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The immutable laws of nature
"But there is another prejudice which is cherished by many scholars evidently under the impression of its being a well-recognized scientific doctrine. It is that in the ruder stages of civilization, when laws of nature are little known and but little understood, when mankind has not enough of the experience of the world, strict methods of correct reasoning are very seldom observed." The Last Reformer
"We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws." Albert Einstein
(Universal and individual)
"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir
"We still do not know one-thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us." Einstein

Stephen Hawking on these laws.
Nature is eternal, but she is most active during the period of creation. The period between dissolution and creation, she lies dormant, laden in her bosom all species of prior creations, void of consciousness but ever ready for later manifestations as the condition (law of karma) warrants each manifestation. When she comes alive, her laws (natural), steady and unchangeable, universally and individually dictate the lawful and orderly functioning of all animate and inanimate things of this world. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that these steady operational functions or occurrences can logically provide viable means of validating, theories both scientific and theological, to the extent, that when good reasoning is applied by the evidence of direct cognition and inference, truth can be ascertained.

The steady and constant operations of rain originating from the clouds and the reproductive element, the origin of the physical body, are two lucid examples of these orderly functions that are steady and unchangeable. Neither rain nor the physical body can come into being without clouds and sexual union respectively. Thus virgin birth is a breach of natural laws. Likewise, the active senses, optic, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile, cannot be disputed since these organs have their own specific functions of seeing, hearing, smelling tasting and touching respectively. Meaning, that at no time can the ears perceive color nor the eyes sound. The same holds good for the principles of action, speech, grasp, locomotion, reproduction, and excretion. These functions being constant, steady, repeated and unchangeable enable us to infer that it is so now as it will be in the future, and so it must have been from the very beginning.

Always keep in mind, only that which has no beginning and no end is eternal, meaning that everything else must come to an end. It is also evident that decay follows, after each manifestation and creation, natural and man-made respectively. A child is born, age and dies, representing not only the natural decay of the physical body but also the subtleness of innocence and purity that comes with it. Similarly, a house, a car, a watch, etc. are all created and by usage and passage of time, they will suffer the same fate of decay. It is obvious that however hard we try to maintain them they can be resurrected to neither their original state nor the dead resurrected back to life. Furthermore, even though we grow in spirituality by acquiring knowledge it can hardly be called progress since we are merely trying, many with enormous effort than others, to maintain all or some of the purity and innocence of childhood, which becomes more and more polluted with sin as we age. Thus, the continuous practice of virtue, good ethics, and morals, guided by the correct knowledge is desirable to prevent further or severe pollution of the soul from sinful actions, the natural way of created beings.

"There is no turpitude in drinking wine, eating flesh and committing adultery, for that is the natural way of created beings, but abstinence brings great reward." Manu
However, the changes that occur through random disorder as entropy suggests must not be construed as progress upward either, since whatever new comes out something is the result of the decay of a prior effect. For example, the ore is the purest form of any metal, from excavation through the process of refinement it loses its purity but out of it is born a new instrument as decay becomes unpreventable being exposed to the elements. Another example, the fields contain wheat in its purest form, it is harvested and ground to flour, mixed into the dough (with other ingredients) and the ultimate result is bread. As these different processes take place, it is easy to follow the immutable law of progression downwards of every effect that is born of another.

Similarly, by applying the same reasoning to the creation of the universe and the planet we live in perfection, purity, righteousness, and the highest of intellectual reasoning and science (divine) were the norm of the earliest civilizations and what we have been reduced to, is nothing short of inferior. In short, prevention is better than the cure, so while we seek a cure, earlier civilization applied prevention. Where science is not applied to cure, it is used to satisfy curiosity, we have become materialistic thus relegating the intellect not only to the static state but brought upon ourselves enormous pain and misery.

Faith in harmony with reasoning, science and in conformity with natural laws brought the earliest civilization immense wisdom to know and now we have been reduced to doubts of false theories and dogmas, succumbing us to fear of the worst kinds. Thus the science of prevention claim its superiority by freeing early man from the agony of diseases, crimes, and persecutions, while the science of cure and curiosity displays its inferiority by reducing man (in this age) to quite the opposite.

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"But there is another prejudice which is cherished by many scholars evidently under the impression of its being a well-recognized scientific doctrine. It is that in the ruder stages of civilization, when laws of nature are little known and but little understood, when mankind has not enough of the experience of the world, strict methods of correct reasoning are very seldom observed.

On the other hand, analogy plays a most important part in the performances of intellectual functions of man. The slightest semblance or visage of semblance is enough to justify the exercise of analogy. The most palpable of the forces of nature impress the human mind in such a period of rude beginnings of human experience, by motions mainly.

"The wind blowing, the fire burning, a stone rolling, or a fruit dropping, affects the senses essentially as moving. Now throughout the range of conscious exertion of muscular power, will precedes motion, and since even the most grotesque experience of a savage in this world assumes this knowledge, it is no great stretch of intellectual power to argue that these natural forces also, to which the sensible motions are due, are endowed with the faculty of will.

The personification of the forces of nature being thus affected, their deifications soon follows. The over-whelming potency, the unhindered might, and often the violence, with which, in the sight of a savage, these forces operate, strike him with terror, awe and reverence.

A sense of his own weakness, humility, and inferiority creeps over the savage mind, and, what was intellectually personified, becomes emotionally deified. According to this view, the Vedas undoubtedly books of primitive times, consist of prayers from such an emotional character addressed to the forces of nature including wind and rain - prayers breathing passions of the savage for vengeance or for propitiation, or, in moments of poetic exaltation, hymns simply portraying the simple phenomena of nature in the personified language of mythology.

It is, therefore, more agreeable for these scholars to believe that the Vedas, no doubt books of primitive times, are records of the mythological ore of the ancient Aryans." Life and teachings of Swami Dayanand.

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"The theory of natural selection is indicative of nature's imperfections. According to it, Nature is still improving. This theory points out the absence in Nature at present of the best forms that it will produce in the future. We, on the other hand, believe in the pre-existence of all things in Nature, and in their later manifestation, not as originality, but as a manifestation of a pre-existing substance, lying latent in its bosom. Our doctrine is, that out of nothing, nothing can come. Therefore, whatever comes into existence, must have had a pre-existence in Nature.

"We have thus, little respect for a theory such as Darwin which propounds that human species are a development of inferior animal nature. For, if we were to accept this, we would be at a loss to trace the origin of human language and the possession of Divine knowledge, which are peculiar to mankind only, and which are not self-acquired, but can only be learned from others.

"Such theories may perhaps find supporters among those races which were originally savage, and which had improved within the memory of man. For, such races are apt to think that as their present development from a savage to a civilized state is a well-known fact, it may be possible that man himself is a development of the ape-like species. But the hypothesis which makes this theory possible is not reasonable in itself. No savage nation has ever become self-civilized, and we can always trace the civilization of one nation to another which is already civilized.

"The thoughts of learned men which pass as original can be traced to the authors whom they have studied, or to the society in which they lived and moved. With us, the Aryans of India, it is quite different. We have the very word of him (Manu), who was the founder of the human race, telling us that mankind is from the beginning a separate species of the animal kingdom and that the highest thoughts within the reach of mankind were revealed to him; and he, in his turn, revealed the same to his descendants." Vedic Philosophy.

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"Wisdom of the Rishis - Pt.Gurudatta Vidyarthi
His works
Natives of the Americas - youtube
It has been a well recognized theory with the generality of European writers that all nations have risen from a savage state, and that countries which now boast of a high degree of civilization were once immersed in utter barbarism. With them man's progress is only onward and not backward.

Our countrymen (India), who have received western education, and who, with very few exceptions, disregard the time-honored traditions of their motherland, have followed in the same track. Their opinion is, that in the Vedic period of India when the people worshiped the elements of nature, and when, according to their incorrect information, the idea of one supreme Ruler of this universe was not grasped, the Aryan nation was just emerging from a state of barbarism and darkness, and that since that time the country has been continuously advancing in civilization.

These gentlemen, it seems, have studied only one phase of human life, and have not yet learned that nations are as much liable to decay as they are capable of making progress. All the great nations of antiquity who were famous for their valor, power, and enlightenment, have perished and left no mark of their greatness and glory except what is here and there found in the pages of history.

Where are the ancient Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Carthegians, and Egyptians? Are not the modern Greeks and Italians descendants of their once glorious ancestors? And have not fallen from their ancient greatness? It is true they have managed to regain their dependence and keep up some degree of civilization, but can their present state stand any comparison with that high excellence, that great development - physical, mental and moral - which was once enjoyed by their glorious ancestors?

They have surely fallen. We will say nothing with regard to our own country. Our object in this chapter is to show, by means of a concrete example, that it is possible for a nation, after arriving at a high stage of civilization to dwindle down into a condition of perfect savageness. Our readers will also learn, perhaps for the first time, that Christianity, if it has been the means of civilizing some countries, has, in one instance at least been the cause of the utter ruin and destruction of a whole nation.

Cases like the one which we are going to lay before our readers shall prove without a doubt that no uncivilized nation gains in civilization, only becoming in contact with a civilized and morally-developed people and not by the introduction of one creed or other.

Archbishop Trench after studying the languages of different countries, and gaining an insight into their histories, has come to this conclusion, that a deep study of the ancient histories of all nations will show that every country has received civilization from some other civilized country with which it happened to come in contact.

This opinion, of course, leads to one premise that there must have been one nation at least which must have been civilized or enlightened from the very beginning, and that must have been the means of spreading knowledge in all directions. We will not discuss in this short chapter which nation, among those of which we have the knowledge, has the honor of being the civilizer of the whole world.

After the above general remarks, we proceed to our proper subject and hope to prove, by referring to the state of the degenerate Red Indian of America, how a highly civilized nation can again fall into the very bottom of ignorance and barbarism. The history of the despised Redman is very curious and instructive in many ways. Many rude and savage nations are yet inhabiting the globe, but if none is so deplorable a condition as of the ancient inhabitants of the New World.

It fills one's mind at once with melancholy when he learns, as we will show further on, that these intractable savages are the scions of a very old and civilized race. An inquiry into the gradual stages of the life of this fallen nation shall also give some blow to the generally recognized division of stone and iron ages. All such theories are founded on a presupposition that the world is not in existence from a very remote age, and the man has been continuously making progress onward.

"The conclusion towards which almost all the inquiries into the early history and past civilization of the red race of America seem to lead, are indeed of utmost interest, as they lead to a strong presumption that the nation and tribes inhabiting these regions at the period of the arrival of Spaniards were not people emerging from a state of barbarism, and slowly working their way up in the social scale, but that, on the contrary, they were descendants of a more civilized race sinking gradually from the high position they had once maintained, while some of them, having outstepped the others in their downward career, had already sunk into the condition of savages."
The historians have been so accustomed to see a movement from barbarism upwards that it has been very reluctantly admitted after an accumulation of good deal of clear evidence that the ruined cities which are spread in the midst of old and dense forests over many districts of America, were built by the progenitors of the now savage Red Indians:
"When the Spaniards, in 1517, after twenty-five years' occupation of the West India islands -their first discoveries in the New World - landed upon the coasts of Central America, they were struck with amazement at the contrast between the state of the countries which now opened to their view and those with which they had previously become acquainted in these regions.

Instead of naked and timid savages, gathered together in tribes independent of, and often hostile to, each other, struggling for subsistence amidst the difficulties of uncultivated nature, unacquainted with the simplest arts of civilized life, they here beheld populous nations living under the dominion of powerful monarchs, subject to the rule of systematic governments and established laws, skilled in arts and manufactures, enjoying all the benefits of organized societies, and dwelling in cities which seemed to the dazzled eyes of the new-comers to rival in magnificence those of the Old World.

The city of Mexico was, at the time of the Spanish invasion, approached by artificial roads, thirty feet in width, and extending from two to three miles in length. The temples dedicated to the religious worship of the people the palaces of the monarch, and the dwellings of persons of distinction were according to the description of the invaders, of gigantic dimensions and magnificent structure, while the habitations of the lower classes were of the humblest character, being merely huts resembling those of the Indians of the rudest tribes.

The most striking architectural features in the city of Mexico were the temples; and foremost among these was the great Teocalli*-- that is, House of God - situated in the principal square, and one of the first destroyed by the Spaniards when they became the master of the city. **This temple which was dedicated to Tezcathlopia, the God first in rank after Teoth, the Supreme Being, and to Mariti, ***the God of war, consisted of a truncated pyramid formed by five terraces ascended by broad flights of steps.

* Is not this word directly the Sanskrita word Devalaya meaning the House of God? Does not it point to some link between the West Indians and the East Indians, who have both degenerated, though not in equal degree?
** How similar is the fame of both these nations. What the enlightened and merciful followers of Christ did in the West Indies the pious followers of Islam accomplished in this country. The religious fervor of both was directed for a long time in demolishing the magnificent temples of the conquered races, and in obliterating the marks of ancient civilization.
***Is not this word connected with the Sanskrita Marutvan, one of the names of Indra; Teoth is apparently derived from Sanskrita deva. There may be found some Sanksrita word corresponding to the word Tezcatlopia. With our limited knowledge of Sanskrita we have not been able to trace this word to its origin.

The sides of the pyramid faced the four cardinal points; its base was 318 feet long, and its perpendicular height was 121 feet. On the truncated top of the pyramid were placed the sacrificial stone and statues of the gods, among which those of the sun and moon were of colossal dimensions, and covered with plates of gold. Around the main building was a wall of hewn stone, ornamented with knots of serpents in bas-relief. Within the precincts of the wall, or immediately adjoining it, were the dwellings of the priests.

Edifices of a similar character were represented as existing through Mexico and the adjoining countries; and the capital itself was said to contain no less than eight temples almost equal in size to that just described, besides two thousand of inferior dimensions."

We have this long quotation to prove on authority that a part of the country still enjoyed some degree of civilization at the time of the Spanish invasion. Though completely fallen, they yet retained some show of progress.

It is, however, curious to observe that these people who had built such magnificent buildings of stone and had made a great progress in the art of sculpture, were not acquainted, at the time of Spanish invasion, with the use of iron, without which no nation can advance far in the arts of civilized life. But how come such cities and edifices to be built up? It seems that here nature had quite a different course.

In other countries, the stone age had preceded the iron age, but here the course has been quite the reverse. Otherwise, how can it be imagined that such magnificent buildings and statues were constructed without the aid of iron implements? In spite of all this show of civilization, they have forgotten the art of writing, and of taming animals to assist man in his labors. They had lost their valor, vigor and national spirit so much that they became an easy prey to the greedy Spaniards.

With in fifty years after the first landing of the Spaniards their authority was established over almost the whole of the vast territory of Central America; and a few years later, the number of the original inhabitants of these countries was so much reduced, the accounts of their former populousness seemed fabulous.

"Their monarchs and various rulers were deposed and put to death, their religion was proscribed and persecuted, their temples and palaces were destroyed, their cities razed to the ground, their idols broken into fragments, or, when this could not be affected, buried in the earth and the dwindled remains of their population reduced to a miserable state of servitude.

Even now, when republican institutions have been established through the countries which once acknowledge the sway of Spain, and when the inhabitants of all colors and all race are recognized as equal before the law, the poor Indian, in whom every trace of the spirit of a free man has been obliterated, bends meekly before the superior race, kisses the hand which inflicts the punishment of the lash, and repeats the words which have become proverbial among the Spanish Americans - "The Indians do not hear except through their backs."

Although in different stages of civilization, no doubt remains as to the fact that all the tribes scattered all over the vast Continent belong to one race. It is true the Red Indians as a portion of that despised race yet retained some sort of civilization at the time of the Spanish invasion.
"Lost Towns' discovered in the Amazons.

The death blow, of course, was given by the Christian Spaniards who reduced them all to slaves. It is not hidden from our readers that the Christian invaders, who so much boasted of their civilization and civilizing mission, long carried on a flourishing and lucrative trade in slaves, and it is only within the collection of the present generation that that abominable and degrading trade has been abolished, though not without a struggle.

It must have been made clear to our readers by this time that, in the case of the ancient inhabitants of America at least, Christianity, instead of being a means of elevating their condition, has rather been the cause of their complete downfall. It would be better to quote here the words of our Historian, who himself appears to be a Christian.

"It is melancholy to reflect that a Christian civilized race has superceded the aboriginal inhabitants of these lands, without having in any instance succeeded in extending to the latter the advantages to which they owe their own superiority; that while expanding on the soil the benefits of cultivation and causing it to yield rich harvest in return for their labor, they, the followers of a religion which teaches man to see in his fellow-man, of whatever race and color, a brother, should not have only left the aborigines in the same degraded state in which they found them, but that they should have disseminated their vices where they knew not how to implant their virtues. If the Anglo-Saxon race can plead in their excuse the wild and intractable character of the savages with whom they had to deal, the same plea will not extend to the Spaniard, whose Indian subjects were docile and submissive to a fault."
How systematically the Spaniards planned and accomplished the destruction of the nation which unfortunately was subjugated by them, will be apparent from what follows. In one of his reports to Charles V. Cortez thus described his manner of proceeding in Mexica:-
"I formed the design of demolishing on all sides all the houses in proportion as we became masters of the streets, so that we should not advance a foot without having destroyed and cleared out whatever was behind us."
This policy was followed up by the Spaniards for two centuries and resulted in the almost total obliteration from the face of the country of every trace of the state of things which preceded their arrival. The ancient monuments which lay buried in the midst of dense jungles, an account of which we might live somewhere else, were so little known till the very recent time that the able, philosophic and conscientious Scottish historian, Dr. Roberston, in his
"History of America published in 1777 A.D., affirmed, on the authority of persons long resident in those countries, that there was not throughout Spanish America, single monument or vestige of any building more ancient than the Conquest; and his general estimation of the state of the inhabitants of those countries at that period led him to the conclusion that the progenitors of the American race must have been in a very barbarous state when they left the cradle of mankind to populate these unknown regions."
Sad is the history of the degraded and despised Red Indian. We learn many lessons from it. It teaches us that it is possible for nations to immerse into a savage state after attaining to a high standard of civilization, that it is a vain boast to say that Christianity has everywhere been the means of bettering the condition of the people who came in contact with it and that the distinction of stone and iron ages does not hold good in every country and in every state.

There is frequent mention in our Shastras of Patala Desha (that is, the country underneath our feet) and of frequent communication between this country and the Antipodes. The names of some powerful kings of Patala are given, and they are represented to have invaded this country many times. It will, therefore, be not too much to suppose that civilization in America was very much influenced by this country.

The occurrence of the words Teoth, Teocalli and Maritli in connection with the religion and temples of the inhabitants of Patala rather than strengthens our position, and it is possible some further light might be thrown on the subject by researches which would be made hereafter.

In Arya Varta also, had the sway of some bigoted and tyrannical rulers continued for a few centuries more, all the old monuments should have been swept away from the surface of the country, and her inhabitants already greatly fallen, must have shared the fate of the poor Red Indians. Thanks to God that time have changed and the inhabitants of India have got an opportunity, under the British rule, of bettering their condition.
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The Africans - their exploitation continues in the name of Christianity.
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"When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said - Let us pray. We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land." Desmond Tutu
All the young and inquisitive minds of past and this modern age are of the fervid impression that the principles of physics, chemistry and of other sciences, had their origination from their European ancestors and that no other race was aware of these before.

The fixedness of the Sun, the motion of the earth, of fixed and moving stars (the milky way), the planetary systems, of the moons, of earthquakes and hurricanes and many countless branches of sciences can be incontrovertible be proven by the many branches of Vedic philosophy. Even the discovery of the law of gravitation of which many credited Sir Isaac Newton becomes contradicted when many Vedic verses deal with the law of gravitation, thousands of years earlier.

"The 'quality' of American life: barbecue parties, beaches, tattoos, fun, and frolic? Yes, except that one out of three American couples divorce within three years, one out of four Americans consults a psychiatrist for depression, bulimia, schizophrenia or plain boredom, and American children often indulge in shooting other children, just because they are exposed to so much violence...". Francois Gautier

Freedom must not only be an expression, but a daily experience.

The remarkable achievement of modern science is the envy of the world, but should Christianity be credited for it? The Caucasian superiority complex has not only failed humankind but has also given birth to the black inferiority complex, which has become a plague to the entire world. The blacks feel alienated, despondent and cheated, and that perhaps their only purpose of existence is crime and destruction and that slavery was the only way that proved them beneficial to society..... Thank God for slavery

They were forcibly taken from their loved ones and country. After enduring a perilous journey to the free world, they were dumped into vassalage. Slaves they were, for many generations, until they were not only freed from serfdom but were also shown a way to 'heaven'. Until today, blacks are not only segregated to their own townships, but also have their own separate church of worship, businesses, and colleges. It seems no matter what they excel in, they are being looked upon as inferior because of color. Is this God's injustice and or cynicism of a race that claims superiority?

The event of enslaving fellow human beings is undoubtedly below the pale of ignorance and human dignity. It is one more ugly event added to the endless list of injustices and ungodly acts of Christianity. Each time they speak of the goodness of the Christian faith, the deceitful and barbaric actions of the past seem to haunt their effort to promote goodwill.

Many blacks, unfortunately, cannot understand why they are black and sometimes hopeless, so they sit back and feel sorry for themselves. The attrition of bondage rewarded them with a new country, new culture, social benefits, new names, clothing, education, and even a new God. But the obvious denial of gratitude due to the white race lies buried in Martin Luther King's dream of "we shall overcome." Maybe they are mad with their 'white masters' for not bringing the rest of Africa to the free world.

The long and effortless path to salvation no longer lends support of credence from the Caucasoids alone. The possessive black preachers have now earned the exploited distinction of brainwashing the prodigal race to the final assertion of salvation in Christ. It is understandable that desperation of the will knew no bounds when in slavery and may seem a good reason to stay the taskmaster's whip. But the continued enslavement of the soul can hardly be deemed a victory for the freedom of the intellect and body.

This also concedes another injustice of the Christian God that denied their ancestors, left behind in Africa, of this impending salvation. After all, there was some good that came out of slavery. God eventually spoke and showed himself to man (Moses) who performed miracles to free Hebrew slaves. Freed slaves, in addition to promised salvation, also have the satisfaction of enjoying life in preferable advance society.

There is no country on the continent of Africa where blacks enjoy such privileges as in the Western world. If they call this total discrimination and subjugation here, why is no one thinking of repatriation to Africa? Freedom and human rights are foreign words to African dictators when the lust and greed for power and riches are within their grasps. Sadly, this race is in a self-destruct mode where most of their miseries were inflicted by their own. After all, the original slave traders were blacks themselves!

The continent of Africa is riddled by wars, atrocities, diseases, poverty, corruption at all levels, unemployment, droughts, and instability of all kinds. In spite of aid, in the form of religion (Christianity) food, clothing, and shelter, there are no signs of recuperation. The Christian missions are now in every poor nation of the world and yet the untold miseries, worst than before, continue to afflict these black nations.

It seems that their primary motive is to prolong the miseries to justify the clandestine effort of collecting huge sums of money. Can there be true happiness when one's soul is bought for money or food, clothing, and shelter? Many Rwandans, as Christians, were responsible for the massacre of nearly a million of their own people.

The Western nations are prospering from the toil and sweat of these poor nations by arming these erotic, predacious and power-hungry despots. They then return a little in the name of Christian charity and when well fed, clothed and baptized they go on a rampage mercilessly destroying each other. Is there any doubt that Christianity was conducive to many of these events that went wrong?

The compassionate Christian world always fails to prevent genocides, but will hurriedly flood the remnants of blood baths, the refugee camps with supplies. They put up a valiant and blessed effort to save both survivors and oppressors. As a result, thousands more are born in misery with one goal in mind, vengeance.

Hunger and destitution have become good grounds to lay the foundation of Christianity, but when barbarism and tyranny, their heinous past, start to rear their ugly head, the innocent are again left to fend for themselves. Certainly, charity is essential and is one of the godliest things to do. However, when it is done with all sincerity and the universal message of love, only then it brings about benevolent and noble results.

These Christian missionaries of compassion and mercy can breathe a "sigh of relief" because there is no end in sight of their mercy missions. As the cause (dogmas) of poverty and destitution continue to ravish the planet on a large scale, the merciful act of receiving a great deal and giving a little, in the name of Christ, will continue its euphoric flow. If the incivility of the Africans is a reflection of their true nature, then the result of Christian indoctrination has done very little for them.

The fall of humanity was systematically global, but the decadence of the African, Maoris and those of neighboring regions were reduced, in some cases, to cannibalism. The existence of certain types of expression among a section of them signified a once higher state of cultural life. This is a sure sign of a higher cultural past that they actually led at one time. Some very backward Negro tribe like the Thonga, living in South Africa are reported to possess a fairly rich language. Its variety of expression embodied both grammatical forms and words.

"The power of classification of the Bantu mind (as evidenced by the classification of names in their language) is certainly not inferior to that of the Aryans."-
"An endless number of combinations is thus rendered possible."
"Descriptive adverbs......disclose a wonderful power of description."
"The faculty of elocution among the Thonga is very great."
"Negro languages are not inexpressive, they are rich in their way. They excel in discovering spiritual truths in material facts or rather in perceiving the relations between the spiritual and the external world." Henry A. Junod - The life of a South African Tribe - Vol II, Pages 141, 143, 153, 154.
The Blacks have fallen to the lowest state by the villainy of their own culture and must endure a harder climb to civility. The return to a certain degree of this high cultural heritage can uplift this race from its stigmatized dependence. The menial behavior of blaming others for their fallen state will falsely provide credence to their race. Their progress must not be deterred amidst the viciousness of a rogue society, which may never cease to bare malice. - Atheistminority
Africans Have Never Built a Major Enduring City in 3,000 Years
West African Blacks Preach the Vedic religion
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Wreston Charles Ankoh is a Ghanan African, a man whose people possessed for millennia a deep spiritual tradition and cultural identity in West Africa. He is polished, highly educated and speaks brightly enunciated British English, Ankoh could be an Anglican minister, with a Reverend before his name. But Ankoh's title is Pandit and he is a Vedic priest of the Arya Samaj, the first black African to be trained in the Arya Samaj ministry. He laments the Christian/Islamic conversion of his people and asks in an essay why the Arya Samaj teachings didn't arrive in his country sooner. Pandit Ankoh founded the Arya Vedic Mission in Accra, Ghana, in August 1986 after completing his studies in Vedic knowledge, Vedic mantras, and yoga philosophy in Durban, South Africa, under the aegis of Pandit Nardev Vedaalankarji. It consisted then of five members from African families, who gathered for weekly satsangs, yagnas and philosophical study.

Out of this seeding, the Ghana Arya Vedic Mission has grown dramatically, and broadcast the Samaj's Vedic teachings across Ghana through public speaking, satsangs, and literature. So successful is the movement that Ankoh is negotiating to begin a mission in neighboring Nigeria. A key to Ankoh's approach is maintaining the integrity of the Vedic rituals and chants while allowing reconciliation of Indian customs and traditional Ghanan cultural practices. For marriages, the bride may dress in Ghanian fashion. Members often keep their Ghanian ancestral name during the namakarana (name-giving sacrament). Vegetarianism and yoga practice are taught and encouraged, and the Ghanian youth excel at hatha yoga postures. Ankoh is particularly proud that spiritual leaders of other faiths, woefully ignorant of Hindu ideals and knowledge, are now well acquainted with, at least, the Arya Samaj presentations of the Vedic religion.

A short dialogue with Randy, the black preacher
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Email to:
(Black Television-evangelist of "The Exalted Word International Broadcast.")
- Monday, March 15, 1999 9:09 PM
From: Vijai Singh.
Hello Randy,
How are you today? I have been listening to you, a very eloquent speaker I must say and you really know how to move the audience.
I have been thinking though, that although physical slavery is something of the past, mental thralldom seems to continue its relentless course of obscurity for many blacks like you.
"Jesus says, "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, NO ONE comes to the FATHER except through ME" John 14:6"
This is fine for you and those who come to know him, but what about those like your forefathers in Africa who never heard of him or those in regions where many have never heard of Christianity? How are they going to get the Salvation that you now preach?

The white man has given you a new country, his name, his clothes and even a wife - a completely new way of life which is fine, but have you ever stop to think that the God he has given you, was the same that held your forefathers in cruel bondage of the worst kind (slavery) for centuries? Since he did the same to the Hebrews also, how could Africans trust him not do it again?

You may be able to dismiss slavery and prejudice as the acts of bias men and not that of Christianity. But you will never be able to turn your back to the barbarism and tyranny (the dark age) of the Christian church and that if it is the Bible that has made them civilize now, why didn't it do it then? Is it that difficult to reason that Christianity, which was the cause of so much pain and misery for millions for your people, can only bring the same at the end?

However, now that Christians have become more civilized one must wonder, what is the source? No nation could have become civilized on its own, there had to be a source nation. I must admit that to find the answer it would not be a simple task for you, but it is necessary for you and those you lead to know because in it lies the only truth whereby man can be free from pain and misery.

Reply to Paul - Saturday, March 27, 1999
Vj ~ I am sorry Randy is too busy to know that there isn't really heaven. If it is, then there is also a Paradise (Islam) by the same concept.

Dear Vijai, We received your e-mail with concerns about those who have never heard the salvation that we preach.

  • Vj ~ The concern is, is there such salvation as you preached? It is quite reasonable to believe that if Christianity was never able to bring harmony on earth, it certainly would not be able to do it either salvation.

    The Bible says that God has not left Himself without a witness to all human beings, whether they have heard of Jesus or not. In Acts 14:17 Paul says that God "...did not leave Himself without witness in that He did good, gave us rain from heaven and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness."

  • Vj ~ God may have given you all these things but He did not give your forefathers in Africa and those who brutally suffered for centuries at the hands of slavery, His 'son' Jesus, that you now worship. Was this bigotry on his part, truly reminiscent of the white slave masters?

    There are 2 things that eliminate any excuse for not believing in the true God as opposed to idols that don't talk or see. They are both found in the book of Romans. Romans 1:18-20 says, "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.

  • Vj ~ But your forefathers in Africa who also worshiped idols that don't talk and see are also in serious trouble and really, it is not their fault either, since this God who sent truth in righteousness did not send it for them. Since you and Randy found this gift through slavery, shouldn't blacks propagate more of it so that those left behind can be saved also? How do you explain this?

    For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened." The creation itself reveals that God exists.

  • Vj ~ His creation is also Satan, clearly not one of his good attributes. If Satan, previously an angel, can become wicked in heaven, it leaves one to believe that a mere human is even more susceptible to evil. Why would you want to go to a place where you can be kicked out in the first place? And you are fully aware of how this god and his white followers treated the blacks in the past.

    Then in Romans 1:12-16 it says, "For as many as have sinned without law will also perish without law, and as many as have sinned in the law will be judged by the law (for not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the doers of the law will be justified; for when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do the things in the law, these, although not having the law, are a law to themselves, who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them) in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel.

  • Vj ~ Maybe you didn't know but repentance or redemption is an escape route to this law. So even a fool can deceive this God which leaves this God like nothing else but a bigger fool. Do you really think such a God can guarantee eternal salvation?

    "Every man has a conscience placed by God to accuse or excuse them. We will all be judged for what we are accountable for.

  • Vj ~ And why are there so many in Africa in pain and misery (starvation and hunger, civil war, genocide, etc.) in spite of Christianity? Don't these punishments mean that they are already held accountable? If not, is it not an injustice for them to be held accountable twice. And if they are not held accountable now, why are they suffering while you and Randy are living in luxury even though you are misleading those that follow.

    People bring misery and pain on themselves. God has put before us life and death, blessings and cursing. He tells us to choose life.

  • Vj ~ Come on guys you must be more intelligent than that - What choice did your forefathers in Africa had since they didn't know Christ? Besides the Pope is Christ's Vicar and even he is suffering miserably. It seems to me that there is really no choice at all since suffering is the same for a destitute African as well as the Pope.

    Prejudice is what the Bible calls a proud look and that's what it is: 'pride.' The Bible says in Acts 17:24-26, "God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Nor is He worshiped with men's hands, as though He needed anything since He gives to all life, breath, and all things. And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings,"

  • Vj ~ Is there any indication also, somewhere why he made you black to be discriminated against? Since he is god, he must have known at some time before he created both races that there would have existed this huge problem of racial discrimination and to have deliberately set it in motion in spite of him being all-knowing, can certainly be regarded as blatantly prejudicial and ungodly act. Don't you think?

    Besides, we are slaves to whom we obey, whether sin or obedience to God. If you yield yourself to sin, you are a slave to sin. God sent Jesus to deliver us from that slavery and I trust that this helps you with your concerns. We encourage you to continue watching "The Exalted Word International Broadcast."

  • Vj ~ I would be happy to, if you can also explain to me why, from Adam and Eve to the last disciple of Christ, there were no blacks, South Asians or Orientals as biblical prodigies. Do I sense the Bible the 'word' of the living God as a trail of prejudice and bigotry? No wonder White Christians never thought twice to enslave, murder and rape your people and to make matters worse, today Randy stands on the pulpit proclaiming this God as almighty and the way to salvation. By the sound of this whole thing, it looks like another trap for enslaving your people. I am quite sure if it turns out to be true up there somewhere you would remember me, won't you Paul.

    P.S. Please make an effort to pass this urgent message on to Randy and that I am offering a way out for you, him and all those whom he is constantly brainwashing.
    I know you and him are enjoying the vanity of people clapping at every speech he makes, but don't let it fool you. I know it doesn't last, trust me. Try it when no one or a very few turn up to listen.

    Vijai Singh.

    In reply to Rob Graham, a fellow Guyanese - Sunday, July 21, 2002

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    RG: Vijay, quite an interesting piece. However, I take umbrage with a lot of what has been written here, e.g. many blacks sit around feeling sorry for themselves and for having been born black ?!?! That is the worst piece of horse-manure I have ever heard. It is obvious that the idiot who made that statement is DEFINITELY NOT BLACK.
  • Vj ~ You are a genius you did not only figure out the "idiot" part, you knew I am not black. Had you read my homepage you would have noticed that I am also prepared for all sorts of objections, on any level, even such as yours. However, it is not meant to offend but to enlighten. You cannot deny that there is no black who does not have such regret. I have met people of my own race who wish they were white and I personally don't see anything wrong with it either. We may be black, brown or white but our souls have no color. My emphasis on the condition related to the soul as we are categorized by race, is meant to encourage one to seek enlightenment to truly understand why we were born in such conditions and not to further degrade anyone racially, physically or intellectually. If you must come in defense of what I had to say, then be impartial and first investigate the rest of my treatise where not only blacks have been chastised for their own failure, but other races and creeds also. Do you really think the other races have made immense progress intellectually, (spiritual or scientific), that blacks are way behind? I am merely pointing out how deep is the fall of the human race and that no matter where one is, there is the possibility of uplifting oneself when one comes into contact with the right knowledge. If Africans were advanced in science, spirituality or even sports, the history of Africa certainly did them an injustice. But it is only through the correct knowledge one can tell of the past glory of all these fallen races who originated from one mighty empire and that unrighteousness was the cause of their downfall..

    RG: Harkens back to the old adage, 'everyone feels that they can either speak for black people or know what is best for black people'. I do not know how well you know black people, (obviously you ain't black) but there is another saying, you never know what a gody is until you got one yuhself. I have NEVER met a black person who has ever expressed to me that he would rather be a member of another race. Black people are not monolithic, and people do not understand that. We do not think alike, we do not eat alike, we do not even look alike (though some white folk still think we do).

  • Vj ~ It is true knowledge and not a color that qualifies us to speak for all people (souls) and only the wise know best the cause of our failures. The state ignorance does not qualify one to know even the ignorant, much less the wise. Likewise, as discrimination (hate) is the nature of ignorance, it is only through the correct knowledge (wisdom) that man can understand their true nature of compassion to help each other in elevating the human soul for the purpose of harmony and finally salvation. Your immediate response without thoroughly investigating my treatise (site) is a good example of how offended one (ignorant) can become when in fact the truth is, it is meant for one's own good.

    RG: We know about 'driving while black', working in major corporations while black, discrimination because we are black. But before you rush to the conclusion of 'complaining'. Let me also say this, WE have invented the traffic light, the comb, performed the first open-heart surgery, invented blood transfusion, created the first internal combustion engine, the person in the 'real McCoy' was a black man and quite recently the fastest computer on the planet for IBM. In the world of sports, Muhammad Ali is a black man, the 'greatest' in boxing, Tiger Woods in golf, we prevail on the football field, the basketball court, in the world of athletics beginning from the Olympics of 1936 where we obliterated the Germans, the so-called 'master race'. During World War 2, we distinguished ourselves even though we were 2nd class citizens of America, the Tuskegee Airmen never lost a plane to enemy fire vis a vis the great 4 star general Benjamin O. Davis, recently departed. I can go on and on, but I have wasted enough time expounding on the innate abilities of black people to overcome despite numerous roadblocks placed in our way. Yes we are still an oppressed race but we have accomplished all the above in spite of our oppression. It is out of our oppression that we excelled in the world of music, creating the blues and giving america its only indigenous musical genre, jazz.

  • Vj ~ I am well aware of what the blacks have achieved materially, but it is not the remedy for pain and misery. Perpetual happiness is a still a distant dream not only for the wealthiest of blacks but even the wealthiest of all races. Even one who has risen from unholiness to the 'holiest of the holy' (the Pope) is plagued with painful and incurable diseases. I do not even call that progress, much less the "real McCoy, Muhammad Ali , Tiger Woods, and the others you have mentioned. As long as there is unrighteousness ( worship of no god or false god) the cause of destitution, poverty, diseases, plagues brought on by destructive forces of nature and man, no one is free of oppression. The world is so engulfed in pain and misery that I can hardly see the accomplishment of any one race, not to mention that of a few Africans.

    RG: So what about christianity and its impact on your lives. Just got back from church where my pastor described Christianity as 'nonsense'. Sure it brings people together to worship a common God but despite its negative elements, it was the nucleus which spawned the Civil Rights movement and gave us a Martin Luther King and others like him. It was our belief in a forgiving God which has made us the people that we are today, quite unquestioning in my humble opinion, the most forgiving race of people on the face of the earth. The downside of course is that we are often taken advantage of over and over again AND STILL WE RISE. Those of us who continue to victimize and oppress their own people in Africa, will have their comuppance one day. According to MLK, the bow of time is long but it always bends on the side of justice.

  • Vj ~ The chain of misery still continues and rising in spite of all the movements that have come and gone, however 'civil' you claimed them to be. While it might suffice for a period of tolerance, it is still not the answer to the one common goal of universal harmony. Like the attack on the WTC, in the name of religion, there is no guarantee that what Africans have left behind, would not repeat itself. I am not saying that it is one's fault what one is or for what one has become, but it is certainly one's fault to continue that way, especially when the truth is presented for one's own good.

    RG: But we have never claimed to be a perfect race of people, the jews in israel are still oppressing the palestinians everyday, even though the bible claims that they are god's chosen people. Are the struggles in Africa any different from the struggles in India which caused the separation between hindus and muslims thus creating Pakistan ? Most recently a showdown with nuclear weapons over a piece of land which they both claim as theirs ? We as humans are no better than anyone else and I think that is the mis-perception that continues to evoke misguided judgement being passed on black people by other races. A typical example of which has been stated in this piece of stereotypical screed.

  • Vj ~ You are right, the world is in turmoil and I have made no exception to the "struggles" (political, theological and social) that have marred civilization for the past 6000 years. We may have made vast progress in technology, but it is definitely not the answer, especially when it has become so detrimental to the environment. If we are brainwashed with the idea that no human is better than the other, then we will forever be suffering in misery. It is only one who is better off, can uplift the unfortunate, so there are definitely those, however few, that are better than others. Why are others striving to become like Tiger Woods, isn't it because he is the best (or better) in his field? In the field of knowledge, there are also best (or better) who one can emulate for the good of one' s (soul) happiness, but you will have to make the effort to know them, as you have for Tiger Woods.


  • Vj ~ Well it is time to move on brother. I AM GIVING YOU THE CORRECT KNOWLEDGE TO ACQUIRE WISDOM. I can only show you the way to ingraining good reasoning habits, it is up to you to do the rest. When our body thirst we seek the remedy of lemonade but when the soul thirst we must seek the remedy of intellectual reasoning if we truly must quench our desire for harmony.

    RG: If there is such a thing as a 'typical black man' there is none. I consider myself a BLACK MAN IN AMERICA. Answer these questions for me please:
    a) Name me one black person whom you have met or know of who has indicated that he would rather be white or a member of any other race ?

  • Vj ~ As if your honest intention is to believe me, if I should say Michael Jackson. Did I not write anything positive about the human race also? Let us dwell on what is positive if we must together bring harmony. Whatever I wrote on the negative side is not meant to offend but assist those who desire to uplift their souls because truth cannot be ascertained without exposing untruth.

    RG: b) Share with me one person that you know has questioned (by written word) the authenticity of the Bhagavat Gita or other Indian religious dogma as it relates to someone of indian origin ? (not unlike what you have written here).

  • Vj ~ In this age, the company of the wise are few, to know them you, yourself must strive to become wise. Do not be in a hurry to defend, even Hinduism did not escape the scathe of my attack. So tread my site diligently and you will find that nothing is hidden from the world.
    Thank you for your response.

    Vijai Singh

  • "Just as color cannot be perceived by ears, nor sound by eyes; in like manner, the Eternal Supreme Spirit is not perceptible to the senses. He can only be seen by a pure soul through the purity of heart, acquisition of knowledge and the practice of yoga. Just as one cannot reap the advantages of knowledge without acquiring it, likewise the Supreme Spirit cannot be seen without the practice of yoga and gaining the highest knowledge." The Light of Truth
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