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"Behold the wonderful organization of the physical body! How the learned are wonder-struck with it? First, there is the osseous frame-work girt with a network of vessels - veins, arteries, and nerves, etc., - invested with flesh and the whole covered by skin with its appendages - nails and hairs. Then how beautifully are the different organs, such as the heart, the liver, the spleen and the lungs - ventilating apparatus - laid out. The formation of the brain, of the optic nerve with the most reticulate formation of the retina, the demarking of the paths of indryas - the principles of sensation and action -, the linking of the soul with the body, the assigning of definite places to it for wakeful state, slumber and deep sleep, the formation of different kinds of dhaatus - tissues and secretions, such as muscle, bone marrow, blood, reproductive elements - and the construction of various other wonderful structures and mechanisms in the body who but God could have caused." The Light of Truth

"The earth studded with various kinds of precious stones and metals, the seeds of trees of a thousand different kinds with their wonderful exquisite structures, leaves with myriads of different colors and shades, flowers, fruits, roots, rhizomes and cereals with various scents and flavors none but God could create. Nor could anyone except God create myriads of earth, suns, moon and other cosmic bodies, and sustain, revolve and regulate them." Light of Truth

"The wearing of jewelry (gold, silver, pearls, rubies, diamonds. etc.) adds no beauty to the soul. It only arouses vanity and other lower passions give rise to fear of robbery, and may even be the cause of death. Many have been known to lose their lives at the hands of cut-throats because of wearing jewelry." The Light of Truth
"Matter which seems to give us the image of stability and repose only exists, then, by reason of the rotatory movement of its particles so that when atoms have radiated all their energy in the form of luminous, calorific, electric and other forms of vibrations, they return to the primitive ether." Scientist M. Bernard Brunhes
Matter in spite of being one homogeneous unity is also a continuous whole of three kinds of substances with their three kinds of qualities. This explains how matter which is one homogeneous unit with only one quality changes itself into so many different forms of various qualities. Only it can be said as to how the world of multifarious forms came out from one uniformed substance.

"That condition of matter in which the intellect-promoting, passion-exciting and stupidity-producing qualities are found combined in equal proportions is called the eternal elementary matter." The Light of Truth.

These substances and qualities, in the manifested state, are in the state of the potency of disequilibrium. But in the unmanifested state of matter, these remain in one equilibrated condition. So it is due to the proportion and disproportion of the potency of this trio of substances and qualities that travesty in the many forms arises. Any kind of travesty arising qualitatively or quantitatively is due to the disequilibrium of the three substance and qualities.

There are three fundamental questions that arise in connection with matter. Can all phenomena reduce to numberless units, each devoid of dimensions and yet having existence and being further indivisible? Secondly, can everything reduce to unity, the all-pervading one and devoid of dimensions and apparent qualities? And thirdly, can everything be reducible to an absolute nothing? The first two are definitely possible, whereas the third is totally impossible.

The Vedic Science reconciled accordingly that for ordinary reactions to go on or for ordinary dissolutions, one can stop at bigger units of mass, which may be triads, dyads or atoms. The primordial state by itself is non-manifest, and real manifestation occurs to the state of when it is condensed to five elements. In the non-manifest state matter is numberless and dimensionless, the one all-embracing unit. It is in the absolute causal form.

The moment it is condensed to an effect-form there appears in its numberless points of simple positional dimensions. These are called atoms and for subsequent transformations, they act as a cause. Atoms are fundamental of matter in its primary manifested state. When they finally merge into causal form, they all as if by a process of melting become a continuous whole, the heterogeneity disappears and they are lost as if in a homogeneous one.

This stage is known as matter, which is a homogeneous continuous whole, the one all-embracing Unity with only one quality, the primordial material causality.

God energized the primordial matter and the whole structure was heated. Divine will and wisdom prevailed all-over it and cosmic motion took place by breaking the condition of inertia. By this process, matter began to unfold itself into heterogeneity. To give a lucid idea of matter before creation, here are some verses from the Rig Veda.

"Before creation there was no void or space, nor was there manifest the primordial matter, nor atoms, nor even the ether or luminous nebular mass of matter. There was some fine indescribable matter which extended like haze, but like a vanishing cloud of mist (as seen in the early morning during a rainy season), its expanse and depth could not cover Him, the refute of all finite beings" (Rigveda. X.129.1)

"In the beginning, matter lay concealed in darkness, i.e., inhomogeneity and concealed in it lay all this visible and invisible universe without any sign of discrimination. The whole matter was covered with primordiality and minuteness. One Supreme Divine-being made this manifest by giving the heat to it by His own power and will. That is, He combined matter with energy which was lost at the time of dissolution and made it manifest." (Rig.X,T 129.3)

In this verse it has been clearly described that God enervates matter by His own all-pervading heat. He also gives rise to eternal laws through this and these remain together in material evolution. Evolution takes place under these eternal laws. God's will and efficiency remain above and matter below. God's will precedes motion in matter. He moves towards the set design and purpose of the world.

In the Yajur Vedic verse (40-5) God has been called an unmoved mover. Aristotle adopted this same view. Matter was below and God's will and perseverance above. The fact thus maintained is that none of the effect-forms of matter takes place without His will. Every form and phenomenon is destined to occur in its cause under the governance of God.

When matter becomes in its primal condition after the dissolution of the phenomenal world, then souls with their previous actions and atomic units of element rest in sleep. In this sleeping state. nothing can be visible or distinguishable. When by the will of God creation takes place and the ray of divine wisdom makes matter manifested, everything becomes manifest. Matter which rests inhomogeneous state does not at once break its homogeneity and minuteness. The breaking of non-manifestativeness completes its course gradually. Therefore, the element which was first affected by primordial matter was very minute, rare and indescribable.

The sight of objects, the taste of fruits, the smell of odors, the cognition of sensations, the hearing of sounds are the grated windows of the prison where the spirit looks out. It is difficult to realize the interior realities of inner life when a man is immersed in the life of the senses. The death of matter is the birth of the soul. Light and darkness cannot co-exist together. Matter, is the entity of the outer life and God, is the entity of the inner life. (See chapter 8)

"The life of senses produces one result, and the life of spirit produces exactly the reverse. The life of the senses is spiritual death, the life of the spirit is the new birth, immortality." Yajurveda. 10:40

"The wearing of jewelry (gold, silver, pearls, rubies, diamonds. etc.) adds no beauty to the soul. It only arouses vanity and other lower passions, gives rise to fear of robbery, and may even be the cause of death. Many have been known to lose their lives at the hands of cut-throats because of wearing jewelry."

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"By One Supreme Ruler is this universe pervaded, even every world in the whole circle of nature, He is the true God, Fear Him, O man! and covet not justly and wealth of any creature existing. Renounce all that is unjust and enjoy pure delight, true spiritual happiness, by the practice of justice and righteousness which is another name for true religion." Yajur Veda

1. Omnipotent (All-powerful). God does not need the assistance of son, holy ghost, angels and prophets to do His work, during humankind's earthly existence.

2. Omniscient (All-pervading or knower of all). There is no need for God to test our faith, in pleasure or pain, He already knows all periods (past, present and future) of time.

3. Omnipresent (everywhere). God does not come or go, up or down, as He is always present, here, there and everywhere.

All whose faiths oppose these three characteristics are a clear exibition of ignorance in under estimating His Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent power.
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