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Proudly presenting a faith in harmony with reasoning and science, and in conformity with natural laws.
"I have not come to preach any new dogmas or religion, nor to establish a new order, nor to be proclaimed a new Messiah or Pontiff. I have only brought before my people the light of the Vedic Wisdom (true religion) which had been hidden during the centuries of India's thralldom.
Though I was born in Aryavarta (India) and live in it, yet just as I do not defend the falsehood of the faiths and religions of this country, but expose them fully; in like manner, I deal with the religions of other countries. I treat the foreigners in the same way as my own countrymen, so far as the elevation of the human race is concerned.
Therefore, the purpose of my life is the extirpation of evils; introduction of truth in thought, speech, and deeds; the preservation the unity of religion; the expulsion of mutual enmity; the extension of friendly intercourse; and the advancement of public happiness by reciprocal subservience of the human family.
May the grace of the Almighty God and co-operation of the learned soon spread this doctrine all over the world to facilitate everybody's endeavor in the advancement of virtue, wealth, godly pleasure, and salvation, so that peace, prosperity, and happiness may ever reign in the world." Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati
The sand-clock is significant of the passing out of a life span for the human soul, a rather privileged condition. It is all the time one has to prevent the sinking of the soul into further pain and misery.

"Make hay while the sun shines."

In other words, grab the glorious opportunity to do something positive for the soul, now that the light of true knowledge is once more shining again.

Before 5,000 years ago

There were no temple, no mosque and no church. Everyone worshiped the one true God. There were no mediator, no incarnation or manifestation and no prophet. God was only addressed according to His Nature (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss), Attributes (Creator, Sustainer and Dissolver) and characteristics (Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Just, etc.)

The pure monotheistic


was the universal religion of the world.

One God - OM; one religion - Sanatan Dharma; one scripture - VEDAS; one caste - ARYA and one method of worship - SANDHYA.

Aryavarta, the cradle of all civilization
"India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace; human speech, the mother of history, grandmother of legend, and great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only." Mark Twain

It is quite clear that the application of logistics (tangible or genuine support) was responsible in every conceivable way in the advancement of all political, social and scientific progress made today. And in spite of all these modern achievements, we are still teetering on the brink of annihilation because spirituality or religion as we have come to know it, up to now, is still void of superior logic or reasoning, thus leaving all or most of mankind still in the stone-age state of mind. Because of this feeble state of mind prejudice, bigotry, barbarism, and pedantry continue to rear their ugly heads in all forms of human behavior of greed and sensuality, from the curbing of the freedom of expression, stealing, enslaving, cheating, raping, plundering or trafficking to murder and finally genocide.

The truth is, the continent of Asia is the most populated, so it has to be the continent of the human race's origin. India and China are the two most populated nations not only in Asia but the whole world, so without any difficulty, we have to accept that the cradle of civilization has it's rooted somewhere between their borders.

India has the oldest religion (Hinduism), the most ancient of all scriptures (Vedas) and the oldest language (Sanskrit) in the world and since the Indians are the only race that experience changes in features and complexion because of the regions and cultures adopted, it is absolutely very clear that all other races evolved from them. Even ancient Europeans had blue eyes and dark skin.

Even archaeological discoveries done by Westerners of ancient India suggested it to be so. It is clear then, that what we know of God and the Universe were made known to us first and only Indians hold the whole truth and no one else outside the realm of Eastern philosophy.

"We owe a lot to Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made." Albert Einstein
Vedic literature and Swami Dayananda Saraswati: a revival of the ancient Vedic tradition
Gurudeo Anand Tularam
Faculty of Science, Environment, Engineering, and Technology
Griffith University
Brisbane, Australia.

Sarweshaamewa daanaanaam brahmadaanam vishishyate. Manu, 4/233
The most important gift one can give is to teach the Vedas

Vedas are the ancient scriptures of India that have been from time immemorial orally transmitted and later written in the Sanskrit language. The vast literature forms the basis and source of the Vedic philosophy and thought (Brown, 2010). The mantras in each of the sections of the Vedas relate to each other and can be interpreted in terms of "adhidevika" (universal - planetary systems), "adhibhautika" (earthly systems) and "adhyaatmika" (yogic, spiritual, God and soul systems) as they relate to our human existence. The key to mantra interpretations had been lost to history (Rijken van Ols, 2006; see The Secret Doctrine). The Vedic tradition, however, is today more or less referred to as the Hindu tradition. Although the Hindu name appears inappropriate the label is now common in the literature. It is probably for this reason that most have lost sight of the beginnings of the word "Hindu" itself. Sindhu, Saptasindu, and Indus are names of rivers in ancient India and such names appear to be linked to the word Hindu. Moguls ruled India for a long period of time and it seems that they gave this name to the people of the Indus Valley.

It is well known that the Vedas are the most ancient of all Indo-European religious and philosophical traditions much of the literature dating before the Greeks by centuries. A complete understanding of the ancient Indo-European religions and philosophy may, therefore, be achieved by studying the Vedas, if only to understand the early spirituality and tradition of the Aryans. However to do this one must study and examine the mantras in the Vedas in light of the time period and more particularly the context in which they are based. A literal translation often loses the essence of the ancient knowledge presented in the form of mantras. Nonetheless, Vedas remains central for those interested in learning about deeper spiritual inquiries of humans (Dayananda, 1875; Radhakrishnan, 1977; Rajaram and Frawley, 1995; Frawley, 1999).

Vj ~ However, due to the fallen state of man in this age of Kaliyuga, the feeble mind (intellect) of the great majority cannot readily grasp the meaning of the mantras of the Vedas. So, does this mean mankind is completely doomed to further pain and misery? Not quite! When all seems lost as the light of truth grows dimmer and dimmer, a Maharishi appears to enlighten mankind again. One such Maharishi, Swami Dayanand Saraswati appeared one hundred and fifty years ago and before him, was Swami Sankaracharya two thousand five hundred years ago. It is not the Vedas we must study but the messages of the Rishis who simplified the meaning so that we can read, understand and practice through thorough reasoning.

"Swami Dayananda Saraswati is certainly one of the most powerful personalities who has shaped modem India and is responsible for its moral regeneration and religious revival". Subhash Chandra Bose.
Obviously, most of us are not gifted with the high inclination (Sanskara) to reason properly, in this case, the Rishis have introduced a system of rituals (Agnihotra and Sandhaya) whereby the weak can practice and rise to a higher birth. The ultimate goal of the human soul is Moksha (emancipation), but our immediate goal is the elevation of the soul into a higher birth where it can meet with the ready response of higher knowledge of the Vedas.

Unfortunately, billions will never come to grasp this truth, compulsion being so, those souls will be relegated to lower life forms accordingly to their past sinful actions, of course with no memory of the past life, until all actions are fully justified (law of karma), they are again endowed with human body with a chance of seeking elevation of the soul through the same messages of the eternal Vedas. Since God, souls and matter are eternal entities, these cycles of creation and dissolution, and birth and rebirth are also eternal phenomena.

Why, when, where, what and to whom were the Vedas revealed?
"That by which the true nature of things is known is called knowledge. Whilst that by which the true nature of things is not revealed and, instead, a false conception of things is formed, is called ignorance." Light of Truth
  1. HARMONY between KNOWLEDGE and ACTION - a combination of both to attain emancipation (salvation).

  2. HARMONY between RENUNCIATION and ENJOYMENT - enjoining upon us the middle path.

  3. ADVOCATING the claims of reconciliation between INDIVIDUALISM and SOCIALISM
    Laying stress on the combination of both, (a) individual all-round progress and
    (b) social collective welfare, as the right path.

  4. HARMONY between FAITH and REASON
    Cultivating and praying for the development of both, and conducting ourselves that both may go hand in hand.

  5. HARMONY in RELIGION and SCIENCE and both confirming to NATURAL LAWS.
The Vedas are not only the origin of ethics and morality, but all sciences, including the science of government. Rejection of the true source of science did not only leave religions blind but wholly accountable for the deep tensions of state's separation from religion.
It is of utmost importance to note!

Make yourself noble
Only when this knowledge is put into practice (yoga) for the benefit of our protection from pain and misery it is called dharma, until then it remains religion.
"A man should, as far in his power, constantly endeavor to undermine the power of the unjust and strengthen that of the just. He may have to bear any amount of terrible suffering, he may even have to quaff the bitter cup of death in performance of his duty, which devolves on account of him being a man, but he should not shirk it." Swami Dayanand