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The emphasis of religious tolerance is a commanding and transcending event, tied to religious, social and political bodies of all secular nations of the world today. Thus subjection to such a compromising rule becomes and remains only a temporary mainstay. It creates an artificial peace among their inhabitants on the outside, while on the inside, it is tearing our creation to threads with events sometimes sudden and sporadic but always extremely volatile.
"If all the religions of the world were in harmony with each other there would have been one religion, but since they oppose each other there is one true religion." Based on this assertion, the world had experienced universality in some early period of creation and is now undergoing periods of retrogression and decadence. However, why must mankind bare the brunt of these sporadic phases of destruction?

Credulity and gullibility is the norm of our present era as countless factions of mankind sift relentlessly through doctrines after doctrines, directed particularly by genetic obsession, seeking a final resting place for their souls. These lost souls remain buried in uncertainties by the daily bombardment of every irrational dogma that has plagued this planet for centuries.

The altruism and the verity of this website are clear when the vestiges of all these dogmas are torn to pieces by pure rationalism. A faith which is in conformity with the immutable laws of nature and in harmony with science, and which is supported by many references of rational Western and Eastern philosophers becomes clear.

Misguided religion can never remain the same for those who were at a loss in justifying the end of ethics and morals. Morality is no longer a good deed without a reward. The laws of ethics are no longer in place to punish "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" but rather to deter, thus no one escapes its infallible justice. It is the only viable means of answering the charges of "sentence to life on earth".

This highly controversial site probes the source of every adverse condition that is plaguing the planet and its inhabitants. The irrational practices and teachings of the venal prophets of the ages are being chastised for not only condoning but silently promoting these adversities. It also beckons the return to every ethics, morals, and science far above what is known by the gullible mass and is as old as creation itself, as the only pragmatic cure.

The few who are bold enough to contradict the untenable messages of these diabolical messengers called themselves "atheists". They are also severely criticized for their egocentric convictions, although their significantly rational thought and learning of man, nature, and science has unknowingly secured for them, THE PATH.

The slow and gradual scientific creation of the universe, which is rationally supported by the one true revelation, has also given added meaning to the purpose of the Soul. Above all, it necessitated the true existence of a Just Maker, which sets the aspirants on THE RIGHT PATH.

This sagacious website, aided with beautiful illustrations, transcends mankind from the dazzling wonders of the material world, which instead of being the soul's happiness, unfortunately, becomes its cage of miseries. The instant perception of the vast potential of the soul opens the door of the cage. This newborn freedom brings the soul face to face with the most astounding resplendence of the Almighty God. It is truly the ultimate heaven, desired by the soul, via THE ONE TRUE PATH.

The answer to the world's tribulation lies not in anything new, a constantly disputed phenomenon, which has left us increasingly, divided. Many, though overwhelmed, will be fervent as they undertake this journey with me and witness the immensely gratifying successes of this rational ancient theology that held the world incongruity until the last 5,000 years.

Religion should have nothing to do with fear of living or a fear of death, but should instead be striving after rational knowledge." Albert Einstein.
The majority of the world�s 5.8 billion population professes their obedience and loyalty to one religion or the other. A small minority leisurely makes regular changes to different religions. As they look for more of what they might be comfortable with rather than harmonize their faith through reasoning.

The firm belief that all religions ultimately lead to God is an argument that is not easily defended, as many have been and will be threatened with persecution rather than be converted. There are numerous varieties of religions from which to make a choice, yet there is no stopping in the increase of orgiastic cults and other so-called new age spiritual groups.

Spontaneous individual recoveries or achievements are made in many different religious and non-religious lifestyles and all are accredited to some particular religion. It is totally mystifying how one can credit one's religion to this blimp of actuality when the same occurs in any other religious circle. This kind of blind ideology binds the credulous to a peculiar belief, which ultimately leads to excruciating pain and misery, life after life.

God, supposedly, created all the religions of the world, yet they obviously are not in harmony with one another. Since they all opposed one another and God's omniscience is irrefutable, then they had to be concocted by man. This is so evident when all worship one God in so many conflicting ways ensuing the many dissensions that have been and are still confronting us, from six thousand years ago to today.

What we believe to be true is true, but that does not mean it is the universal truth, otherwise, we would not be killing one another in the name of religion. Often dialogues between different faith groups are being convened to convey harmony or religious tolerance. Yet, these discussions have failed to bring any lasting peace to mankind mainly because of the resentment for diverse beliefs, that mine is the only way to salvation, is running deep.

The religions of Sikhism, Bahia, Islam and Zoroastrianism were founded during the last fifteen hundred years. Judaism and Christianity were founded about two thousand years ago. Buddhism and Hinduism were founded two thousand six hundred years and four thousand years ago respectively. But beliefs of these religions have been proven to be in conflict with modern Science.

Within the last century, scientific discoveries of artifacts and skeletal remains, from one million, eight hundred thousand to 3.6 million years old and remains of dinosaurs, which are over some fifty million years old have caused these religions much embarrassment. Then again, there are also doubt of scientific accuracies, even among scientists themselves.

Religion, promoting to the absolute omission of Science, has produced a span of superstition, tyranny and barbarism like that which deluged Europe in the perversive ages of the Church. Science, on the other hand, not join the utter neglect of religion, continues to produce a reign of infidelity, impiousness and imprecision as prevailed throughout the ages. Only the two vintages blended together can bring perfect and complete harmony in all aspects of this once beautiful creation.

The question is, what was the prevailing religion before all of the above? Was it the One True Religion? If that were so, it would be a religion not only of the highest order of ethics and morals, but also one in complete harmony with science. It would certainly not be like the above-mentioned religions a confession of weakness, a humble admission of the helplessness of humanity and absolute reliance on external power or a particular person for the salvation of mankind. It had to be theology, founded upon rational philosophy and Science.

It is a genuine claim that all that we generally came to know was through a revelation from a Supreme Being, yet there is not an iota of proof of any scientific revelation in any of the prevailing religions of the world. We constantly live by these codes of morals and ethics, and the scientific-technological ventures have become a part of our day to day living. So, the big question is, which is the one true revelation of morals, ethics and of all sciences?

The excitement of venturing abroad whether it be business or pleasure is all too familiar. Among preparations, charting the one true path to the airport is necessary to meet the scheduled departure, by referring to a road map. The journey to God, which is spiritual fulfillment or salvation, can also be a crusade of joy or sorrow depending on the path chosen. The examination of the tenets contained in all the sacred books based on all the religions is necessary, before embarking on such a voyage. It is the only way to open our minds to the other religions and to assure us of the one true path, without any contradiction.

We are born into a religion, and as children are bound by it. Such situations are inevitable. Our different conditions and inclinations are the results iof our past actions of previous births. But as students entering the realms of academic eons we must become more prudent and inquisitive in our quest for the truth. Not that what we were taught is wrong, but is it right?

Acceptance of any faith (dogma) without reasoning is credulity. Many are forced to remain this way for fear of retribution from parents, teachers and society. Some simply accept it because of ancestry and some, because of adverse conditions like poverty, illness and fear. But there are those who, because of the many contradictions and confutations, chose to become or remain agnostics and atheists.

Discrimination in all aspects of civilization is irrepressible. In every corner of the world-class fights against class, creed against creed, and race against race. All the founding religions of the world have their roots along racial lines. Hinduism, the most ancient of them all originated in India. The worship of God is incarnations of Ram, Krishna, Ganesha and Shiva. Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism are strictly followed by the Orientals. Although the Buddha was of Indian descent, his image and ideology were drastically changed for the atheists' oriental acceptance. Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus of Judaism and Christianity are traditionally dedicated to the Caucasoid race.

The Prophet Mohammad integrated the doctrine of the Bible with the diametric idiom and mannerism of Hinduism and gave it to the Arabians as Islam. The natives of Africa and the Americas had their variant tribal idolization. The early conquests of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas have resulted in many converts to Christianity and Islam, by force or inducement. Later, the mass migrations of different races, to different continents, willingly and unwillingly joined different religious groups.

The constant ballyhooing of �The Big Bang Theory� is the atheist's conception of the creation of the Universe, but they are still perplexed as to why. They have discovered matter, but still, want to know what it is made of. They are slowly accepting the fact that man was biologically created, but cannot find the source of biology. There are unequivocally many more unanswered questions for the non-believers and believers.

Is there a God? How can one God be God for all of the world? When, out of what, and why, did God create the world? How can God be just as well as merciful? Where is He? Do souls go to heaven or hell for all eternity? Are there really miracles? If so, didn't they not breach the law of nature? Is this the only creation? Why do the innocent suffer? Where do the souls come from? What is salvation and how can it be attained?

What proofs are there as to religious books is the Word of God? Questions about religion need answers. There are reasonable explanations for every doubt. However, too often we find the answers biased, fallaciously or evaded to protect religious pride.

The world has succumbed to a credulity crisis for almost five thousand years. There is no relief in sight and has now become a gullibility affliction where everyone is looking for a quick fix or a temporary relief.

The universality of pure monotheism is dying for two reasons; one is that it is the law of nature that eventually dictates it decay and consequently the end; and the other is that it is difficult to ingrain this philosophical view in a credulous society that lacks reasoning. It definitely takes time and proper guidance to ingrain genuine reasoning habits into an individual. Patience is a virtue and only a scanty few possess the will to reason.

    There are four subsidiary means of reasoning:
  1. Listening and reading most attentively with a calm mind to the lectures of a learned man. More so if the subjects are of Divine Science, because it is the most abstruse and the subtlest of all sciences.
  2. Thinking over what one has heard or read, and removing doubts by questioning.
  3. Rationalizing is the next step. When all doubts are cleared let the enquirer enter into the superior condition of self-realization (mediation).
  4. The result is the correct knowledge of the nature, properties and characteristics of the desired objective.
After several years of studying, practicing and applying these four subsidiaries means, taught by Swami (altruistic teacher) Dayanand Saraswati, I have come to the conclusion, that the inquisitive mind guided by his books the �Light of Truth� and �An Introduction to The Vedas� authenticate the only rational path to God.

I will try to have explanations within reason to the numerous unanswered questions that have created so many doubts in the minds of the many enquiring souls of all faiths. The references given, prove the power of reasoning, through the three tests of truth.

First, it conforms with the law of nature (what was right in the beginning cannot be wrong now or vice versa). Secondly, it deals with the purity and conviction of one's soul ~ whatever is painful to you is painful to others and whatever is good for you, is good for the world. Thirdly, it concurs what is known through the 8 pieces of evidence of direct cognizance, inference, analogy, testimony, history, deduction, possibility and negation. This text is not about a new message, but about one that has been here since the beginning of creation. One that has been expounded by many wise men for centuries now. Yet, somehow the message has been lost or distorted through the ages. This is the sign of the constant decay of civilization as the law of nature dictates.

It is a known fact that if there is a Just God in any religion, there can never be anything new (revelation) - not after the first revelation, (now nor any time in the future) as many souls will be deprived.

To speak of, write about, and believe in a thing as it is, is the truth. So it is the bounden duty of the truthful and the learned to unfold the right nature of truth and untruth in their writings and speeches before all humankind, and then to leave them free to judge what promotes their welfare and what is wrong for their interests.

Many people, through bigotry and imprudence, have misconstrued the meaning of rational books of this nature. This resulted in the false doctrines of today, which are like cancer, a billion-dollar business that has more people making a living out of it than people having the incurable disease. If a cure for either cancer or false belief is found, one can imagine how many millions of jobs will be lost? That is the horrendous price that souls are paying with the promise of salvation (going to heaven for all eternity).

Measures are being examined to attack the major catastrophes of the world through modern science, but there is never any room for religious coherence. The abundance of false doctrines is the root cause of all miseries. Protecting these false doctrines in the name of religious harmony is a satirical mimicry to the human race. This has gone so inauspiciously wrong that even modern technology cannot keep pace.

Whenever an exemplified situation arises concerning religious tolerance, it is credited to a few developed nations. Yet it is hardly a view that will stand since these same nations are now witnessing the birth of extremism. Economic hardship and compromises with ethnic diversity (due to immigration) are beginning to take root. This will soon equal the intolerance of different faiths, that occurs in the underdeveloped and undeveloped nations of the world, where the unrelenting cases of poverty and abomination exist.

Hopefully, this work will be the awakening for many curious souls from the bondage of irrational dogmatism. The world must accept the one universal truth if we are genuinely interested in harmonizing it. There is neither prejudice within me nor any intent in causing any animosity among fellow men.

Those whom I have condemned as misleading the multitudes are deserving of such condemnation. Those who are relegated to the bottom of the social ladder are there because the conditions were already prepared for them by following the unrighteous practices of the venal prophets, and to continue this course will lead to further miseries.

The emphasis of religious tolerance is a commanding and transcending event, tied to all religious, social and political bodies of all secular nations of the world today. Thus subjection to such a comprising rule becomes and remains only a temporary mainstay. It creates an artificial peace among mankind on the outside, while on the inside, it is tearing our creation to threads with sudden sporadic and extremely volatile events.

If I am judged to be too openly blatant and critical, it is because of the seriousness of the destruction that is at hand and what is yet to come. It is the only logical expedient in confronting the dogmatic annotations of these diabolical prophets, saints and preachers who have misled the innocent throughout the ages.

This site is to further advance the cause of the one true path and not to injure the feelings of others or do them harm or bring fictitious charges against anyone. For those who are languishing in miseries and yearn for happiness and truthfulness, it is time to scrutinize the tenets of all religions. This will further expand their knowledge concerning religion and that makes it easy for them to discriminate between right and wrong and embrace the truth. The soul of man possesses that capacity for learning the truth.

For mankind to decide whether what he has heard or read is right or wrong. All parties must be acquainted with the teachings of each other's religion in order to have a mutual discussion and be freed. If not, they are apt to fall into an abyss of superstition and inaccuracies. Divergences arise over doctrines that are false but should all discuss a subject with the sole aspiration of finding out the truth they can succeed. May the one true Omnipresent, Omniscient and All-pervading God inspire those who seek to find His wisdom and purity.

"Religion, promoting to the absolute omission of Science, has produced a span of superstition, tyranny and barbarism like that which deluged Europe in the dark ages of the Church. Science, on the other hand, not join the utter neglect of religion, continues to produce a reign of infidelity, impiousness and imprecision as prevailed throughout the ages. Only the two vintages blended together can bring perfect and complete harmony to our beautiful creation."

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