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"If all the religions of the world were in harmony with each other there would have been one religion, but since they all oppose each other there is one true religion." The Last Reformer
I have not laid criticism to many of the prevailing doctrines, ancient as Taoism, Confucianism, Wicca and tribal animism. And as recent as Pantheism, Humanism and Scientology are all deemed to be cultists movements each breaking away from their mainstreams that were subjected to my criticism.

Undoubtedly, India alone can boast of many religions, past and present, where a billion people are preoccupied in some sort of religious festivities. One would think that such 'pious acts of righteousness' would indeed lead to a state of perpetual happiness, but unfortunately it is not so. All these religions are the fruits of ignorance and as such they bear their share of the consequences of pain and misery.

Those that are briefly described are some of the most popular doctrinal views known worldwide. Anyone enlightened and learned will know how much ignorance prevailed among the writers, the real buffoons, scoundrels and devils, of these doctrines that millions follow without any logic attached to it.

Just as it takes one straw to show which way the wind blows, so the few specimens of these doctrines given will show the main current of the their views. To justify the attribute of Just of an Omnipotent and Omniscient God, the first test of true religion is that it must be revealed in its entirety from the beginning of creation for all of mankind.

What more can be said of any religion that has failed this first test of true religion? The epoch of the age is two-fold; first that all religions are different paths to one God is a myth and must not be taken seriously. And secondly, the emphasis of religious tolerance is a destructive and cowardly act of thwarting the freeborn intellect. If their purposes are for a peaceful co-existence, history has shown how short-fused it has been.

It creates an artificial peace among mankind on the outside, while on the inside; it is tearing our creation to threads with sudden sporadic and extremely volatile events. These events recognize the presence of an immediate and serious problem, but to bury it under tolerance is asking our children and future generations to come to find a solution if they can; live with it the way we do or face the consequences of its dark side.

The cowardice and bigotry that was inherited from our forefathers must not continue to hide its ugly face under the pretense of "religious tolerance" but must be courageously attacked in the most rational way. It is not difficult in this modern age whereby educational institutions can instill a sense of pride in having amicable and impartial discussions base on all religions. If there is a "truth" that can instill universal peace and harmony among mankind it must be present somewhere in one of these religions. Young minds must be encouraged in this way to be more inquisitive and prudent in arriving at this truth.

The world must not look forward to a new vision from the Bible, the Pope or from the Alpha of any other religious or political order. There is none and will never be. God has already set in motion, his eternal divine laws, for all mankind. Since the beginning of creation, they have been in place and are unchangeable and irreversible. The present crisis of the world is the rejection of His laws, and the rehabilitation from these predicaments is a return to true religion that harmonizes with these laws.

"History tells that societies based on adoration of persons fall prey to mental thraldom which leads to moral, intellectual as well as spiritual emasculation." The Vedic Light
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