणं भिषणानां,
औतिः प्राणिनां, पावनं पावनानाम्।
महोच्चैः पदानां नियन्तृ त्वमेकं,
परेषां परं रक्षणं रक्षाणानाम् ॥१६॥
3. Bhayaa-naam bhayam bheesha-nam bheesha-naanaam
Gatih praa-ni-naam paawa-nam paa-wa naa-naam
Mahoch chaih padaa-naam niyantri twame-kam
Pare-shaam param rak-sha-nam rak-sha-naa-naam.
Your are feared even by the fearless, and You rule even
the rulers. You are the Goal of all creatures. You purify
all those who teach the virtue of purity.
वयं त्वां स्मरामो, वयं त्वां भजामो,
वयं त्वां जगत्साक्षिरूपं नमामः।
सदेकं निधानं निरालम्बमिशम्,
भवाम्भोधिपोतं शरण्यं व्रजामः ॥१७॥
4. Vayam twaam sma-raa-mo vayam twaam bha-jaa-mo
Vayam twaam jagat saak-shi roopam namaamah
Sade-kam nidhaa-nam ni-raalam bameesham
Bhawaam bhodhi potam sharan-yam vrajaa-mah.
We think of You, we worship You, we bow to You,
O Witness to the drama of this universe. We go to the
Shelter of that Unique Being the Basis of everything,
Self-supporting, and Supreme, - a vessel in the sea of Life.
न तस्य कशचित् पतिरस्ति लोके,
न चेशिता नैव च तस्य लिङ्गम्।
स कारणं करणाधिपाधिपो,
न चास्य कश्चित् चनिता न चाधिपः ॥१७॥
5. Na tasya kash-chit pati-rasti loke
Na che-shi-taa naiva cha tasya lingam
Sa kaa-ra-nam kara-naa-dhi-paadhi-po
Na chaasya kash-chij janitaa na chaa-dhi-pah.
In this world, there is no-one above You, and no
ruler greater than You. You are without form and image.
You are the Ultimate Cause of all causes. No one has
created You. You are the Creator of all.
तमिश्वराणां परमं महेश्वरं,
तं देबतानां परमं हि दैवतम्।
पतिं पतीनां परमं परस्ताद,
विदाम देवं भुवनेशमिड्यम् ॥१८॥
6. Tameesh-wa-raa-naam paramam mahesh-wa-ram
Tam deva-taa-naam para-mam hi daiva-tam
Patim pateee-naam para-mam paras-taad
Vidaama devam bhuwa-nesha meed-yam.
We realize You as the Supreme Lord of all lords, the
Supreme God of all gods, the Supreme Protector of all
protectors, Lord of the world, Worthy of our praise.
त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव,
त्वमेव बन्धुशॗच सखा त्वमेव।
त्वमेव विध्या द्रविणं त्वमेव,
त्वमेव सर्व मम देव देव ॥२०॥
7. Twameva maataa cha pitaa twameva
Twameva bandhush cha sakhaa twameva
Twameva vidyaa dravinam twameva
twameva sarvam mama deva deva.
You alone are our Mother, Father, Brother and Friend.
You are the Source of our learning and wealth. You
are our all-in-all, God of all gods!
भोजन का मन्त्र
ओम् अन्न॑प॒तेऽन्न॑स्य नो
देहिऽनमी॒वस्य॑ शु॒ष्मिणः॑।
प्रप्र॑ दा॒तारं॑ तारिष॒ ऊर्ज॑
नो धेहि व्दि॒पदे॒ चतु॑ष्पदे॥
Om annapate annasya no dehi
ana-mee-wash-ya shushminah.
Pra pra daataaram taarisha
oorjan no dhehi dwipade cha-tushpade.
O Lord of Grains! Give us grains to eat that are healthy
and nutritious. May You take him across the ocean of this
world who makes a gift of grains to someone else in need.
Let all bipeds and quadrupeds consuming grains be filled
with energy.
नमः परम रिषिभ्यो
नमः परम रिषिभ्यः
Namah Parama Rishibhyo Namah Parama Rishibhyah
Salutations again and again unto the great Rishis
through whose graces this ancient form of divine
worship has come down to us.
भजन - आज मिल
आज मि सब गि गाओ उस प्रभु के धन्यवाद।
जिसका यश नित गाते है गंधर्व गुणीजन धन्यवाद॥

मन्दिरों में कनदरों में पर्वतों के शिखर पर।
देते हैं लगातार सौ-सौ बार मुनिवर धन्यवाद॥

करते हैं जंगल में मंगल पक्षीगण हर शाख परÌ
पाते हैं आनन्द मिल गाते हैं स्वर भर धन्यवाद॥

कूएं में तालाब में सिन्धु की गहरी धार में।
पेम रस में तृप्त हो करते हैं जलचर धन्यवाद॥

शादियों रें जलससों में, यज्ञ और उत्सव के आदि।
मीठे स्वर से चाहिये करें नारी-नर सब धन्यवाद॥

Aaj Mil Sab Opening Bhajan
Aaj mil sab geet gaa-o us prabhu ke dhanyavaad
Jiskaa yeash nit gaate hai gandharva gunijan dhanyavaad

Mandiro me kandaro me parvato ke shikhar par
Dete hai lagaataar sausau baar munivar dhanyavaad

Karte hai jangal me mangal paksheegan har shaakh par
Paate haiaanand mil gaaate hai svar bhar dhanyavaad

Koo-e me taalaab me sindhoo kee gahree dhaar me
Prem ras me tript ho karte hai jalcha dhanyavaad

Shaadiyo me jalsayo me yajya aur utdave ke aad
Meethe svar se chaahiye kare naari nar sab dhanyavaad

Let us all come together to sing and express our thanks
unto that Lord whose glory and fame all noble and pious
men continually sing. In temples, in caves, and on the
peaks of mountains, all the sages repeatedly express
their gratitude. Perched on many a branch, the birds
make merry in the forests. Together, in full voice,
they hymn their thanks unto the Lord, thereby attaining
to supreme happiness. In wells and in lakes, and in the great
depths of rivers, the aquatic creatures sing their praises
and thanks in deep satisfaction. For this reason, we men and
women of the world should, in weddings, fairs and religious
congregations, express our gratitude to the Lord
with our sweetly intone voices.
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आर𹉔- जय जगदीश हरे
ओं जय जगदीश हरे, स्वामी जगदीश हरे।
भक्तट, क्षण मेंदीर करे॥ ओं जय०॥

जो ध्यावे फल पावे, दुःख विनशे मन का। स्वामी दुःख०॥
सुख सम्पत्ति घर आवे, कष्ट मिटे तन का॥ ओं जय०।

मात पिता तुम मेरे, शरण गहूँ किस की। स्वामी शरण०।
तुम बिन और न दूजा, आस करूँ जिसकी॥ ओं जय०॥

तुम पूरण परमात्म, तुम अन्तर्यामी। स्वामी तुम०।
परम ब्रह्म परमेश्वर, तुम सब के स्वामी॥ ओं जय०॥

तुमकरुणा के सागर, तुम पालन कर्ता। स्वामी तुम।
मैं सेवक तुमस्वामी, कृपा करो भर्ता॥ ओं जय०॥

तुम हो एक अगोचर, सब के प्राणपति। स्वामी सब०।
जिस विधि मिलूँ दयामय, ऐसी दो सुमति॥ ओं जय०॥

दिन-बन्धु दुःख-हर्ता, तुमरक्षक मेरे। स्वामी तुम०।
करुणा-हस्त बढ़ाओं, शरण पड़ा तेरे ॥ ओं जय०॥

विषय-विकार मटाओ, पाप हरो देवा। स्वामी पाप०।
श्रध्दा भक्ति बढ़ाओ, संतन की सेवा॥ ओं जय॥

AARTI BHAJAN - Om Jai Jagdeesh hare.
Om jai jagdeesh hare, Swamee jai jagdeesh hare
Bhakt jano ke sankat kshan me door kare.

Jo dhyaave phal pave dukh vinshe mankaa
Sukh sampati ghar aave kasht mite tan kaa

Maat pitaa tum mere sharan gahoo kiskee
Tum bin aur na doojaa aas karoo jiskee.

Tum pooran paramaatamaa tum antaryaamee.
Paar-brahma parameshvar tum sabke svaame.

Tum karunaa ke saagar tum paalankartaa.
Mai sewak tum swaamee, kripaa karo bhartaa.

Tum ho ek agochar sab ke praan-pati
Kis vidhi miloo dayaamai tum ko mai kumtee

Deen-bandhu sukh-hartaa tum rakshak mere
Karunaa hast barhaa-o dvaar paraa tere.

Vishai vikaar mitaa-o paap haro devaa
Shraddhaa bhakti barhaa-o santan kee sevaa. Om jai...


O Lord of the universe, Supreme Soul, Dispeller of sorrow,
hail to Thee! May Thy rule of righteousness be established
everywhere, for it is Thou who banisheth in an instant the
agonies of Thy devotees. May Thy kingdom of virtue reign
supreme. Whoever meditates upon Thee receives Thy grace. The
worries of his mind disappear; his home is blessed with peace,
happiness and plenty and all his bodily pains vanish. Thou are
my Mother and Father. Whose else's protection can I seek?
Besides Thee there is no other in whom I can place my hope.
Thou art God perfect, the knower of our innermost thought,
the Most Exalted Master of all. Thou art an Ocean of Mercy,
the Protector of all. I am Thy servant, Thou my master. Grant
me Thy grace. Thou art beyond the knowledge of the senses,
Formless Lord of all life! Grant me wisdom that I may have
a glimpse of Thee. Thou art the Friend of the those who help
themselves and the Dispeller of suffering. Thou art my Savior.
Extend Thy hand of mercy I seek Thy refuge. Destroy our base
desires and wipe out our sins, increase our faith and devotion.
May we serve Thee and Thy devotees!
ध्यौः शान्ति॑ र॒न्तरि॑क्षँ शान्तिः॑ पृथि॒वी
शान्तिरापः॒ शान्तिरोषधयः॒ शान्तिः॑।
वनास्पत॑यः॒ शान्ति॒र्विश्वे॑ देवाः शान्ति॒र्ब्रह्म॒
शान्तिः॒ स्रवम् शान्तिः॒ शान्ति॑रे॒व
शान्तिः॒ या मा॒ शान्ति॑रेधि॥१८॥
Shantih Paath
Closing prayer for Peace.

Dyauh shaanti-ranta-riksham shaantih
prithivee shaanti-raapah shaanti
rosha-dhayah shaantih
Vanas-patayah shaantir vishwe devaah shaantir
Brahma shaantih sarvam shaantih
shaanti-reva shaantih
Saa maa shanti redhi.
यजु० ३६।१७ Peace in heaven, sky and on earth. Let water flow to
quench our thirst for peace. Let all trees and plants
provide cool shade for a peaceful humanity. Let peace be
in the hearts of all educated men, for them to share it
with troubled minds. God is the Source of peace, and His
Divine Scripture teaches the way to that peace. May that
peace extend its influence in every nook and corner of this
globe. Let there be peace and only peace. May that peace
come to me, too.
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"That scent has not the disintegrating power to rid the house of its impure air, and replace it by the fresh pure air. It is fire alone which possesses that power, whereby it breaks up the impurities of the air, and reduces them to their component parts, which, getting lighter, are expelled from the house and replaced by fresh air from outside."
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