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Misguided religion has led to fanaticism and superstition. Predetermination takes the place of honest inquiry and truth is suppressed. All the fallacies of human reason must be exhausted or rejected, before the light of higher truth could meet with ready response.

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction." Pascal

Islam imposes a threat to the whole world which is far worse than deforestation, nuclear destruction or AIDS. It is an insidious, devilish disease creeping into the veins of the world. Every individual must realize the destructive and evil nature of this religion, for it eats away at the very foundation of humanity which is an individual's ability to think individually and act accordingly." Zulifar Khan

"When the time of destruction is at hand the intellect becomes perverted."
Vridha Chan. 16:17.

Topic of discussion

What is it with Islam that its followers cannot bear the mere thought of someone examining it critically? Even if the one dissecting its precepts and practices is self- avowedly a good Muslim.

Is Islam true religion?
"The true religion with God is Islam." (3: 17)

1.       It must exist in its entirety from the beginning of creation for all of mankind.
Oppose - It is unjust of Allah to deprive millions born before the revelation of the Q'uran of its 'divine wisdom'. An injustice which cannot be the work of a Compassionate and Merciful God.

2.       It must conform with (immutable) natural laws.
Oppose - The cause of the physical body is the reproductive element - any other method as man was created from dust or blood-clot is a breach to this law.

3.       It must be in harmony with reasoning.
Oppose -Incest which results in mental and physical infirmities, is an immoral action and it had to be the same also in the beginning (creation of one man and one woman).

4.       It must be in harmony with science.
Oppose - Modern science has proven creation to be more than 6,000 years old a contradiction to the Q'uran since its concept of creation was drawn out of the Biblical revelation.

  1. Its truth must be confirmed by four evidences :-
    (i) Direct Cognition - Not all that is known by perception can be true.
    (ii) Inferences - God is eternal therefore we can infer that there were past creations and as well as there will be future ones.
    (iii) Testimony - The testimonies of Rishis, sages and seers of the Vedas (altruistic teachers are all in harmony with each other.
    (iv) History - There are many books (Mahabharata, Valmiki's Ramayan) and source of other civilization which speak of the past ancient Vedic (Aryan) civilization of 5,000 years ago and earlier. Let's be reasonable when it comes the most abstruse science of God (wisdom), that the ignorant and the wise can never achieve the same rewards.

All theories or facts, theological or scientific, must conform with

Redemption is a fool's passport to a fool's paradise.

Past dialogues:

"The time has come for honest men to denounce false teachers and attack false gods." Luther Burbank

Muhammad was illiterate. Who, but an illiterate, would instruct an illiterate to educate man? No wonder there is much turmoil in the Muslim world.

Zakaria Razi
"All men are by nature equal and equally endowed with the faculty of reason that must not be disparaged in favor of blind faith; reason further enables men to perceive scientific truths in an immediate way.

The prophets these billy goats with long beards cannot claim any intellectual or spiritual superiority. These billy goats pretend to come with a message from God, all the while exhausting themselves in spouting their lies, and imposing on the masses blind obedience to the "words of the master." The miracles of the prophets are impostures, based on trickery, or the stories regarding them are lies.

The falseness of what all the prophets say is evident in the fact that they contradict one another: one affirms what the other denies, and yet each claims to be the sole depository of the truth; thus the New Testament contradicts the Torah, the Qu'ran the New Testament. As for the Qur'an, it is but an assorted mixture of absurd and inconsistent fables, which has ridiculously been judged inimitable, when, in fact, its language, style, and its much-vaunted eloquence are far from being faultless. Custom, tradition, and intellectual laziness lead men to follow their religious leaders blindly.

Religions have been the sole cause of the bloody wars that have ravaged mankind. Religions have also been resolutely hostile to philosophical speculation and to scientific research. The so-called holy scriptures are worthless and have done more harm than good, whereas the writings of the ancients like Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, and Hippocrates have rendered much greater service to humanity.

The people who gather around the religious leaders are either feeble-minded, or they are women and adolescents (suggestible). Religion stifles the truth and fosters enmity. If a book in itself constitutes a demonstration that it is a true revelation, the treatises of geometry, astronomy, medicine and logic can justify such a claim much better than the Qur'an