The conviction of saving your own soul will eventually relieve the misery of these innocent creatures.
"There is no turpitude in drinking alcohol, eating meat or committing adultery, for that is the natural way creation, but abstinance brings great reward." Manu
WARNING: If you possess one gram of human decency, these articles WILL disturb you.

The mind which is NOT purified with wisdom will eventually putrefy, and its ugliness will create hell on earth. This is the problem in the world today. Ignorance prevails because people are ignoring the basics. The cry for “Back to the Vedas” is a noble one, but the more important need of the day is ‘Back to the Basics.’

When a sensible human being realizes the violence they themselves are perpetrating and perpetuating, their own mind taunts them to change. They begin to revolt against their own violence, and in so doing they come closer to their Higher Nature (their Real Self). When people give up their selfishness by changing their vile habits, they are doing solid ‘spiritual’ work because they are stripping away their gross material nature and becoming more aware of their Essence.
Arya Putra

One should always be prepared to reject what is false and be ready to accept the truth.
It leaves no doubt that there are billions (rich and famous and poor, educated and uneducated, healthy and unhealthy) who are involved in someway or the other to save this planet. From Bill Gates, Clinton (aids) to Al Gore (global warming), Madona, Anjie Joli, Opra (hungry children or adoption of orphans) to those Green Peace, animal rights, etc., human rights groups who protest vigorously and sometimes violently in the streets so often. But after all those acts of doing, giving and speaking, are there any signs that things are getting any better? Obviously not, why? The answer to any changes will have to be our way of thinking and our way of living which no other culture holds but the ancient one of the Aryans.

Materially big corporations which are responsible for most of the damages to our environment only do what they do because of our thirst or weakness (material attachment) for what they produce. And spiritually, false dogmas in the name of Chrisitianity, Islam, etc. are even doing worst as they promote the greatest evil of all by promoting and condoning the complete destruction of intellectual reasoning. If we change our way of thinking and living they too will have to change. With all said and done, it is obvious that if these rich and famous from the pulpits who are leading the way to save our world cannot change their way of life and thinking as an example for others to follow, no one else is going to change.

Illegal drugs pose an imminent danger to lives especially in wealthy countries but instead of educating the people, they spent billions in unsuccessful covert operation to destroy the source. Guns are even a greater danger, but who is going after the manufacturers? On the other hand, false religions seem to welcome the misery they create, it does not only allow them to show how powerful their God is at healing and granting redemption from sins but it promotes their primary motive to prolong the miseries to justify their clandestine effort of collecting huge sums of money. As the cause (fale dogmas) of poverty and destitution continue to ravish the planet on a large scale, the merciful act of receiving a great deal and giving a little, in the name of Christianity, Islam, etc., will continue its euphoric flow. So, greed is in for the long haul, it has become a way of life even for those who are wilfully pretending to do something about it.

I can boldly proclaim that I have done my part in setting the example needed to give extended life to all present and future inhabitants of this planet. It is so minor that it hasn't created that of an effect where the masses will ever noticed, which I knew from the start it wouldn't do. But the idea of a great reward for my soul is enough a motivation for me to continue this practice until the end. In truth, we should strive, however few we are, to be motivated by our own spiritual quest of seeking the truth and rejecting what is false, even though we will lose the fight for global sanctity, we can hold on to the fact that redemption of the soul was never in vain.

Vijai Singh